Transfer FAQs

Admission FAQs - Transfer Applicants

Updated as of September 2023

Interested in Applying

When can I apply?

The application for entry points in 2024 (winter 2024, summer 2024, and fall 2024) will open in late September of 2023. Please check back then to apply!

What are the chances that I’ll be admitted?

Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission. Admission depends on the quality and size of the applicant pool as well as the space available in individual programs. For this reason, we can’t predict the likelihood of being admitted.

I'm in my first semester at another university. Can I transfer to the University of Guelph for the winter entry point in January?

If you’re in your first semester at another University, you need to complete a minimum of 2.0 credits (four undergraduate degree-level courses) in Fall to be eligible for admission to the Winter entry point as a transfer student. Final grades in your Fall courses are typically required before we can make an admission decision. This means that there's a very quick turnaround between being admitted in late December or early January and the start of Winter semester classes.

I want to know if I am admissible and how many transfer credits I will get before I apply. Can I send my transcripts to Admission Services for review before I submit the application?

We do not pre-assess admissibility or transfer credits. We review and assign transfer credits during the admission process. Successful applicants are notified of their transfer credit in their offer of admission letter*.

*Due to professional accreditation standards, transfer credits for students who are admitted to the Bachelor of Engineering program are reviewed and assigned after an applicant has accepted their offer of admission.

I’m in my first semester at another University. Can I transfer to Guelph for the Winter entry point in January? 

If you’re in your first semester at another University, you need to complete a minimum of 2.0 credits (four undergraduate degree-level courses) in Fall to be eligible for admission to the Winter entry point as a transfer student. Final grades in your Fall courses are typically required before we can make an admission decision. This means that there's a very quick turnaround between being admitted in late December or early January and the start of Winter semester classes.

I’m planning to transfer to Guelph and want to make sure the courses I’m taking at my University will transfer. Is there a way to know which courses are equivalent?

We’ve published lists of courses at other Ontario Universities that have previously been reviewed and approved for transfer credit here: Course Equivalencies by Universities.

You may also find helpful course equivalency information on

These resources are meant to act as a guide only; the University of Guelph reserves the right to change or cancel equivalencies at any time.

How do I know if I am a mature student or a transfer student?

A mature student is someone who has been out of full-time high school for two years or more, but who has never enrolled at a post-secondary school. If you have ever attended College or University, you will be considered a transfer student for admission purposes. This is true regardless of your age or if your former College or University program is related to the degree you want to pursue at U of G.

I went to college/university, but don’t meet the minimum admission average requirement for transfer students. Can I apply to the University of Guelph with just my high school grades?

You must declare all schools/institutions you have previously attended. The Admission Committee will consider your complete academic background when reviewing your application. In some cases, academic upgrading may be required. Please contact Admission Services for more information.

Which programs are offered fully online? How do I find out if the courses I want to take are available online?

Our Bachelor of Arts, General program is available fully online. More information is available on our website.

All other programs require attendance in-person, on-campus to complete the degree requirements. To find out if a particular course is offered online, use our Undergraduate Academic Calendar. Select the program you want to study for more information on the courses you’ll need to take. If you click on a course code in the Calendar, it will give you more information about the course, including the semester it is offered in and its delivery format. If the course is available online, you will see “Offering(s): Also offered through Distance Education format.”

How do I book an appointment to talk to someone about transferring to U of G?

Connect with us at, and include the questions that you have about transferring. We can answer most questions and provide information and resources by e-mail, but if we can’t, we will provide a link to book an appointment with an Admission Counsellor.

Will I be considered for transfer credit from all post- secondary institutions I have attended?

Yes, you will be considered for transfer credit from all previously enrolled post-secondary institutions. Transfer credit cannot be pre-assessed, it will be assessed at the time of your admission.

There seems to be an equivalent course to my 4U prerequisite at the University of Guelph. Can I take it once I arrive?

No, all 4U prerequisites must be completed prior to beginning your studies at the University of Guelph.

What if I don't have the 4U prerequisites?

You have the option of taking the appropriate subject prerequisite(s) at an Adult Learning Centre or through a Ministry of Education inspected and accredited private school course provider.

I have more questions. Where can I go/who can I contact for more information?

If you haven't applied and want more information on transferring to Guelph, please contact us at

Submitting My Application and Documents

Do I select “first-year” or “upper-year” on the application? What if the previous program I did in College/University is completely different from the program I am applying to at Guelph?

If you’ve ever attended college or university, you should select Upper-Year on the application. Your actual year/class level will be determined by the number of and which transfer credits you are granted upon admission.

OUAC gives me the option to send transcripts immediately or when the current semester is over. Which do I choose?

You should send ask OUAC to send transcripts immediately. It may be possible for us to make a conditional offer of admission based on the studies you’ve completed so far.

I submitted my documents to Admission Services but they’re not marked as ‘received’ on Web Advisor. Should I send them again?

If you have submitted your documents to Admission Services, please don’t submit duplicates. We receive a high volume of documents and are process them in the order in which they’re received. Processing times vary throughout the application cycle.

If you are sending documents through the mail, please consider that there may be postal service delays preventing your documents from reaching us.

What is the Education Declaration Form and why am I being asked for it? How do I submit it?

This form is requested when our application processing team notices a gap in your educational background and we are unsure of your activities (working, traveling, studying, etc.) during that time. The form is required to confirm that you have not enrolled at any other schools/institutions other than what you have indicated on your application. If required, the Education Declaration Form will appear in the Documents section of your WebAdvisor account. You can complete and submit it directly through your WebAdvisor account.

I am an internal transfer student and/or I used to be a student at the University of Guelph. Do I need to submit a copy of my University of Guelph transcript for my application?

No. If you are a current or past U of G student we can retrieve a copy of your transcript on your behalf, you don’t need to submit one.

After I've Applied

I’ve applied to transfer from another college or university. When can I expect an admission decision?

Transfer applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis as applications become complete. Please monitor your Web Advisor account to ensure all required documents have been received. For limited enrollment programs, Admission Committees typically review all applications at once after the document submission deadline.

I've applied for an internal program transfer and am waiting to receive a decision. What do I do about course selection?

Please contact your current Program Counsellor for assistance with course selection and academic planning.

How can I check the status of my application?

If you applied on the OUAC 105 application, you can monitor the status of your application through your OUAC and WebAdvisor accounts. Upon admission, transfer applicants will receive their offer of admission via e-mail.

What is the last day that transfer students would get an offer of admission?

We don’t have a final date by when transfer students can expect an admission decision; applications are reviewed and we send out offers on an ongoing, rolling basis.

I can’t login to WebAdvisor or my University of Guelph e-mail. Can you reset my password?

If you have issues with your Central Login username and password, please contact Computing and Communication Services at or 519-824-4120 ext. 58888.

I can see on WebAdvisor that I’ve been admitted, but I haven’t received an e-mail or letter. Where can I find the details of my offer of admission?

It takes us some time to generate, print, and send offer letters. Unfortunately, this process isn’t automatic – usually, it will take a week or two. Please be patient, we’re working as quickly as we can to get you the information you need. Note that offer letters aren’t available for download on WebAdvisor.

I see on WebAdvisor that I’ve been Admitted Conditionally. How do I know what the conditions are?

Your offer letter will detail the conditions of your offer of admission and the date by when you need to meet the conditions. Offers of admission are often conditional if you have courses in progress, or we haven’t received official transcripts from your former institution(s).

I've applied, been admitted, and have accepted my offer of admission. Where do I go from here?

Please refer to your offer of admission letter for next steps. Additionally, you should check out our Transfer Student Resource Guide, it should answer most of your questions!

Other Common Questions

Can you tell me how may transfer students were admitted last year to the program I’ve applied to?

We don’t share this information because it can be very misleading; the number of students admitted each year depends on the quality and size of the applicant pool. For this reason, the number of students that can be admitted this year may be totally different than the number that were admitted last year.

Can transfer students live in residence?

Yes, transfer students can apply to live in our on-campus residences. Please visit for more information, and/or contact Student Housing Services at We also have an Off-Campus Living (OCL) office which includes an Off-Campus Living Advisor who can support you in finding suitable housing in the City of Guelph. Visit their website for more details.

I have more questions. Where can I go for more information?

If you’ve already applied and you’re a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Protected Person please reach out to us at If you’re an International student and you’ve already applied, please e-mail