Letter of Permission Students

What is a Letter of Permission?

A Letter of Permission (LOP) is an official letter of approval issued by your home institution. The LOP allows you to take courses for credit at the University of Guelph for a specified semester(s), transferring the credits back to your home institution for the purpose of completing a academic credential.

Students on a Letter of Permission are undergraduate students registered in degree programs at other Universities. They are admitted to the University of Guelph on the basis of a LOP issued from their home institutions. Their purpose in enrolling in undergraduate courses at the University of Guelph is to transfer credits back to a degree program at their home institution.

Transcripts are not normally required, however they may be needed to verify that course prerequisites have been completed.

What Should Your Letter of Permission Include?

  • Your LOP should indicate the University of Guelph course code and title of each course your university has given you permission to take (e.g. ECON*1050-Introductory Microeconomics). It should also indicate that the courses are to be credited to your degree at your home institution.
  • Your LOP should include your name and the semester(s) in which you want to take courses (i.e. Summer 2020 or Fall 2020). Remember, you must obtain and submit a new application and LOP if you plan to remain as a Visiting Student beyond the semester(s) outlined on your original LOP.
  • It is recommended that your LOP list more courses than you intend to take, to give you more flexibility when it comes time for course registration. Should you not be able to register in the courses listed on your LOP, you are strongly encouraged to check with your home institution before registering in alternate courses. 
  • Your LOP should be emailed, faxed, or in an envelope sealed by your institution and submitted with your completed Visiting Student Application.
  • You should request your LOP as early as possible to allow for sufficient processing times at your home university.

How Do I Apply as a Visiting Student?

Visiting Students may attend the University of Guelph in one of two ways. We offer courses through both OpenEd (online courses) as well as on-campus courses. If you wish to complete courses only via OpenEd, please contact the Office of Open Learning directly and select "Distance Education".

If you wish to complete courses on-campus at the University of Guelph, please follow the steps outlined below. Students registered in on-campus courses may also select courses that are offered via OpenEd.

  • Visit our Undergraduate Program Calendar and WebAdvisor - Search for Classes to see what courses are offered. Check to make sure that you have the appropriate academic background (prerequisites) for the courses in which you are interested.
  • Obtain a valid LOP from your school and have them seal it in an envelope, or email an electronic version to applicant@uoguelph.ca. As we are unable to guarantee that all Visiting Students will be successful in their selection of courses, we suggest that you include additional courses on your LOP to provide greater flexibility.

Complete and submit the Application for Admission as a Visiting Student along with your LOP to the address below. We do not charge a processing fee to submit this application. The deadlines for your application and LOP are listed below:

  • Summer: April 1
  • Fall: August 1
  • Winter: December 1

Unfortunately, applications received after these deadline dates cannot be considered.

Once we receive both your application and your LOP, you will receive an admission decision as well as registration instructions from us within approximately two weeks. Once admitted, you will be responsible for registering in courses and paying your fees.

Upon completion of the semester(s), you are responsible for ensuring an official University of Guelph transcript is forwarded to your home institution.

Submission of Documents

Your completed Application and LOP should either be emailed directly to applicant@uoguelph.ca, or submitted by the deadline to:

Visiting Student Application
Admission Services
UC, Level 3
University of Guelph
Guelph, ON
N1G 2W1

If you have questions about admission as a Visiting Student, please contact Admission Services.