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Program Spotlight: Bachelor of Applied Science

Posted: Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 12:01

Interested in studying human nutrition and development throughout all stages of life? Want to gain a combined understanding of the biological, psychological, and social facets of human behavior? We have good news; our Bachelor of Applied Science program integrates theory and research to inform current practices for improving human life.

Today we’re breaking down the 3 separate majors that make up our Bachelor of Applied Science program. As you read about them, keep in mind that there are many opportunities enhance your personal experience in whichever major you choose through practicums, co-op and field placements!

Adult Development

  • Investigate the influences of psychological, biological, social and economic factors on adult development;
  • Study topics related to adult capabilities, health, relationships and sexuality
  • Learn how to apply this knowledge to promote both individual and family well-being;
  • Practice applying your skills in a work setting through co-op;
  • Potential future careers: adult educator, elder caregiver, health promotor, counsellor or social worker.

Applied Human Nutrition

  • If you want to become a registered dietician, this program is for you! (Adding an Area of Interest in Dietetics is the first step toward this career path);
  • Our dietetic education program is accredited and recognized by the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP);
  • Explore healthy lifestyles, how individual factors influence eating habits and how poor eating habits contribute to illness;
  • Students can pursue careers in fitness consulting, public health, research and more.

Child, Youth and Family

  • Study the growth and development of children from infancy to adolescence and examine challenges like behavioral and learning difficulties, parent-child conflicts and substance abuse;
  • Gain valuable work experience through co-op;
  • Apply for a membership in the College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE);
  • Go on to pursue careers in areas such as early childhood education, mental health services, teaching or social work.

If you are interested in exploring the factors that influence human development, including lifestyle, biology, psychology, nutrition and parenting; Applied Science at the U of G just might be a perfect fit for you!

Visit the program page to learn more.

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