Tour Guide Thoughts: Norman

Posted on Tuesday, March 26th, 2019


Name: Norman Osman

Program: Biomedical Toxicology

Tour Guide Year: 1st









What’s your favorite memory from U of G?

When my friend decided to teach me how to ice-skate and I first got on the ice and was frazzled by the gliding and balancing motion on the ice. It was a hilarious evening for both my friend and me.

Coolest thing about your program & favorite class you’ve taken so far?

In one of my microbiology and genetics courses I got to work with DNA and tag it with a fluoresce gene in order to make it glow in the dark.

What’s your go-to spot on campus?

Creelman and the Library Starbucks!

Are you involved in any extra-curriculars?

I have been working for the University of Guelph and volunteered for Orientation week for the last 2 years, as well as volunteering as a big brother with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph.

What prompted you to become a tour guide?

I wanted to show-case my love for the U of G, while sharing my experience and advice with incoming students.

What is your favorite thing about being a tour guide/ what’s the best thing you’ve experience while being a tour guide?

My favorite part is helping prospective students picture their life at U of G and hearing the hilarious stories their parents have to share about their time at university.

Why should students come for a tour?

I have many hilarious stories to share both from my time at the University of Guelph and anecdotes from Alumni.

What’s your favorite stop/story/fun fact on your tour?

Johnston Green is one of my favorite spots because I have so many memories with my friends there, including hanging out on the green listening to live music during gryphfest and putting hammocks up in the trees and studying with my friends.

What made you apply & pick U of G?

The campus life, the countless opportunities available and the people at U of G had a huge impact on my decision, as well as the classes that are offered in my program.

What advice do you have for Future Gryphons (or their families)?

You should get as involved as possible while you are at university. It will allow discover so much about yourself as well as develop new skills and meet incredible people.


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