Experiential Learning in Agriculture

Posted on Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

In December we shared what makes our Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program unique - from being global leaders in education and research to the 4 jobs currently available for all Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) grads. You can find that article on our website.

Today we’re getting into the Experiential Learning (EL) opportunities available to our agriculture students.

Applied Research

Applied research courses for agriculture students include research projects, independent study courses and special studies courses such as Special Studies in Agricultural Science I and II. These courses allow you to work with faculty to complete a research project or literature review. Agriculture students can also gain credit for being involved with events such as College Royal and the Canadian Agri-Marketing Competition.


In upper years of the program, you can take classes such as Animal Production Systems, Health and Industry, Agriculture and Food Issues Problem Solving, Research in Animal Biology, Experiments in Animal Biology and more. In these courses you will benefit from activities like lab work and case studies that will help you build those hands-on skills.

Field Courses

Within our Agricultural Science majors there are many opportunities to complete research and analysis in a field location. Examples include a Crop Science Field Trip course as well as a Field Course in International Agriculture.

From an animal science perspective, we also offer courses that allow students to visit farms and facilities to assess and “judge” their overall operations for credit!

Professional Practice

In professional practice courses you will have the chance to shadow an industry professional and gain important skills related to your field of study. For example, in Experiential Education I, you will find yourself an industry placement and work under the supervision of an employer with guidance from faculty.

There are so many unique opportunities in our Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program to tailor your education to your own interests and experience working right in the Agriculture industry before graduating. For more information on where our grads have worked, current research and program features, visit the Ontario Agricultural College website today.

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