Funding Your Education

Our Student Financial Services offers you a variety of financial aid programs that will help you plan and manage the financial pressures of attending university.

  • Semesterly payments: pay your fees by semester, not in one large lump-sum in September.
  • Over $24.2 million in merit- and needs-based awards.
  • Work Study: part-time, on-campus jobs for 400-500 students with financial needs.
  • Part-time Jobs: almost 4,000 students are employed on campus in part-time jobs - from serving lattes to lifeguarding, you can make a few extra bucks!
  • In-Course Bursaries: For students who have unexpected financial shortfalls, an in-course bursary can help.
  • Government Loans: Our Student Financial Services office administers the OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) for our students (available for students who are permanent residents only).
  • Co-operative Education: facilitates student learning and career development while earning a wage.

How Much Will It Cost?

Estimated Expenses (Per Year)

Full-time Tuition $6,091*
Residence Room $6,976
Full Meal Plan $6,540**
Personal Budget $2,375
Compulsory Fees $1,445
Total $23,427***
*Full-time tuition ranges between $6,091 and $11,286 per year. Co-op students pay an additional $270 per semester.

**The five meal plan options range in cost from $4,380 to $6,540 per year. You may add a textbook plan to your meal plan for $1,000.

 ***These estimates are based on 2021/2022 figures and are subject to change. Costs vary from program to program and depend on your lifestyle.

How Much Will It Cost?

Estimated Expenses (Per Year)

Your Fees Guarantee: For students starting in Fall 2021, U of G guarantees that future tuition increases will not exceed 5% in all subsequent years.

Disclaimer: Students should also factor in travel costs, equipment fees, and personal living expenses. Housing and food costs will vary depending on lifestyle. If you are living in residence, meal plans are mandatory.
Co-op students pay an additional $270 per semester for academic and work semesters.
In order to get a Study Permit/Visa, Immigration Canada will require that you have sufficient funds to pay for one full year of tuition fees and living expenses. If you have any questions about the financial commitments required by Immigration Canada to study in Canada, please visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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Earning Money

  • Entrance awards.
  • In-course awards and bursaries.
  • Become a workstudy student! The workstudy program provides students part-time employment on campus. 
  • Work part-time on campus – the University has more than 4,000 part-time jobs on campus – or in the community! 
  • Co-op – co-op work terms start in your second year and are paid.

Talk To Us

  • Chat with a UniBuddy - chat one-on-one with an international student and hear about their U of G experience first-hand. 
  • Book an appointment with a financial counselor. When you arrive in Guelph, you can call 519-824-4120 x58715 to schedule an appointment.

How We Make It Easier

  • If you are not able to obtain your study permit please read the information here.
  • If you are not able to obtain your study permit by August 2021 we will refund any money you have paid up until that point.
  • Payment plans – sometimes you encounter unexpected challenges. Talk to a financial counsellor about arranging a payment plan. When you arrive in Guelph, you can call 519-824-4120 x58715 to schedule an appointment.

Students from the United States who self-identify as Indigenous on their application will be eligible to pay domestic tuition fees rather than international fees. A tribal enrollment or registration card must be presented to qualify. Contact the International Student Advisor at 519-824-4120 x53954 for more information.

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