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Tour Guide Thoughts: Mackenzie

Posted: Wednesday, April 3, 2019 - 13:56


Name: Mackenzie Lee

Program: Biological Science

Tour Guide Year: 1st 










What prompted you to become a tour guide?

Ever since I went on a tour of the university with my parents in the Fall of 2015 and saw the UofG Tour Guides showing their passion for campus I knew it was something I would one day love to do! After volunteering as an Ambassador to show my residence room in East Residence to prospective students I wanted to broaden my knowledge of campus and show families everything the University of Guelph has to offer (especially the food)!

What is your favourite thing about being a tour guide?

My favourite thing about being a tour guide is getting to meet so many prospective students and their families. I really enjoy talking with high school students about their different interests to see how they can continue these involvements at the University of Guelph. With it being such a diverse and opportunistic campus, there is always something for everyone to do and the feeling of helping a student connect with that passion is like no other!

BEST spot on campus? Why?

Creelman Dining Hall is by far the best place on campus! The food is unlike anything I have ever tasted, Mom’s Kitchen’s chicken pot pie being my absolute favourite. The staff there are so friendly and take the time to learn student’s names, checking in with them during busy times of the semester like during midterms. Creelman has a different menu every single day and the weekly themes keep me coming back to try new foods and enjoy some classics almost every day. If I’m not there for lunch, you’ll find me there at dinner time!

Why should students come for a tour?

The best way to see if the University of Guelph is right for you is to come for a campus tour! See if you can picture yourself on campus, taking notes in one of our lecture halls, eating a plate of homemade lasagna at one of our dining halls, and making lifelong friendships while living in one of our residences! We’ll show you what life would be like here and what will best suit your needs and interests as a university student.

Any advice to incoming students (or their families)?

My biggest piece of advice would be to talk to as many people as you can throughout university. In residence, in your classes, through extra-involvement clubs or colleges, there are so many wonderful people at the university of Guelph that can teach you incredible skills, lead you to great opportunities and become some of your best friends moving forward in life. I realized in university just how important having support systems are, so I really encourage incoming students to make the most of their time at the University of Guelph and connect with others!

Are you involved in any extra-curriculars?

I try to be as involved on campus as possible! I have been on the University of Guelph’s Relay for Life committee for the last two years, where we run a 12-hour overnight fundraiser to raise over $100,000 each year to support cancer patients and fund lifesaving research through the Canadian Cancer Society. I am also the Co-President for the Me to We club on campus where we fundraise for children and families in need overseas by running engaging events on campus! Lastly, I volunteer with the Child Care and Learning Centre on campus, helping toddlers learn and grow through play and building relationships with others.

What’s your favourite stop/story/fun fact on your tour?

My favourite story to tell on campus is when I take my tour group to the Gryphon’s arena. It seems like such a small spot on campus from the outside but when I was in first year everyone on my residence floor would go skating here on Sunday afternoons and then fill up on Tim Horton’s hot chocolate. We taught our one friend how to skate here, since he was an international student and had never tried it before! Learning new things and making friendships that will last a lifetime are two things university has taught me to cherish and for that reason this special place on campus continues to remind me of that.

What made you apply & pick U of G?

I applied to U of G because it had the Zoology program I wanted at the time and because I really saw myself attending the Ontario Veterinary College down the road. But, after coming on a campus tour, meeting some of the staff and students, and experiencing a day in the life of a U of G student I felt completely at home and realized these were really the reasons I love U of G. I could instantly see this university would provide me with the environment to seek new opportunities to get involved in addition to my studies and succeed on any path I chose. I wanted a supportive, friendly community where I could be myself and share my passions with others, and the University of Guelph encompassed all of that for me

What’s your favourite memory from U of G?

My favourite memory is living in the East residence Leadership House in my first year. We were all students that had been quite involved in high school and wanted to continue helping others in any way we could! We attended events together, volunteered on campus, and went out for floor dinners which all allowed us to become close friends. Now almost three years alter I consider these people to be my best friends and people I look up to everyday as they lead others on campus and make huge differences for our students. I owe it all to Leadership House for bringing me these wonderful people and experiences!

Coolest thing about your program & favourite class you’ve taken so far?

Biological science gives you the freedom to take any science courses of interest to you, they can be from many different disciplines! Having many interests within the sciences make this flexibility perfect for me because I have gotten to take some really unique courses like Vertebrate Zoology, Discovering Biodiversity, and Epidemiology! My favourite class so far was a first year seminar class called Human Animal Dynamics, where we looked at the relationships between humans and animals through documentaries, group conversations, and self-reflective writing!

Tour Guide Thoughts: Solveig

Posted: Monday, April 1, 2019 - 13:17


Name: Solveig Hanson

Program: Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, Neuroscience + Criminal Justice and Public Policy

Tour Guide Year: 1









What’s your favourite memory from U of G?

My favourite memories are all of the fantastic events that I have helped run for BAS students at U of G. In particular, the bi-semesterly trivia nights that we host in the Brasstaps. It’s fantastic for such a diverse group of students to come together as a community. Trivia night is certainly an event that BAS students look forward to! I also am very proud of the interdisciplinary conference that we hosted here in January. We had students coming from all over the world to take part and tackle complex problems together!

Coolest thing about your program & favourite class you’ve taken so far?

This is such a hard question for BAS students! If I had to pick, my favourite thing about the BAS program is how diverse we all are, and yet how well we are able to come together and really use our different areas of expertise to solve problems. I have friends that are in the BAS program doing drama, music, mathematics, and marketing – all subjects that I know very little about!

I probably have two favorite ‘classes’, though I have enjoyed so many here at U of G. The first is the independent research project that I took on in my third year where I examined the medical community in the 1800s and their interaction with demonic possession, Marian apparition, and stigmata. My second favourite class is a seminar that I am currently in where we are looking at the history of scientific racism, as in the ways that science has created the concept of race and perpetuated the idea that races are biologically different from each other and that some are superior to others. Both of these classes are specific to the BAS program, which has allowed me to really connect with other BAS students!

What’s your go-to spot on campus?

If I had to pick one, I would likely say the BAS lounge in the Mackinnon building. However, there are so many fantastic spots on campus that I prefer to constantly find great new places to study, meet friends, or grab a bite to eat.

Are you involved in any extra-curriculars?

Yes! I have been involved in the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Student Association (BASSA) for most of my time at U of G. I started out in a very small role and then became the President in my third year. This past year, I have also taken on the role of President for the organizing committee of a conference that we hosted here at U of G, focusing on interdisciplinary cooperation and education. I am also on the curriculum review committee for the BAS program, which has been a great opportunity to advocate for students and to learn more about how higher education is organized. I have also worked as a research assistant, as well as being a tour guide this year! In addition, I am a member of the horticulture club. Getting involved on campus is a great way to build your own community of people who are passionate about the same issues that you are. Some of my best friends have come from these experiences!

What prompted you to become a tour guide?

I am originally from Vancouver Island, B.C. The first time I ever stepped foot on the U of G campus was the day I moved into South Residence! I was so nervous moving across the country without knowing anyone in Guelph, never mind not knowing what the campus community was like. I know that if I had been able to come for a tour, some of those fears would have been eased. I became a tour guide so that I can help prospective students gain some of the confidence that I didn’t have coming to U of G.

What is your favourite thing about being a tour guide/what's the best thing you’ve experienced while being a tour guide?

My favourite thing about being a tour guide is seeing on a daily basis how friendly and welcoming the U of G campus is. People on campus, both friends and strangers, always smile and greet tour groups as we go by. I love being able to play a small role in helping students make the decision about where they are going to spend the next four years of their life.

Why should students come for a tour?

Students should come for a tour because it really is the best way to get a feel for the campus community at U of G. Plus, you get to chat to a current student, which is a great way to figure out what being a university student is all about!

What’s your favourite stop/story/fun fact on your tour?

I love telling students about dissecting brains in the Summerlee Science Complex. I mention neuroscience labs very briefly, but it always gets a gasp (sometimes in awe, sometimes out of shock!)

What made you apply & pick U of G?

I picked U of G 100% for the BAS program. I stayed because of the sense of community that the campus has. There are so many clubs and initiatives to get involved in; there really is a place for everyone!

What advice do you have for Future Gryphons (or their families)?

My advice is to ask questions and get involved! There are so many opportunities available at U of G, sometimes all it takes is a conversation with a professor or a fellow student to find something that really sparks your interest.

*Follow 'uofgadmission' on Instagram to watch Solveig's full interview on IGTV.

Tour Guide Thoughts: Brooke

Posted: Friday, March 29, 2019 - 11:41


Name: Brooke Evans

Program: Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Biomedical Science

Tour Guide Year: 1









What’s your favourite memory from U of G?

There are so many favorite memories I have from U of G! I’d have to say one of the best memories was painting the cannon, a.k.a Old Jeremiah, in my first year with my residence floor! There is a lot of history and tradition here at the University of Guelph and meeting up with fellow gryphons, camping out until sundown with cans of paint, painting our creation on the cannon, camping out until sunrise the next day to guard our painting, and ultimately take part in an ongoing tradition that was established over 65 years ago is definitely an experience I’ll never forget!

Coolest thing about your program & favourite class you’ve taken so far?

Definitely the coolest thing about my program would be the wide range of courses that I can take that all seem to focus around my general interests in the health field. I’ve taken courses that range from molecular and cellular biology to pathology of disease to biochemistry to pharmacology, to human physiology to human anatomy and so many more. My favorite course I have taken so far in my undergrad would definitely be my Human Anatomy dissection course. Having the opportunity to apply what we’ve learned in our anatomy lectures to various human cadavers in our dissection lab, is a way of learning and discovery that goes far beyond what any textbook can teach. Working alongside small groups and passionate technicians I’ve been able to view the human body and anatomical concepts in a whole new depth and this experience has influenced such a greater appreciation and respect I have for those who donate their body to science and education.

What’s your go-to spot on campus?

My go to spot on campus would have to be The Bullring. The Bulling is a student run coffee shop/pub that is very central to campus and a lot of my classes so I always find it pretty quick to access, especially during the cold winter months. The food is AMAZING at the Bullring and very reasonably priced. Their homemade mac and cheese is definitely one of my favs! I also love the relaxed vibe and great music they play at the Bullring, and their open mic nights every Wednesday is definitely a fun time!

Are you involved in any extra-curriculars?

Yes I am! Along with being a Tour Guide, I’ve been a student ambassador and Orientation Volunteer for 2 years and I’ve volunteered with the Guelph Relay 4 Life committee as well as the Human Anatomy Outreach program. I’ve also been involved in various intramural sports, such as girls volley-ball, co-ed multi-sport and co-ed bubble soccer and I’m also on the Gryphons Powder Puff flag football team.

What prompted you to become a tour guide?

Prior to choosing U of G, I toured various schools and spoke to various tour guides, and what stood out the most about my Guelph tour was definitely the enthusiasm and passion that my tour guide had for U of G. I remember vividly my tour guide sharing not only the amazing features that Guelph had to offer, but their personal stories and memories they created on the campus, as well as their love for the close-knit university community, and friendly vibe that spread across campus. As a visiting high school student, hearing those personal experiences and reasons why my tour guide personally loved Guelph, definitely influenced my decision to come here and within the first few weeks of being a Gryphon, I knew that I too wanted to show off the school that I came to love to other incoming students and make as much of an impact on them as my tour guide did on me.

What is your favourite thing about being a tour guide/what's the best thing you’ve experienced while being a tour guide?

One of my favorite things about being a U of G tour guide is making those initial connections with visiting students and their families and seeing their interests and curiosities about U of G instantly grow throughout the tour. I love sharing the attractive features of the University of Guelph, along with my own fun and humorous stories involved with being a Gryphon. Along with emphasizing the University of Guelph, I also enjoy sharing tips and advice for students choosing a school and going into the first year of university in general. I know when I was coming into first year, no matter what school I was going to choose, I had lots of questions about how to prepare and what to expect. On my tours, I really enjoy helping students gain a bit more insight and relieve some of their stresses by giving them tips and advice on how to prepare and make the most out of their university experience.

Why should students come for a tour?

Students should definitely come for a tour of the University of Guelph, as this is the best way to truly feel the friendly and relaxed vibe that the U of G students and university community portrays. By coming for a tour you’ll get to not only experience the campus and the beautiful buildings, but you’ll also get to meet some pretty cool Gryphons who will share their personal experiences and reasons of why you should become a part of the Gryphon family.

What’s your favourite stop/story/fun fact on your tour?

I would say my favourite stop on my tours would be the Athletic Centre. As soon as we enter the building, the students and families are always amazed by the size and architecture of the building, and the rock climbing wall always gets the group pretty excited too. I also love seeing the range of expressions I receive when I explain my experience working in the human anatomy lab, as a lot of people are usually shocked and intrigued that this is offered at the undergraduate level.

What made you apply & pick U of G?

I picked U of G for many reasons, but I truly love the size of the campus and the friendly community vibe I experienced throughout my visits. I loved the passion that the students I connected with had for the school and I was definitely interested in the unique courses that were offered throughout my program. I also love the amount of nature and greenery that spreads across our campus.

What advice do you have for Future Gryphons (or their families)?

My advice would be to get involved with whatever interests you at U of G. Joining academic/extracurricular clubs, sports teams, organizations and various councils are all great ways to meet new people and provide a great outlet from your studies. Also, time management is key in university. Being able to distinguish when and what you’re going to study can definitely decrease stress levels when assignments and midterms start to build up, and meeting with a peer mentors and various other services offered here at Guelph can help you with this skill. Lastly, don’t hesitate to go to professor’s office hours if you have any questions about course material, upcoming exams or university in general, they are all very welcoming and friendly people and a great way to make connections for any future research or volunteer opportunities.

Experiential Learning in Bio-Resource Management

Posted: Friday, March 29, 2019 - 11:26

Back in December we told you what our Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management (BBRM) degree program is all about. If you missed that article, check it out on our website.

As a refresher, in BBRM you have 3 majors to choose from; Environmental Management, Equine Management and Food Industry Management. Each of these majors are very different from each other but their experiential learning opportunities fall under the same umbrellas which we’ll break down for you now!

Applied Research

Courses such as Advanced Independent Research and Research in Food Science are available to students within certain BBRM majors. Courses like these allow students to conduct research under faculty guidance in an academic or industry setting.


Our Food Industry Management major within BBRM offers a co-op option for study. Co-op placements are good for networking, skill development, gaining hands-on experience, and a great way to try out different work environments to see if you could work in that industry in the future!

Visit for more information on co-op at U of G.


Environmental Management students can take a course in third year where they will work in teams on an integrated project creating a detailed environmental report with policy recommendations and action plans.

Equine Management students have exclusive access to upper year courses with integrated experiential learning including Equine Event Management I & II, and an Equine Integrated Project. In these courses you will get the chance to work with and learn from industry professionals and world-renowned riders.

Field Courses

Within our BBRM majors there are many opportunities to complete investigation and analysis in a field location for full and partial semesters. Visit the BBRM website for details on the opportunities available in your major.

Extra-Curricular Actvities

As with all our degree programs, students in BBRM have plenty of opportunities to get involved and gain beneficial experiences outside of the offered courses. This could include exchanges, volunteer opportunities, field trips, clubs and student organizations, work-study placements and many more.

To name some examples of organizations you can join we offer a University of Guelph Wildlife Club, an Outdoors Club and the BBRM Student Council. To learn more about how to get involved as a BBRM student, we recommend visiting the BBRM website and checking out their featured student profiles.

Be sure to check out our Experiential Learning website for more information on EL at U of G.

Tour Guide Thoughts: Norman

Posted: Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 14:36


Name: Norman Osman

Program: Biomedical Toxicology

Tour Guide Year: 1st









What’s your favorite memory from U of G?

When my friend decided to teach me how to ice-skate and I first got on the ice and was frazzled by the gliding and balancing motion on the ice. It was a hilarious evening for both my friend and me.

Coolest thing about your program & favorite class you’ve taken so far?

In one of my microbiology and genetics courses I got to work with DNA and tag it with a fluoresce gene in order to make it glow in the dark.

What’s your go-to spot on campus?

Creelman and the Library Starbucks!

Are you involved in any extra-curriculars?

I have been working for the University of Guelph and volunteered for Orientation week for the last 2 years, as well as volunteering as a big brother with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph.

What prompted you to become a tour guide?

I wanted to show-case my love for the U of G, while sharing my experience and advice with incoming students.

What is your favorite thing about being a tour guide/ what’s the best thing you’ve experience while being a tour guide?

My favorite part is helping prospective students picture their life at U of G and hearing the hilarious stories their parents have to share about their time at university.

Why should students come for a tour?

I have many hilarious stories to share both from my time at the University of Guelph and anecdotes from Alumni.

What’s your favorite stop/story/fun fact on your tour?

Johnston Green is one of my favorite spots because I have so many memories with my friends there, including hanging out on the green listening to live music during gryphfest and putting hammocks up in the trees and studying with my friends.

What made you apply & pick U of G?

The campus life, the countless opportunities available and the people at U of G had a huge impact on my decision, as well as the classes that are offered in my program.

What advice do you have for Future Gryphons (or their families)?

You should get as involved as possible while you are at university. It will allow discover so much about yourself as well as develop new skills and meet incredible people.


Campus Day 2019: Why you should be here

Posted: Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - 16:54

Campus Day is this Sunday, March 24th Future Gryphons, so we’re breaking down why you should be here!

Learn about our student services and academic resources

Meet current students, and faculty, as well staff from various student service areas including Admission Services, Housing Services, Athletics, Hospitality Services, Student Accessibility Services, Student Experience and many more!

Attend an academic information session

Each program will host a half hour session covering the basics on course requirements and exciting academic opportunities. Visit the Campus Day webpage to plan your visit using our session schedule.

Visit program facilities

Most of our academic buildings will be offering guided or drop-in tours throughout the day. There will also be presentations and demonstrations, so if there is something specific you want to see, check out our online schedule and make note!

Tour the campus

Experience the beauty of campus in the spring. Check out our residence halls, dining facilities, historic and modern academic buildings, and see our state-of-the-art athletic facilities first-hand.

Try our food!

U of G food has been ranked #1 on any Canadian university campus for over 10 years. Pick up a Campus Day program as soon as you arrive to see what’s open this Sunday!

Drop into residence

Arrive at the marked entrances to our residence buildings and a tour guide will greet you and show you around. This is a great way to picture yourself in your future home before applying to residence.

Learn more about university life

Campus Day will also offer student service sessions where you can learn more about:

  • Living on campus;
  • Financing your education;
  • Accessibility services;
  • And transfer student admission

Get some U of G swag

The University Bookstore is offering 25% off all regular priced clothing for Campus Day. We want all Future Gryphons to represent U of G!

Share your excitement!

We’ll be covering the day on social (Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter); follow “uofgadmission,” send us your snaps and share your pics on Instagram using the hashtag #futuregryphon.


Visit our Campus Day event page to register now and plan your day.

See you on Sunday Future Gryphons!

Experiential Learning in Computing

Posted: Monday, March 18, 2019 - 13:27

Back in October we let you in on why you should study computing at U of G. If you missed that article you can still view it on our website.

Now we’re back to tell you all about the experiential learning (EL) opportunities that you can take part in as a Bachelor of Computing student at the University of Guelph.

Explore an Area of Application

The area of application is a unique component of our computing degree that allows you to study a secondary subject and learn to apply computing principles to that field of study.

For example, you could choose to study Biology as your area of application and explore the bioinformatics field. Or you could select Business Administration and work on developing business apps and analyze business systems.

There are over 40 different areas of application so you can truly choose anything that interests you!

Course Integrated EL

In upper years you can take courses with experiential learning built right into them! From System Analysis and Design in Applications, to our new Data Science course, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to display your learning and skill development in various design, engineering and programming courses.

Co-operative Education

Both of our computing majors are available in a co-op stream. Not only are co-op placements good for networking, skill development and gaining hands-on experience, they are a great way to try out different work environments and industries to get a feel for where you’d like to work in the future!

Historically, BComp students have completed co-ops with companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google and more!

Visit the Recruit Guelph website for more information on co-operative education at Guelph.


In addition to the for-credit EL examples listed above, there are a TON of extracurricular activities that will broaden your horizons in computing.

Several student organizations exist to support and provide resources to computing students including the Guelph Women in Computer Science organization, the Society of Computing and Information Science and the Guelph Coding Community.

As a computing student you will also be invited to participate in different community building events such as the Roboticon robotics challenge, Hackathons and more!

Information on all these opportunities and more are available on the School of Computer Science website along with testimonials from students in the program! As always, you can also find more information on EL at U of G on the Experiential Learning website.

Alternate Offers - what you need to know

Posted: Monday, March 18, 2019 - 09:35

Our second round of offers has officially started and will continue until mid-April. The second round is when we send out alternate offers.

What is an alternate offer?

  • If you don't currently meet the grade requirements for your first choice program, we may automatically consider you for an alternate program

I got an alternate offer. What does that mean for me?

  • There are 4 situations where you may receive an alternate offer (see below)
  • We will reconsider you for your first choice program in our third and final round of offers

You may receive an Alternate Offer if you applied to the following programs:

  • Biomedical Science – your alternate offer will be to the biological science major
  • Human Kinetics – your alternate offer will also be to the biological science major
  • Criminal Justice and Public Policy – your alternate offer will be to our bachelor of arts, general major
  • Co-op – your alternate offer will be to the non-co-op stream of the program you applied to

I got an alternate offer. Now what?

  1. You can wait for the final round of offers and see if you get admitted to your first choice program.
  2. If you are not admitted to your first choice you can accept your alternate offer and then work with your program counsellor once you are a student here (in the fall) to switch to another major or apply to the co-op stream for the Winter Semester.
  3. You can accept your alternate offer and still be considered for your first choice in the final admission round

Three other things you need to know:

  1. If you haven't yet received an offer, COMPLETE a Student Profile Form by May 1, 2019!
  2. Check your OUAC account for an admission offer from U of G! Offers will show up there first, and then you can expect a congratulations package from us in the mail!
  3. Visit our Admission Plan webpage to find out how we send out offers.

Experiential Learning in Business

Posted: Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 13:30

Experiential Learning (EL) is all about learning through action and reflection both inside and outside the classroom. Today we’re sharing the EL opportunities available to our Bachelor of Commerce (BComm or business) students here at U of G.

Course-Integrated EL

Courses that intentionally include activities like structured projects, lab work, design work, case studies or entrepreneurship can be considered course-integrated experiential learning. They allow you to apply your skills and display your academic learning to help prepare you for your future.

Most course-integrated EL courses in our commerce program are offered in third and fourth year and include Applied Business Project I & II, Theory of Strategic Management, Beverage Management, Introduction to Econometrics, Food Product Development I & II, Business Consulting, Property Management and many more! Check out the Experiential Learning Guide for a complete list.

Certificate Programs

Our Certificate in Leadership is one of two for-credit experiential learning certificates and focuses on new leadership models and practical applications for leadership skills in an organizational setting.

Our Certificate in Civic Engagement and Global Citizenship is the second for-credit EL certificate and aims to explore how the diversity of people in the world contribute to problems and solutions.

U of G offers several additional certificates for students who want to develop or upgrade skills in a specific area. They make a great addition to any degree program! Check out the Undergraduate Calendar for a complete list of available certificates.


Co-op is offered for all 8 of our BComm majors! That means that no matter what major interests you, you can gain work experience, learn transferrable skills and build your professional network in the co-op stream.

Visit to learn more about co-op at U of G.

Professional Practice

Professional practice curses or programs will allow you to work under the guidance of a professional to gain relevant experience and skills. These opportunities include internships, externships and practicums.

The School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management offers courses in Restaurant Operations that allow you to gain foodservice management experience while placing a strong emphasis on teamwork. Visit our website for course descriptions and more details.

John F. Wood Centre for Business and Student Enterprise

This is the hub for student entrepreneurship on campus. The John F. Wood Centre offers several resources to enable our business students to become business leaders.

For example, the Hub Incubator Program offers BComm students the opportunity to receive support to grow a potential startup. Students can take a Business Consulting Course to get out of the classroom and work with real organizations in the community. The MakerSpace is available for student collaboration and exploration.

For a complete list of resources offered by the John F Wood Centre, as well as additional details, visit their website.

When it comes to learning through experience, there are absolutely TONS of options. We recommend checking out the Experiential Learning website to explore other potential opportunities and to read testimonials from current students on how EL has positively contributed to their university experience.

U of G Celebrates International Women’s Day

Posted: Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 15:35

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day; a global day that celebrates the many achievements of women. At U of G there are several events taking place across campus meant to acknowledge and empower women.

International Women’s Day Breakfast

What better way is there to kick-off International Women’s Day than with a celebratory breakfast? All U of G faculty and staff have been invited to our Summerlee Science Complex to enjoy a community breakfast and hear our provost Charlotte Yates speak about gender equality on campus.

Research and Revolt Conference

This is a full day conference where attendees will learn about the research U of G is currently doing on women through the Research Facility for Women’s Health and Well-Being. The event includes a keynote address, musical and spoken-word performances and research presentations by students.

International Women’s Day Annual 5K

Our Wellness Education and Promotion Centre has organized a 5K run on campus meant to support and empower women. Anybody is welcome to participate and take this run/walk at their own pace.

Guelph Women in Leadership’s Limitless Dinner

All U of G students are invited to attend this dinner in honour of International Women’s Day. Attendees will enjoy a three-course meal and have the opportunity to hear 3 inspirational keynote speeches and network with industry representatives from over 15 organizations!

Ongoing celebrations in the University Centre

In addition to the events happening around campus throughout the day, the U of G community is welcome to drop by the UC from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for International Women’s Day celebratory activities. There will be a display highlighting the achievements of inspirational women, a selfie station where you can snap a picture to show your support on social media, and a noon hour concert featuring Janette King!

No matter how or where you are celebrating International Women’s Day, be sure to share your pictures on social media using the hashtags #IWD2019 and #BalanceforBetter to acknowledge and empower women everywhere.



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