Student Accessibility Services

The University of Guelph strives to provide equal opportunity for academically qualified students with disabilities.

If you believe that your admission average does not reflect your true academic ability as a result of a disability, you are encouraged to complete the following online forms:

  1. Supplemental Information Form for Students with Disabilities
  2. Student Profile Form

If your admission average in May does not meet the cut-off for the program to which you've applied, these forms will be considered if your average falls within a discretionary range of the final cut-off (up to 5%). Both forms will be reviewed and considered along with your marks in determining admission.

You are also encouraged to contact Student Accessibility Services as early as possible to discuss your needs and academic background. Student Accessibility Services works with students to facilitate full participation in the university community. The relationship is based on respect of individual rights, the dignity of the individual and the University community's shared commitment to an open, supportive learning environment. For more information, please contact Student Accessibility Services.