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Game Changing Research

Our research is comprehensive; powered by exceptional researchers and strong partnerships. 

We provide the insight and innovations necessary to promote and sustain the health and well-being of humans, animals, agriculture, the environment and society - globally. 

Food from Thought

In 2016, we received $76.6 million from the federal government to start a “digital revolution” in food and agriculture. This is the largest single investment from the Federal Government in U of G history, and will put us at the forefront of sustainable food production.

We're going to feed the 9 billion people on the planet. 


When students get #sick, the first thing they do is reach for Twitter - they tell all their friends what's up before they talk to their doctor. By searching key words on Twitter, Guelph researchers are tracking outbreaks online instead of in hospitals. 

Developing a Password-Free World

Using "continuous authentication" which establishes your identify through your habits (how you type, as well as facial recognition software), researchers at U of G have set their sights on improving technology usability.

After all, given the world's most popular password is "password", we're working to make passwords passé! 

In with the Old, Out with the New

We are looking at how the rising popularity of purchasing used clothing is helping boost the local economy, offering consumers an eco-friendly shopping option. 

These Drones Spy on Crops

Drones have taken a bad rap for showing up where they're not wanted. But, they're proving useful in agriculture by detecting early signs of crop damage with high-definition aerial images and data.

Revving up Tiger's Animal Instincts

Only around 4,000 tigers still exist in the world! Tigers are territorial and often struggle to become accustomed to a new environment. Our researchers say a pheromone spray used for reducing stress in domestic cats might help speed up the adapatation process. Save the tigers!

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