Why “Applying to U of G” Needs to be on your Holiday To-Do List

Posted: Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 09:30

The holidays are coming up quickly, along with the January 17 deadline to be considered for our first round of offers!

We think the break is a great time to visit the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) and begin applying to university! Here are the top 10 reasons to apply to the U of G over the holidays:

1. You can Have it all at U of G

When it comes to choosing a university, we know you’re comparing academics, student life, athletics and more. The U of G offers exceptional facilities and award-winning faculty, a variety of varsity and intramural sports, and a campus community like no other! Book a tour for 2018 and experience how you can “live” and “learn” here.

2. We Received Top Marks for Student Experience in 2017 (Source: Macleans Magazine, 2017).

Our purpose at U of G is to Improve Life, and it looks like we are doing just that for the lives of our students… enough said.

3. Residence is Guaranteed for all Semester 1 Students

As long as you accept your offer and pay the $750 deposit fee by June 1st!

4. U of G Offers Program Flexibility

We offer 80 majors and a full list of minors to allow you to customize your education. Many programs offer a common first year so you can explore your interests and decide on a major later.

We’ve covered the basics on all of our programs on our website so be sure to check them out over the holidays!

5. Our State of the Art Athletics Centre

Remember when we talked about balancing student life with academics and athletics? The U of G’s new 25,000 square foot athletics centre makes it easy to add a workout into your daily routine. Student memberships are only $48 a semester! Visit Guelph Gryphons (link: for details.   

6. Best Campus Food in Canada

Our campus food has been voted #1! Head to our Facebook Page to watch current students sample foods from across campus and give their stamp of approval.

7. Apply for Scholarships

In 2016/2017 the U of G awarded $20.5 million to 7,500 undergraduate students. That’s a lot of money folks! Check out the student finance webpage and get a head start on applying to our scholarships over the holidays. The deadline to apply to our top scholarships is January 25.

8. Give Yourself time to make Changes

Think you might change your mind and alter your program choices? You can make changes to your OUAC application until April 15th and still be considered equally for all programs (exception: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture). Visit our admissions page for other important dates to make note of.   

9. Join the #FutureGryphon Family

Once your application is submitted, you are on your way to becoming a #FutureGryphon. We can’t think of anything better!

10. Make the U of G a BIG part of your 2018!

Not only will applying to the U of G over the holidays cross something off your New Year’s resolution list, it will give you more time to maintain your grades, enjoy your last semester of high school, get your questions answered and schedule a campus tour in the New Year!

Fact Fridays (Myth Busting Edition) – Episode 6: Busting the Myths of DVM

Posted: Friday, December 8, 2017 - 14:40

MYTH #1: You have a better chance of getting into OVC if you do your undergrad at the U of G.

TRUTH: You can complete your undergrad at ANY accredited university!

Before applying to DVM, you can study at any accredited university as long as you complete the 8 prerequisite courses and meet the additional admission requirements.

Work to complete the requirements and your application will be of equal value to anyone else, at any other school, in any other program.

But…if you DO decide to attend the U of G for your undergrad, you’ll have the chance to join the Future Vets Club! They host info sessions, help students find volunteer placements and offer support and guidance to undergraduate students intending to apply to vet school!


MYTH #2: You need to take Animal Biology or an Animal related major to be eligible to apply to DVM.

TRUTH: There is no specific program or major required to apply to DVM.

It’s all about those prerequisites and admission reqs! Choose a major that allows you to take all of the prerequisites, and you’ll be just fine.

We also encourage you to take a major that you’re sincerely interested in, just in case you decide against DVM in the future.


MYTH #3: You need a minimum amount of animal/clinical experience to apply to DVM.

TRUTH: Experience is about QUALITY not QUANTITY.

There is no specific number of hours of animal/clinical experience required to be considered for admission. Ensure your experience gives you solid exposure to the veterinary field, that you develop strong connections and that you feel confident working in the field.

Quality experience = working with different species, under a vet supervisor, in a lab or government setting. Pet ownership does not count for experience! We know, we love our pets, too.

MYTH #4: Grades are more important than experience.

TRUTH: BOTH grades and the experience/references listed on your Background Information Form (BIF) are used to determine your eligibility.

Your experience will help you nail that interview, which is 35% of your ranking, and your academic performance will determine the other 65%!

Check out the Future Students section of the Ontario Veterinary College website for a better breakdown on the admission process.

BONUS FACT: The MCAT is no longer required for applicants.


MYTH #5: You need to complete a 4 year undergrad before applying to DVM.

TRUTH: You can apply after you’ve completed 2 years of your undergrad.

Students typically apply in their 3rd year of undergrad. You may choose to complete your full degree or even go on to do a Master’s degree before applying, but this is not required.


MYTH #6: It’s next to impossible to get into DVM.

TRUTH: Competitive? Yes. Impossible? NO!

In total, 120 students are admitted into DVM each year.

  • 100 Canadian Undergraduate
  • 15 International Undergraduate
  • 5 Graduate

MYTH #7: You’ll be limited to work with one type of animal.

TRUTH: The DVM program prepares you to work with a diverse range of animals (including exotics!).

In your 3rd year of the DVM program, YOU get to decide which “stream” you want to pursue.

Want to work with Small Animals? You can do that! Interested in Rural Community Practice? We’ve got you. Super into Food Animals? You’re in the right program! Equine? Yup!

In 4th year you’ll complete clinical rotations, so you can schedule rotations based on your interests.


MYTH #8: Your only option after graduating is to be a Veterinarian.

TRUTH: After graduating, you will write your Licensing Exam which will ‘declare’ you a fully licensed vet, and from there you can pursue a wide variety of options, such as:

  • Clinical Practice
  • The Public Sector
  • Complete a Residency for further specialization
  • Further your education (Master’s, PhD)

There you have it friends, the truth about DVM at U of G! We hope this helps dispel some of the myths surrounding this program. For more information on the program and applying, visit the Ontario Veterinary College’s website! (LINK:

When it comes to Exams at the U of G, Don't Stress

Posted: Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 16:37

Exams are a reality you’ll face no matter what university you decide to attend. At the University of Guelph, we work to keep students mentally and physically healthy during the exam period. Our Library Team develops a list of activities each semester to help students take a break from studying, to refresh and stay motivated. These events are supported by various campus groups such as the Student Support Network and the Wellness Education Centre and all activities are FREE and open to all students.

This year our events range from free treat offerings to fun tactile activities like playing with playdough AND puppies (not at the same time of course)! Check out our list of #UGStressBusters below to see some of the activities #FutureGryphons can be a part of next year.

To all of our current Gryphons; Best of luck on exams! We hope you are able to refresh and recharge at these events over the next 2 weeks.

2017 #UGStressBusters

Thursday, November 30 – 10:00am to 12:00pm: Refuel: Morning Snack Stop

Friday, December 1 – 1:00pm to 4:00pm: Soak the Stress Away with Guelph

Monday, December 4 – 1:00pm to 2:00pm: Cookies & Milk with Co-op and Careers

Tuesday, December 5 – 11:00am to 1:00pm: Coffee with a Cop

Wednesday, December 6 – 10:00am to 12:00pm and 4:00pm to 6:00pm: Take A Paws

Wednesday, December 6 – 1:00pm to 3:00pm: Make Your Own Care Package

Thursday, December 7 – 10:00am to 12:00pm and 4:00pm to 6:00pm: Take A Paws

Thursday, December 7 – 1:00pm to 3:00pm: Play with Playdough and Slime

Friday, December 8 – 1:00pm to 3:00pm: Candy Bar—Make Your Own Treat Bag!

Monday, December 11 – 11:00am to 12:00pm: SNAP Out of Stress with the Student Nutrition Awareness Program

Tuesday, December 12 – 1:00pm to 3:00pm: DIY Bookmark Making with Gryph Reads

Wednesday, December 13 – 11:00am to 12:00pm: CSA Ice Cream Chillin’

Wednesday, December 13 – 1:00pm to 3:00pm: Make Your Own Care Package

Thursday, December 14 – 1:00pm to 3:00pm: Play with Playdough and Slime

Fact Fridays - Episode 5: Why U of G's Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Can't be Beat

Posted: Friday, December 1, 2017 - 11:00

Are you passionate about solving the world’s problems? Want to help create a better future for yourself and everyone around you? Our Bachelor of Science in Agriculture might be the program for you!

Here are 5 facts to show you why our BSc in Agriculture program can’t be beat!

Fact #1: 4 Jobs for Every BScAg Grad

The Food and Agriculture industries are booming right now and have more job openings than people qualified to fill them! Graduates from the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program are qualified for jobs in various fields including livestock nutrition, research, agricultural consulting, and agricultural journalism to name a few.

Fact #2: Be Involved in Feeding the World’s Growing Population

By 2050 there will be nine billion people in the world… That’s a lot of mouths to feed! As a result, the U of G is focused on improving the food system. In the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program, you will develop solutions to this challenge using science, ingenuity and a combined passion for plants, animals and the land.

Fact #3: 3 Unique Majors

In our common first year you will take courses on plants, animals, agri-food systems and agroecology so you can get a taste of what interests you. You then have the flexibility to select one of the following 3 majors in your second year:

Honours Agriculture: Combine agricultural sciences with agri-food business courses and tailor your degree to your interests.

Animal Science: Focus on animal nutrition, welfare, genetics and biotechnology.

Crop, Horticulture and Turfgrass Sciences: Learn about the production of field crops for food, fuel or biomaterials, and breeding improved crop varieties.

Fact #4: Be Part of Canada’s Most Renowned Agricultural College

The Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) is the University of Guelph’s founding college. It is also Canada’s largest and most renowned Agricultural College and is recognized internationally. As global leaders in education and research, there is no better choice for Agricultural studies than the U of G.

Fact #5: You’ll be Part of Major Industry Advancements

Our OAC receives more than 40% of the U of G’s research funding; meaning that students within the college are involved in some major industry advancements. The University of Guelph recently received a $20-million donation from the Arrell Family Foundation to transform the global food economy and further strengthen U of G and Canada as agri-food leaders.

Join one of the largest industries in Canada and take on the agri-food revolution. Apply to our Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program today.

Fact Fridays – Episode 4: Improve Outdoor Spaces with a BLA

Posted: Friday, November 24, 2017 - 09:00

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” – Albert Einstein

Landscape Architecture is about developing an understanding of natural and social systems and using this to design attractive, functional and sustainable outdoor spaces.

If you want to become a key player in the way our cities, suburbs and wilderness areas are designed and managed, you’re definitely going to want to keep reading…

Fact #1: Become a Designated Landscape Architect

Our BLA program is fully accredited by the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and is fully recognized by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

What does this mean? When you graduate from our BLA program, you’ll hold a professional degree that meets entry requirements into professional associations across North America and abroad. There aren’t many degree programs where you graduate with an official title, so this is pretty cool.

Fact #2: Classmates = Community

Our BLA students spend a lot of time together, both in and out of the studio. You’ll feel a strong sense of community the moment you arrive! Develop lifelong friendships and networks in this small, close-knit program.

Fact #3: You Can Study abroad

In third year, our BLA students are encouraged to do an international exchange at one of our 20+ partner programs.

You can dive into this amazing opportunity and be inspired by landscapes and designs outside of Canada.

Fact #4: A Place to Call Home

Our BLA students have their own building, and as the years go on you may find yourself spending more time there than in your own home!

Students can access to the building and studios 24/7 to work on projects, study and find inspiration.

Fact #5: You’ll Celebrate Your Accomplishments

The LaBash is an annual gathering of over 600 BLA students from around the world! It’s hosted by a different university every year and was founded by the University of Guelph so you KNOW it’ll be a blast.

More reasons to choose LA @ U of G? Check out the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development.

When it comes to unique degree programs, the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture takes the cake! Visit the program page for more information and pay close attention to the deadline for submitting your Background Information Form.

Happy designing, #futuregryphons!

Improve Human Life with a Bachelor of Applied Science

Posted: Friday, November 17, 2017 - 09:00

We get it; you enjoy science but don’t want to spend all of your time in a lab or memorize the periodic table. We have good news; our Bachelor of Applied Science program integrates theory and research to inform current scientific practices meant to improve human life.

Choose from one of our 3 majors and get a combined understanding of the biological, psychological and social sides of human development and behaviour.

Adult Development

  • Investigate the influences of psychological, biological, social and economic factors on adult development;
  • Learn how to apply this knowledge to promote both individual and family well-being;
  • Practice applying your skills in a work setting through co-op;
  • Potential future careers: adult educator, elder caregiver, health promotor, counsellor or social worker.

Applied Human Nutrition

  • Do you want to become a registered Dietician? This program is for you.
  • Explore healthy lifestyles, how individual factors influence eating habits and how poor eating habits contribute to illness;
  • U of G offers an accredited area of emphasis in Dietetics;
  • Students can pursue careers in fitness consulting, public health, research and more.

Child, Youth and Family

  • Study the growth and development of children from infancy to adolescence and examine challenges like behavioral and learning difficulties, parent-child conflicts and substance abuse;
  • Gain valuable work experience through co-op
  • Apply for a membership in the College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE);
  • Go on to pursue careers in areas such as early childhood education, mental health services, teaching, or social work.

If you are interested in exploring the factors that influence human development, including lifestyle, biology, psychology, and parenting; Applied Science at the U of G is a perfect fit for you!

Visit the program page to learn more.

Fact Fridays – Episode 3: Improve Society with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences

Posted: Friday, November 10, 2017 - 10:36

Choosing what to study in university can be tough, especially if you excel in both the Arts and the Sciences. We got your back at the University of Guelph. We offer a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree program so you don’t have to choose!

Here’s what you need to know:

Fact 1: You’ll Select 2 Unique Minors

BAS students will chose two minors, one in the sciences and another in either the arts or social sciences. These don’t need to be declared until your second semester, so take your time to figure out where your passions lie. Checkout our list of minors to see your options.

Fact 2: Integrate Your Minors with ASCI courses

ASCI (Arts and Science) courses are taken throughout all four years of the program to help students build confidence in their research and writing skills. You’ll study how the Arts and Sciences intersect in society and look at case studies to learn about past and current global issues.

Fact 3: Design Your Own Course

Dreaming of designing a course of your own? BAS students will do just that during their Independent Study course.

You’ll work with a faculty advisor and determine the required coursework, test weightings, assignment due dates and you can even add volunteer or research requirements into the mix!

Fact 4: Endless Career Options

With the multitude of minor combinations, you really can find your perfect niche. For example:

  • Computing + Psychology = A career in Gaming Research
  • Biochemistry + Criminal Justice and Public Policy = A career in Forensic Science
  • Physics + Theater Studies = A career in Theatre Lighting and Sound Technology

Many of our BAS grads also go on to a variety of post-graduate studies including medical school, veterinary school and teacher’s college to name a few. The flexibility in BAS allows students to complete the specific subject requirements for professional school without having to enroll in additional semesters.

If you’re looking for an interdisciplinary program, look no further than Arts and Sciences at the University of Guelph, Future Gryphons!

Come check out our science facilities this Sunday for Science and Engineering Sunday and see if you can picture yourself at the U of G!

Fact Fridays - Episode 2: Improve Business with a Bachelor of Commerce

Posted: Friday, November 3, 2017 - 09:17

Don’t let our program name fool you; when we talk about the Bachelor of Commerce Program at the U of G, we mean business! Get it?

We take a unique approach to business emphasizing collaboration and team work to transform students into leaders of Canadian and global economies.

With 8 different majors – there’s truly something for everyone:

  • Accounting: complete the requirements to become a CPA.
  • Food and Agricultural Business: prepare for a career in Canada’s second largest industry; agriculture and food.
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management: choose an area of emphasis in Hotel and Lodging, Restaurant and Foodservice or Tourism management.
  • Leadership and Organizational Management: get your CHRP designation after graduation.
  • Management Economics and Finance: specialize in Management or Finance.
  • Marketing Management: explore topics related to consumer psychology and product development.
  • Public Management: combine politics, law and business.
  • Real Estate and Housing: examine real estate studies and develop management skills.

Here’s some quick facts:

Fact # 1: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our students work together to develop new business ventures and participate in national and international business competitions – many of which they have won!

Fact #2: We Offer Flexibility

In your first year you’ll learn the essential skills and knowledge of business management, giving you a solid foundation for the years ahead. Students can apply Undeclared from high school and determine their interests before selecting a major in their 2nd semester.

Fact #3: CBaSE - Your new BFF

The Centre for Business and Student Enterprise is where Commerce students can apply their business knowledge and gain work experience while earning credit! Through CBaSE students can apply for start-up funding, consult on local business projects and even receive support to attend industry events.

Fact #4: Endless Co-op Options

With the exception of Leadership and Organizational Management, co-op is offered for all of our Commerce majors. Gain work experience and build your professional network while attending university. Students can complete their co-op terms anywhere in Ontario, Canada or even internationally!

Fact #5: Lots of Student Work Space

Macdonald Hall was recently transformed into the College of Business and Economics. This updated building features tons of student work space, “break out” rooms for studying and presentations, modern classrooms and a place to grab a snack or coffee before getting down to business!

Visit our website for more detailed information on each of our Commerce majors. AND come see the home of Business at U of G this Sunday November 5th at Fall Preview Day!

Fact Fridays - Episode 1: Improve Technology with Computing at U of G

Posted: Friday, October 27, 2017 - 09:00

Want to be involved in pushing the limits of technology and exploring new ways of thinking, imagining and creating? Our Bachelor of Computing program could be the perfect choice for you!

Since you’re probably reading this from a computer screen or phone, we don’t need to tell you why technology is important. What we WILL tell you is why you should study Computing at U of G.

Fact #1:  Unique Majors with Co-op

Students in Computer Science explore problems and build solutions while focusing on programming.

Software Engineering students focus more on the design, development, implementation and evolution of software.

An added bonus, both majors offer the chance for experiential learning, networking, skill development and hands-on experience through co-op.

Fact #2: You’ll choose an Area of Application

Choose a secondary area of interest where you can apply the concepts learned in your Computing major. You will take 8 courses from your area of application throughout your degree.

For example, you can combine areas such as:

  • Computing + Psychology: explore human-computer interaction and build more user-friendly hardware and software
  • Computing + Biology: explore bioinformatics and support cutting-edge biological research
  • Computing + Business: many opportunities to explore e-commerce and develop inventory management systems or create electronic business applications

Fact #3: Your Classmates are Your Support System

Computing students form a very supportive family throughout their degree.

U of G even has a community of female computer scientists and software engineers called CISters!

Check out our Youtube channel to meet Mark and Madison, both computer science students, and their friends/peers talking about their experience(s) in the program.

Fact #4: The Computing “Home” is Getting a Serious Upgrade

Renovations are underway in the Reynolds building, creating a new home for the School of Computer Science. Once complete in 2018, the School of Computer Science will feature state-of-the-art spaces for student collaboration and research! You’ll want to be a part of this; trust us.

If you want to solve problems and improve life with technology, we highly recommend our Bachelor of Computing Program.

You should also attend Fall Preview Day on November 5th. This is your chance to tour campus, meet current computing students and faculty and ask your questions. See you there Future Gryphons!

Tips Tuesday – Episode 2: Science & Engineering Sunday

Posted: Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 09:00

Attend our event made just for future scientists and engineers.

Here’s our tips for when you attend Science and Engineering Sunday:

Tip #1: Simply, You Should Be Here.

Interested in cancer research, forensics, genetics, diseases and the human body?

Fascinated by food and nutrition or plants and the environment? Do you want to be a vet, dentist or doctor?

Does thinking about designing solutions for computing, biomedical or environmental problems thrill you?

A hard YES to any of these? See you at SES.

Tip #2: Do Your Research

We’ve broken down both of our Science and Engineering programs. Read, find your interests and bring your questions!

Tip #3: Attend the Academic Resource Fair

This is your opportunity to meet current students, staff and faculty from our science and engineering programs, as well as Co-op & Career Services, Housing, Athletics, Hospitality Services, Student Accessibility Services…and SO. Many. More.

Tip #4: Drop-in to the Academic Buildings

See our science labs, recently upgraded engineering facility, greenhouses, anatomy display, and Ontario Veterinary College first-hand. Watch as students and faculty perform demonstrations, and partake in activities relating to your area of interest.

You will also get to explore lecture halls, the Athletic Centre, dining facilities and student study spaces on a guided walking tour.

Tip #5: Attend the Vet Info Session

Questions about the Ontario Veterinary College? You’re in luck, future vets. You’ll meet the Manager of Student Affairs and current vet students to learn more about the admission requirements and the program.

Tip #6: Make Yourself at Home

Visit our residences and grab a bite to eat at one of our many dining halls.

Explore the areas of campus that you’ll be spending a lot of time in if you choose the U of G!

If Science or Engineering (or both) is your thing, register now - you won’t regret it! See you there #FutureGryphons!


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