Estimated Cutoff Ranges

Please note that estimated cutoff ranges are based on the admission averages from previous years and are provided solely as a point of reference. Exact cutoffs for the current cycle will be determined by the quantity and quality of applications received and the number of spaces available in the program. Co-op averages will often exceed the estimated cutoff ranges.

Program Majors Estimated Cutoff Ranges

Bachelor of Arts

  • Anthropology
  • Art History
  • Classical Studies
  • Criminal Justice and Public Policy
  • Economics*
  • English
  • Environmental Governance
  • European Studies
  • Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • French Studies
  • Geography
  • History
  • International Development
  • Major To Be Determined
  • Mathematical Economics*
  • Mathematical Science
  • Music
  • Philosphy
  • Political Science*
  • Psychology*
  • Sociology
  • Spanish and Hispanic Studies
  • Studio Art
  • Theatre Studies
76-80% for all majors except Criminal Justice and Public Policy (79-83%) and Psychology Co-op (84-89%)
Bachelor of Arts and Sciences   78-81%
Bachelor of Science

Biological Sciences

  • Animal Biology
  • Biochemistry*
  • Biodiversity
  • Biological Science
  • Bio-Medical Science
  • Biomedical Toxicology*
  • Environmental Biology
  • Food Science*
  • Human Kinetics
  • Marine and Freshwater Biology
  • Microbiology*
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Neuroscience
  • Nutritional and Nutriceutical Sciences
  • Plant Science
  • Wildlife Biology and Conservation
  • Zoology

Physical Sciences

  • Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry*
  • Biological and Medical Physics*
  • Chemical Physics*
  • Chemistry*
  • Environmental Geoscience and Geomatics
  • Mathematical Science
  • Nanoscience*
  • Physical Science
  • Physics*
  • Theoretical Physics
78-83% for all majors except for Bio-Medical Science (84-89%) and Human Kinetics (79-84%)
Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Applied Human Nutrition
  • Adult Development*
  • Child, Youth and Family*

Applied Human Nutrition: 81-85% 

Adult Development & Child, Youth and Family: 77-81%

Bachelor of Commerce
  • Accounting*
  • Food and Agricultural Business*
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management*
  • Management*
  • Management Economics and Finance*
  • Marketing Management*
  • Public Management*
  • Real Estate and Housing*
  • Undeclared (first year only)
Bachelor of Computing
  • Computer Science*
  • Software Engineering*
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture   Admission is determined through a combination of academic grades and the Background Information Form (BIF).
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  • Animal Science
  • Crop, Horticulture and Turfgrass Sciences
  • Honours Agriculture
Bachelor of Engineering
  • Biological Engineering*
  • Biomedical Engineering*
  • Computer Engineering*
  • Engineering Systems and Computing*
  • Environmental Engineering*
  • Mechanical Engineering*
  • Water Resources Engineering*
  • Undeclared (first year only)
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences
  • Ecology*
  • Environment and Resource Management*
  • Environmental Economics and Policy*
  • Environmental Sciences*
Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Equine Management
  • Food Industry Management*
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine   No direct admission from secondary school. A minimum of two years of a university undergraduate degree program is required for admission consideration.  
Associate Diplomas
  • Agriculture (Ridgetown)
  • Environmental Management (Ridgetown)
  • Equine Care and Management (Ridgetown)
  • Horticulture (Ridgetown)
  • Turfgrass Management (Guelph)
  • Veterinary Technology (Ridgetown)

*Offered as regular and co-op programs. It is recommended that students wishing to take co-op should apply directly to one of our majors (and its co-op option) rather than "Undeclared". Co-op admission averages will often exceed the estimated averages and students who meet the Regular but not the co-op average will automatically be considered for the Regular stream of the program (see "Alternative Offers"). While it is possible to apply for co-op during first year, entrance for in-course students depends upon space availability well as their in-course average.

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