#viewsfromagryph: Nicole


Name: Nicole Logiacco

Program: Bachelor of Applied Science, Child, Youth and Family

Class: 2021

Hometown: Whitby

What attracted you to the University of Guelph?

What attracted me to the University of Guelph was the welcoming campus atmosphere I experienced during my university tour.

What attracted you to your program at U of G?

The way my program combined biological human science and social science in a cohesive way. I wanted to find a program that allowed me to help people, but that did not focus too much on the physical sciences. It was a great opportunity for me to study in an area that combined two topics I am very interested in.

What is something COOL that you’ve learned from your program/studies so far?

In my first year Criminology class, I learned that Guelph is one of the safest cities in Canada!

What has been (or is) your favorite course in your program?

My favourite course thus far has been Genetics and Society (MBG*1000) because it is combines my interests for biology and social science. The course allowed me to exercise my previous knowledge of genetics and then apply those concepts to the patterns of genetic disorders seen in society.

What are you most excited about this year?

This year, I am most excited about beginning my journey as a Campus Tour Guide and getting to help prospective students understand the university and what it can offer them.

What are your (current) post-graduate plans, or goals?

I hope to obtain a position within Admissions Services at the University of Guelph as a Liaison Officer!

Best piece of advice you wish you could have given yourself in Grade 12.

Do not pick an educational path solely based on what you think will get you a job in the future, or how much money you will make in a certain career. Choose something you know you will love learning about, it will make your university experience that much more enjoyable!

#FunFact About Yourself.

I have been horseback riding since I was nine years old and am currently a member of the University of Guelph Equestrian Club.

University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1