Reasons to make Guelph your home!

Posted on Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

An apartment building in downtown Guelph overlooks the Speed River and surrounding greenspace.
Guelph's urban greenspaces always inspire! Photo by @adele_ashley_photography

Guelph is community!

The University of Guelph’s reputation of having a great community atmosphere is rooted in the caring, inclusive and open-minded communities that make up the city of Guelph. Not only is Guelph one of the safest cities in Canada, but it’s also been identified as a top city for newcomers in Canada.

Guelph is green!

If you appreciate a city that takes an environmentally sustainable approach, you’ll appreciate living here. Guelph’s continued commitment to recycling and impressive designation of greenspace within the city recently earned it the #6 ranking for Canada’s Greenest Cities, according to CTV. With 17 community gardens, 70 kilometers of trails to explore and over 1,000 hectares of parks throughout Guelph, we’re about as green as a city can get!

Guelph is not too big, but not too small, either.

With a population nearing 147,000 residents, Guelph is considered a small city. Last year, Guelph was identified as one of the top 10 small cities within Canada, and for good reason! Our thriving arts and culture scene, opportunity for business development, and proximity to the Greater Toronto Area all add to the charm and convenience of living here.

Guelph is vibrant!

Are you a foodie? Guelph is the place for you. Into music? You’ll love it here!

Whether you hear it called The Royal City, a Music City, or just Guelph, this city is vibrant! Music festivals are a regular occurrence in Guelph, including the renowned Hillside Festival, Hillside Inside, and the Guelph Jazz Festival. In between performances, you’ll find a broad selection of restaurants, cafes and food trucks to fuel you for your next adventure (even if that adventure is just to the library to study, ha!). If you love to cook and want to support local, be sure to check out the Guelph Farmer's Market every Saturday morning!

Guelph is what you make of it.

Living in Guelph can have endless possibilities, but like everything else in life, it is what you make of it. We’ve yet to meet a U of G student who hasn’t loved living in this city! In an interesting twist, studies that previously showed U of G grads moving away from Guelph post-graduation now indicate that more students are choosing to stay in the city. We can't say we blame them!

Want to learn more about Guelph? Check out this article we posted last fall to find out why U of G students love studying in this city.

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