Admission Information

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We welcome applications from coast to coast to coast, from across the globe and from down the street. Our student population makes up some of the best and brightest, most inspired students in the country. Whether you know exactly what you want to do, or you're just getting started, we're here to help you find your path.

Special Notes:

  1. Part-time Studies: At the University of Guelph we do not have special admission requirements or criteria for part-time studies. To apply to a degree program, you must be qualified for admission; you must possess prerequisite courses and the required admission average. The number of courses you register for is your choice. If you register in fewer than 2.00 credits in a semester you are considered to be part-time. The application process is the same as for full-time students.
  2. Semester Entry Points: Semester one (currently registered high school students or graduates) applicants are considered for the Fall semester only. Post-secondary transfer students are normally considered for all three entry points. Some programs, however, may have limited access or no entry during the Winter and Summer entry points. A minority of programs have only Fall entry. Only those students who have completed post-secondary studies (i.e. college/university with a minimum of 2.0 transfer credits) may be considered for Winter or Summer entry. Entry point options are listed by program and specialization within the online application.