If you are applying from Quebec and wish to be considered for early admission, you must submit grade data by January 15.

To receive an admission decision in May, for all programs except Turfgrass Management, you should arrange to have the most current grade results to Admission Services by April 15.

You must present your Senior High School Leaving Certificate plus 12 academic credits from an appropriate CEGEP program (minimum one year at a CEGEP). For these applicants, the University of Guelph will be using the highest grade reported for any repeated courses. 

Course Equivalency

Ontario Course Quebec (CEGEP) Equivalent
General Requirements 12 academic courses, including required subjects. Note: course codes are subject to change.
English (ENG4U) 2 X English 603
Biology (SBI4U) Biology NYA
Chemistry (SCH4U) General Chemistry AND Chemistry of Solutions
Physics (SPH4U) Mechanics AND Electricity & Magnetism
Calclus and Vectors (MCV4U) Calculus 1
Advanced Functions (MHF4U) Linear Algebra
Other Math (MDM4U) Calculus 2
Ontario Course Quebec Equivalent
General Requirements Grade 12 diploma, including 6 academic Grade 12 courses, including required subjects
English (ENG4U) English 12
Biology (SBI4U) Biology 12
Chemistry (SCH4U) Chemistry 12
Physics (SPH4U) Physics 12
Calclus and Vectors (MCV4U) Calculus 12
Advanced Functions (MHF4U) Advanced Functions 12
Other Math (MDM4U) Data Management 12
Please refer to Quebec's specific subject requirements chart.
Note: If you have completed more than one year at a CEGEP, you will be considered a transfer applicant and should refer to the University/College Transfer section of the Admission website for guidelines and requirements. As a transfer applicant, you must arrange to have transcripts sent to University of Guelph, Admission Services as soon as possible or at the end of the academic year. Advanced standing credit will be assessed for you if you are applying with more than one year of academic study at a CEGEP institution.