Tips Tuesday – Episode Episode 7: All Things O-Week

Posted: Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - 10:33

With just under 20 days until the start if O-Week, we felt it was time to pump up the excitement. This is going to be fun!

Tip #1: “LIKE” the O-Week Facebook Page

The 2016 O-Week page is LIVE! We highly recommend following this page to stay up-to-date on the schedule, events, and any Q&A that might be helpful.

Join the discussion and start “virtually” meeting people before you arrive!

A man asking another man, "do you have Facebook?"

Tip #2: Choose Must-Go Events Ahead of Time

The Orientation Week 2016 theme? “I Am A Gryphon”. And there are over 300 events put on by student clubs, departments and groups. Meaning, there’s NO way you’re going to be able to attend them all.

The schedule of events has been published and is broken down by day and time. Review it, learn it, love it and decide which events you can’t miss. Events also don’t need registration as 99% of them are free!
An excited minion raising his hand in the air and smiling.

Tip #3: Follow the O-Week Team on Snapchat

  • Step 1: Open the Snapchat app
  • Step 2: Click on the ghost in the top center of the screen
  • Step 3: Select “Add Friends”
  • Step 4: Select “Add by Username”
  • Step 5: Type “uog_oweek”
Voila! Welcome to the O-Week family.

6 people in a group hug.

Tip #4: Login to StartOnline

StartOnline is the online home for new students and their families. You can find tips and information on everything you need for a successful first year.

Our favorite part is the StartOnline calendar! Not only does it look great (because it does), but it highlights every important date from now until the end of October. It also gives pointers on things to do prior to and during the semester.
4 of the same guy saying "yes!" in excitement.

Tip #5: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

The most IMPORTANT tip we can give you is this one. O-Week kick-starts and sets the tone for your entire university career!

This is the time to do things you would normally be too shy to do. Befriend strangers that could end up being your #bf4l. Dance in Branion Plaza. Join a club. Learn about a new culture. Try Synchonized Swimming (wait, what?). OR, do Yoga in the Arboretum. The opportunities are endless.
Synchronized Swimmers diving into a pool.

Everyone is in the same position you are; away from home, new surroundings, not knowing many people (or any) and nervous for what’s to come. Embrace it! This is the start of the rest of your lives, kids.

We’re excited; are you excited?   


Posted: Tuesday, June 28, 2016 - 13:07

We in Admission Services would like to formally congratulate EVERYONE on graduating from high school this week! All of you #futuregryphons are now, offically, #gryphons. See you in September!


Fact Fridays – Episode 7: U of G Has ALL the Student Resources

Posted: Friday, June 24, 2016 - 09:11

Fact #1: First Stop – The Library

The U of G Library is essentially the “hub” of all Academic Support on campus. You will find:

  • The Learning Commons: located on the 1st floor, and offers services that help you learn, write, research, and analyze, while also offering IT expertise.
  • Science Commons and Math & Stats Centre: staffed by teaching assistants, this centre is YOUR HOME if you’re needing help with anything math or science related.
  • Supported Learning Groups (SLGs): these are course-specific study groups lead by students who have previously taken (and done well) in the course, and who will help you understand the concepts.

The Library also offers a range of other services, so be sure to peruse their website!

​Note: while the Library is not associated with tutors on campus, you can make an appointment with the learning commons to help you get better at studying (and this is free!). But, tutors ROCK and you can check out the Tutoring at Guelph (TAG) website to find one that suits your needs. 

Fact #2: Student Accessibility Services is ALWAYS There

U of G is committed to providing a barrier free environment for its students. Student Accessibility Services (SAS) seeks to ensure that students are able to participate fully in university life, whether this is by overcoming physical or mental constraints.

From their Pre-Flight transition program and stress-management clinics to assisted note taking and advising throughout your degree; SAS offers everything you need for a successful university career.

Fact #3: We Give You Someone to Talk To

Counselling Services at U of G aims to help you overcome those emotional and psychological difficulties that you may endure, so that they don’t interfere with your academic progress or development. They offer individual counselling, therapy groups, crisis response and academic support. They’re always there to chat, and we recommend taking advantage of that.

Fact #4: U of G is Health-Focused

So, you’re moving away from home which means, you’re moving away from your family doctor who has known you since you got the chicken pox at the age of 5. This is a big step, we get it. But… we got physicians! We got nurses! We got immunizations! We got physiotherapy! We got nutrition counselling! We got a mental helpline! We got workshops!

Essentially, Student Health Services is geared up to provide health promotion, disease prevention and primary medical care to all students (and their families!). The clinic is located right on campus and offers you more than what you could ask for. We like health, health is cool.

Fact #5: Benefits? You Get 'Em.

Through the Central Student Association (CSA), each student is covered by the Student Benefits Plan, which includes both health (vision, prescriptions, ambulance) and dental coverage.

Is there a fee? Yes. This is included in your tuition. However, you may choose to “opt-out” of your dental coverage and receive a refund, but you cannot opt-out of your health coverage. But we think it’s pretty great, so we don’t think you’d want to do that anyway kids! 

Fact #6: Campus Safety is a Priority

Guelph’s Campus Community Police provide around-the-clock support to students. In addition to being the watchful eye around campus, they also provide services for anti-theft, self-defense, crime prevention, cycling-safety and residence safety.

Also, the CSA administers the campus SafeWalk program which provides you with a “friend” to walk with on-campus between the hours of 7:30pm and 2:30am, if you’re uncomfortable doing so alone. AND, if you would like someone to walk with off-campus, they do their best to accommodate. Friends helping friends, #myUofG.



Fact #7: Career Services Helps You Get Experience, Get Paid and Get Ahead

Co-operative Education & Career Services is not just the “home” for co-op students. They encourage all students to visit them for:

  • Career Advice
  • Post-undergrad opportunities
  • Resume/Cover Letter/Interview help
  • Job search tips AND online job-postings
  • Workshops

…the list goes on. We can’t stress enough how helpful this centre is for all things “career”. So, if you’re over working that summer job at the golf course, or your towns’ Home Hardware, and would like applicable experience to your degree, you will want to drop-in here ASAP.

Fact #8: We Just Have It ALL

Multi-Faith Resource Team? Check.

Centre for International Programs? Check.

Aboriginal Resource Centre? You know it!

Child Care and Learning Centre? YEP.

Student Volunteer Connections? This isn’t even a question!

U of G and the CSA even offer a weekly Sunday Cinema at War Memorial Hall. Grab some snacks, put your feet up and catch a flick with some pals for CHEAP.   

We can’t stop, we won’t stop. There’s so much here for you! Be sure to look into it ALL when you arrive on campus in September.



Can’t wait to see you!


Posted: Thursday, June 16, 2016 - 11:23

These are the steps to get your U of G ID card, and are extremely important as your ID card is also your meal card. Don't go HUNGRY!

Step 1: To get a U of G ID card, you must submit a photo online before August 12, 2016.

Step 2: You will pick up your Student ID card from Enrolment Services. They are located on the 3rd floor of the University Centre (UC).

Step 3: You can pick it up over the summer or during move-in weekend. But, we HIGHLY recommend coming over the summer to avoid long lineups. 

Here's the MOST important part! You must bring your passport or birth certificate and a valid piece of government-issued photo identification to pick up your ID card. Please read the criteria thoroughly.

Woman with pen in her mouth and looking at a book.

Tips Tuesday – Episode 6: STARTInternational

Posted: Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 11:37

In September, will you be coming to U of G as a new undergraduate international student, a new permanent resident to Canada, or an out-of-country Canadian? Then you’re in LUCK! STARTInternational is just for you.

This program is designed to introduce you to the campus, on-campus resources, the Guelph experience and other students who are also “new” to Canada and the University of Guelph. We’re here with and for you every step of the way in your social and academic transition.

Tip #1: Register by August 24th!

In order to save your spot in this 3-day event, you must register by the deadline! Don’t hesitate, friends.

Note: this event is not for you if you are starting the ESL program in September, or are a full-degree graduate student.

Tip #2: Jump on the Shuttle Bus at Toronto Pearson International Airport

U of G has arranged for a shuttle bus from the airport to the university for those students arriving on August 30th. The bus will do 3 trips: morning, afternoon and evening. There will also be a small fee, but registration is NOW LIVE. You do not want to MISS this.
Man dancing at the airport with fluorescent vest and directional lights.

Tip #3: Checkout Last Year’s Schedule

The STARTInternational 2016 schedule has yet to be confirmed, but to see what kinds of activities will be included, the 2015 schedule has what you need to know.

You can expect: food, shopping, GAMES, information sessions, food, a city tour, to meet some fantastic people…oh, did we mention food?

Tip #4: Be Sure to Have Canadian Money

Even though the majority of the program is free, some activities may be a small cost (i.e. lunches, dinners and activities off-campus). We highly recommend having some Canadian money easily accessible for when you land at the airport.


We understand that the cultural transition might be intimidating, but at U of G, we welcome diversity and strive to ensure you feel welcome and comfortable. We’re one big family, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it.

The Centre for International Programs is a great resource for you, and facilitates all opportunities that involve international students. It has helped establish the University of Guelph as a leader in internationalization.

See you soon!

Two minions screaming in excitement.


Fact Fridays – Episode 6: Okay…So, Now What?

Posted: Friday, June 3, 2016 - 15:41

Well, #futuregryphons, you did it! You’re now officially a gryphon. We’re so excited to welcome you to our family and for you to call U of G “home”. THIS IS SO EXCITING.
Hagrid from Harry Potter saying, "You're a Gryphon, Harry".The hard part is over, done…FINITO. So, what now? What’s on the agenda from now until you arrive in September? Sit tight, we got you #fam.

Fact #1: Student ID Cards Do NOT Get Mailed

  • Step 1: Submit a photo online before August 12,
  • Step 2: Pick up your student card from Enrolment Services on the 3rd floor of the University Centre! You should sometime during the summer, or during Orientation Week.

Note: Bring your passport or your birth certificate and a valid piece of government-issued photo ID. Please read the criteria thoroughly.

A man showing his ID and smiling like the photo.Fact #2: Direct ALL Financial Questions to Financial Services

Questions about OSAP? Financial Services. Questions about scholarships and awards? Financial Services. Financial aid questions? Financial Services. Billing or account questions? Financial Services.

See the trend?

Fact #3: STARTONLINE Has Begun!

STARTonline is the online home for new students and is your go-to for:

  • Fun facts on a range of necessary topics: how to meet people, how to make friends, what to expect, how to overcome barriers, and more! You know, the usual.
  • Answers to your pressing questions! Upper year students are on-hand to help.
  • The high school to university transition: information for your parents/families/supporters

All of this is coordinated by the Centre for New Students within Student Life, which also houses a ton of information on things like

Check back regularly for updates!

Fact #4: Residence Assignments Are Released July 14th!

We’re hoping you submitted your application and deposit by June 1st to guarantee yourself residence in first year! Your room and building assignment will be released on July 14th!

Check out the housing website for:

  • A must read breakdown of some common Q & A’s regarding room assignments
  • Their live chat where you can ask any questions you can’t find answers to
  • Links to their social media platforms, including their Tumblr…we give them HUGE props for this one.  

Pheobe from Friends saying "Wow."Fact #5: Course Registration is Open Until July 4th

The Registration Handbook for New Students that is mailed to you upon accepting your offer will be your best friend. Live it, learn it, love it.

New sections for each course will open up periodically until the end of the registration window to make it a fair selection process for everyone.

Questions about the course registration process? Definitely contact Enrolment Services.

Questions regarding specific courses or electives? Your program counsellor or website is where it’s at.

Fact #6: DON’T Forget About Graduation Kids!

We know you’re excited. We know you’re anxious. And we know you can’t WAIT to get here in 3 months. But we also know that graduation and meeting the conditions of your offers comes first.

It’s all about putting in work, and then basking in the benefits afterwards (i.e. prancing through Johnston green in September). Go out there and absolutely kill these last 3 weeks, and we will see you soon.

A confused boy saying "Is this real life?"

Gryphon Speak

Posted: Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - 08:30

We're thinking U of G should have its own dictionary. That, or these words should be added to the official Webster's dictionary...either, or. They accurately describe some of the feelings or things that make a Gryphon, a Gryphon.
MacFusion: that constant feeling of confusion between all of the buildings that start with "Mac" or "Mc".“Whenever I get my new class schedule, there’s a period of total macfusion while I figure out which building is which!”

Guelphie: a selfie taken in Guelph.“Check out this awesome guelphie I took with the gryphon statue!”

Saiting: the act of standing in a conspicuous fashion and holding a textbook while you wait to sell to another student. “It’s such a nice day to be saiting by the canon!”

Procrastigreening: avoiding all responsibilities by choosing to hang out on Johnston Green instead. “I should have started this essay way earlier, but I was procrastigreening.”

Studicane: when your room becomes a disaster during midterms and finals.“Uh, a huge studicane hit my room this week thanks to my physics midterm.”

Winegard Weaving: the act of maneuvering through students on Winegard Walk between classes.“I want to get my next class early, so I’ll be winegard weaving for sure!”

 Clunger: that hunger you develop when sitting in class (and pondering about what to get from Creelman at lunch!).“Man, how can I focus when I got a mean clunger going on!”

Libing: the act of studying in the library.“Libing all day today! I got a big exam tomorrow.”

The NEW #UofGBusiness Building

Posted: Monday, May 30, 2016 - 11:30

In addition to the new Athletic Centre coming your way in fall 2016, another campus project was to create a "home" for the College of Business and Economics. We've taken MacDonald Hall and completely revamped it! What used to be an all-female residence is now the new and official business building.

Checkout these FACTS:
Historic.jpgMacdonald Hall was originally built in 1903 as a women's residency. The photos in this collage showcase the original exterior, a typical dorm room, the gymnasium and the famous "well", where female students would gather around to "check out" incoming visitors (often males picking up their dates!).
Coffee.jpgThere will be a fair-trade coffee shop within the building!
Collaboration.jpgAlmost every square inch of the building will be a location to work, study, and collaborate with other students. There will also be 13 student association and club rooms.
LectureHall.jpgThe old women's gymnasium (mentioned above) will now be a new, modernized classroom.

Teamwork.jpgAlong with this, there will be dozens of small "break out" rooms for study sessions and presentations, all with adjustable desks and chairs so students and faculty are able to modify their learning space to suit their needs.

Macdonald Hall will also be the home to the Business Career Development Centre and the Centre for Business and Student Enterprise (CBaSE).

So, by accepting your #uofgbusiness offer, you can be sure that you'll be spending LOTS of time in this beautiful space. Welcome home!

Fact Fridays - Episode 5: Why Choose a B.A. At Guelph?

Posted: Friday, May 27, 2016 - 08:30

By B.A. we mean Bachelor of Arts! These facts will definitely get you excited about pursuing a B.A. degree at Guelph!

FACT #1: HIST*1050 Invitation to History has the COOLEST topics.

This course is mandatory for ALL first year History majors and minors, and you get to select the topic that interests you the most out of the options – which vary per semester. For example, next years’ topics are:

  1. Licit and Illicit Drugs
  2. Polar Encounters
  3. Crime and Culture  

Cool right? We know.

FACT #2: It’s SUPER easy to switch majors.

As we mentioned, U of G’s Bachelor of Arts degree is very flexible! This means that if you find that your interests lie elsewhere once you’ve started, it’s a simple task to switch into another major. You might take some electives in International Development or Criminal Justice & Public Policy and find that you want to learn more about these areas.

There are so many B.A. degrees to dive into, from the classics (i.e. philosophy, history, geography) to other niche topics (i.e. Information Systems & Human Behavior, Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics or Mathematical Science). So, it is absolutely O.K. if you don’t know exactly what you want to do when you get here. In FACT, we encourage exploration! We’re here for you, kids.

FACT #3: Minors are very popular.

With flexibility comes the opportunity to take a minor. And, there are SO many! This is something that you would declare when you’re here, but for now you should see what we have to offer.

NEW in fall 2016 is the Media & Cinema Studies minor. We’re stoked about it.

FACT #4: Say Hello to Lawrence Hill

You may have heard that U of G has welcomed author Lawrence Hill to its B.A. faculty. He will be teaching creative writing beginning in July! His award-winning novel, The Illegal, is even being made into a t.v. mini-series. So, who wouldn’t want to be taught by him?

We LOVE the arts!

Bugs Bunny with hearts surrounding him.

Fact #5: UofG Has An Art Gallery RIGHT on Campus!

The Art Gallery of Guelph is located on the North end of campus, and presents over 12 regional, national and international exhibitions each year! It also houses the largest sculpture park at a public gallery in Canada, and a collection of over 9,000 works, including contemporary and inuit art. Did we say we LOVE ART?
The words "Art Attack" creatively written in paint, and slightly moving.

Fact #6: The Campus is Super Inspirational

In addition to witnessing the sculpture park on campus that displays creativity and passion, the historic and beautiful buildings, green spaces, greenhouses, and the people who support each other, learn from one another and who are driven to fight for causes they believe in will all surely inspire you in whatever area you're pursuing. UofG is motivation in itself.

A man yelling "no, what are you waiting for? Do it!"

FACT #7: EVERY Prime Minister with a formal university education has a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Each Prime Minister from 1896 to 2016 has held a B.A. degree, from Mathematics and Economics, to History and Sociology. The Prime Ministers prior to 1896 have a Bachelors’ or Doctors’ in Law (i.e. Sir John A. Macdonald, Wilfred Laurier, John Abbott), and those degrees are now considered B.A.’s in modern education.

And the moral of the story is? With a Bachelor of Arts degree, you have the ability to work in a LARGE variety of fields (the Prime Minister of Canada anyone?). Because of its broad scope, and flexibility, the amount of doors this degree opens for you is endless.

Justin Trudeau shaking his head.

A NEW Athletic Center Just for YOU!

Posted: Friday, May 13, 2016 - 11:38

If you haven't already heard, the 25,000 sq.ft. expansion of the University of Guelph's athletic center is well underway! We are determined to "create the healthiest campus in Canada, develop the most active community in the country and build a place for health and wellness programs to prosper." Simply because we want to be recognized as a global leader in the promotion of healthy living...and because we're PRETTY great.

Virutally tour the new fitness equipment below! Keep in mind that this is just a rendering, it won't look exactly the same when completed. But hey! We like what we see.

AND, here are some quick facts about the new #GryphonAC. For full details, floorplans, money raised and updates surrounding the new athletic center, cruise to


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