Visit U of G on your March Break!

Posted on Monday, February 13th, 2023

Our 2023 winter tour guides

March Break is just around the corner so today we’re inviting all #FutureGryphons to come visit U of G on a March Break Tour and explore our beautiful campus!

Here are some of the highlights you can expect on your tour.

Experience our community atmosphere

We firmly believe that visiting a university campus is the best way to figure out if that school is a good fit for you. Many of our Gryphons say that after their campus visit, they knew that the U of G was the perfect fit for them.

Our tours are your chance to step into a Gryphon’s shoes for a day, so come take it all in and use this experience to make the best decision for your future.

Check out our Athletic Centre

It’s here. It’s live. It’s ready for you to sweat in it… okay maybe save the sweat for September, but the Athletic Centre is yours to explore on our March Break Tours. Don’t be afraid to ask questions on the tour to learn more about membership prices, what’s covered in your tuition, fitness classes and more.

Take advantage of small tour group sizes

March Break is a busy tour time so for your benefit, we’ve brought on extra tour guides. This means smaller tour groups and more interaction. You’ll have more one-on-one time with your guide, and have lots of time to get your questions answered.

Pro tip: Ask your tour guide their favourite study spot, or their favourite place to eat on campus. On top of showing you around, our tour guides are here to share their experiences, so make the most of your time with them and ask those hard-hitting questions!

Observe our Gryphons in their natural habitat

It’s awesome that March Break gives you the opportunity to tour campus during the week. You get to see U of G’s students in their natural habitat: attending class, studying in the library, running to hand in an assignment, enjoying coffee with friends and living the “typical” student life.

Tip: We recommend sticking around for a bite to eat after the tour so you can sit back, take it all in, and try and picture yourself as a Gryphon. Creelman Hall and The Bull Ring are some of our most popular lunch locations and have countless meal options to satisfy any cravings or dietary restrictions.

Tour the Library

McLaughlin Library is at the centre of campus and offers a ton of academic supports as well as several different study and work environments. Students tend to spend a lot of time there so consider it another key area to try and picture yourself in!

Visit Residence

On your tour you’ll get the chance to visit a couple of student residences and picture yourself in your potential future home. For a more in-depth look at residence be sure to check out Student Housing Services’ virtual tours on YouTube!

Come meet the people that make U of G a welcoming campus community, try the best campus food Canadian universities can offer, visit the residences you just might call home in the fall, check out our state-of-the-art facilities and lecture halls and witness what U of G means to its students – we know you won’t be let down.

What are you waiting for Future Gryphons? If you are hoping to Find Yourself at Guelph in the fall, register for a March Break Tour today!

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