International Baccalaureate (IB)

If you are applying with an IB Diploma from outside of Canada, you should present a minimum score of 28. Many programs will require a higher score for admission consideration. Reported bonus points from TOK and EE will be taken into consideration.

Having the minimum score does not guarantee admission.

You should complete the Diploma with 6 subjects: 3 Higher Level and 3 Standard Level. You should also include specific subject requirements for the program you are applying to among your Standard and Higher Level courses. If you are currently completing the IB Diploma, you will be considered for admission consideration based upon predicted IB scores. You should ensure that your anticipated scores are submitted using the 7 point scale.

Upon receipt of official final results from the IBO, we will assign specific transfer credits, where applicable, to a maximum of 2.0 credits for grades of 5 or better on Higher Level courses where you have been awarded the IB Diploma or DP Course. You may request a change to unspecified credit on an individual basis within the first 30 days of your first semester.

Note: Math Studies/Standard Level Applications and Interpretations are not an acceptable prerequisite for programs that require Grade 12 Advanced Functions, Calculus or equivalent. Students who do not complete the full IB Diploma must meet admission standards from an accredited high school graduating curriculum. 

To request an official transcript please contact the International Baccalaureate Organization or email: to have results sent electronically to the university.
The University of Guelph mailing address is:
Admission Services, University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario, Canada  N1G 2W1
The sooner we receive your documents the more likely your courses will be put on your record prior to the second course selection window.