Program Spotlight: Bachelor of Arts and Sciences

Posted on Friday, October 18th, 2019

BAS students

Love both the arts/humanities and the sciences and can’t decide between them? Now you don’t have to! Our innovative and flexible Bachelor of Arts and Science (BAS) program is your opportunity to graduate with specializations from both. The BAS program is also the perfect match for those wanting to craft a degree that’s all their own, and for those looking for truly multi-disciplinary learning with a wide scope of potential career options.

How did the Arts & Science degree program come about?

The Arts & Science degree program addresses the growing demand for individuals who can understand and interpret technical content and communicate it to any audience.

What are the benefits of the BAS program?

  • Customize your education by picking two minors from over 40 possibilities
  • Learn how to analyze and apply perspectives from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences to situations in a wider context
  • Learn how to communicate technical content to any audience
  • Develop multi-disciplinary skills that are highly valued by employers and professional schools
  • Learn how to take a unique approach to solving problems by drawing from and collaborating with diverse sources
  • Small class sizes in core ASCI courses (read more about those below!)

So, how does the BAS program actually work?

Instead of a major, BAS students pick one minor in the arts/humanities and one in the sciences. As well as studying both art/humanities and science individually, students will take courses that integrate the two disciplines.

All students in the BAS program take core courses called ASCI (Arts and Sciences) courses. In ASCI courses, you’ll build the critical thinking, communication, and research skills that will allow you to integrate knowledge from your disciplines. The best part is, in ASCI courses, you’ll be learning alongside an average of only 42 other students.

What will I study?

Besides your core ASCI courses, your courses will depend on the minors you select. Here are some unique BAS courses our students can take on!

  • Society and Inquiry I
  • Science and Gender
  • Evolution and Darwinism
  • Bacteria and Infections Through the Ages
  • Scientific Racism
  • Literature and Science

Where can I go with a BAS degree?

As a result of the degree program’s flexibility, BAS graduates are prepared to enter various graduate and professional schools or enter directly into the workforce.

Graduates are well-prepared for professional schools including; Medical, Veterinary, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Teaching, Law, MBAs and more.

Here are some sample careers for our grads as well as the BAS minor combinations that can help bring you there!

  • Art Restoration Director (Chemistry + Art History)
  • Gaming Researcher (Computing + Psychology)
  • Environmental Policy Analysis (Ecology + International Development Studies)
  • Forensic Scientist (Biochemistry + Criminal Justice and Public Policy)
  • Medical Doctor (Biology + Anthropology)
  • Technological Law and Cyber Security Lawyer (Computing and Information Science + History)
  • Theatre Lighting and Sound Technologist (Physics + Theatre studies)


Ready to take the next step?

Learn more about the BAS program and admission requirements on the program website.

Check out this video in which a Bachelor of Arts & Science student shares his journey and what made the BAS program the right fit for him.

Take a look at the Bachelor of Arts & Science Student Association’s IG Page and get a feel for BAS student life, student resources, and social and academic events!


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