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Posted on Friday, January 15th, 2021

Five students conversing next to the Gryphon statue.
Apply to U of G and you could become the next member of the Gryphon family

Submitting your application to study at U of G is your first step to Gryphonhood. Once admitted, you’re officially a part of the family!

Part of the Gryphon Family? Wait, what does that mean?

Joining the Gryphon Family means that you will join the 29,500+ students and 173,000+ alumni who consider themselves a Gryphon for life, connected by a common pride and comradery rooted in the academic and social traditions going back over 100 years to our founding colleges.

It also means you’ll be supported by your peers, professors, U of G staff, and the many student services available on and off-campus throughout your university experience as you work toward your personal, social and professional goals.

One of the things we hear most from students and parents after visiting our campus for the first time is that they are amazed by the sense of community at U of G. It’s something that’s difficult to explain in words because it truly is a feeling – of belonging, of adventure, of responsibility, of possibilities and of brand new opportunities. We hope to be able to welcome you to our campus soon but for now, we invite you to experience our campus virtually.

At U of G, you will find yourself in a community that feels like a family, with each member striving for one common goal: to Improve Life.

Ready to join the Gryphon family? Apply today!

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