Admission Requirements

Mature applicants will only be considered for admission to the Fall entry point.

You will be considered a mature applicant if, prior to the first day of classes in September you:

  • have completed their secondary school diploma
  • have been out of full-time secondary school for at least two years
  • present the specific 4U/4M Subject Requirements
  • meet current academic standards based on calculation of an admission average

Your complete academic record including attempted or previously completed post-secondary studies will be taken into consideration. Students who have completed community college or university level study are typically considered Transfer Students.

Note: For the majority of programs, a minimum of three 4U/4M credits (or equivalent) are required. Applicants must present subject requirements for their program of interest. Please contact Admission Services for more details.

For more information regarding Mature Student Admission, please consult Undergraduate Calendar - Admission Information, Section 3.

General Studies program

Applicants who do not possess all of the above requirements for admission as a mature student may be eligible to apply to General Studies. The objective of General Studies is to provide students who do not meet the normal University admission criteria the opportunity to take university courses before registering in a specific degree program, or to take university courses for continued learning.  Admission is to the Fall entry point only. All applicants must be Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents.

Applicants to the General Studies Program will normally:

  • not have previously registered at a university
  • have completed the O.S.S.D. or equivalent and
  • have been out of secondary school for a minimum of 3 years

Applicants must submit a General Studies Student Profile Form in which they provide their intended study objectives, including courses and degree program of interest. Application in the first instance is for part-time study only and students may take a maximum of 1.5 credits in the first semester.  In special circumstances, permission to study full-time may be granted by the Program Counsellor. 

Applicants to the General Studies program who wish to transfer to a degree program in the future should contact Admission Services to discuss internal transfer admission requirements. 

For more information regarding Mature Student admission, please consult Undergraduate Calendar - Admission Information, Section 3.

For further information on General Studies, please contact Admission Services at