Gryphon Bucket List

Posted on Friday, April 6th, 2018

As the university semester comes to a close, many of our Gryphons are feeling nostalgic and reflecting on the campus traditions they took part in.

Future Gryphons, we want you to look forward to taking part in these same traditions, which is why we’ve put together a Gryphon Bucket List for you! Today we’re breaking down the unique experiences that you can only get at the U of G. How many will you take part in before you graduate?

1. Paint the Cannon

Painting Ol’ Jeremiah is a MAJOR tradition on campus. Get some inspo by following him on Twitter @oldjeremiah

the cannon

2. Go to Homecoming

The Gryphon Football home opener happens every September. You DO NOT want to miss it Future Gryphons!


3. Attend the Pep Rally

Pep Rally is an Orientation Week Tradition. Get hyped!

4. Take a selfie with Gryph

In case you didn’t know, Gryph is our mascot. He LOVES a good photo-op so don’t be shy when you see him.


5. Join an intramural team or club

U of G was given the award for “most outstanding” intramural program by the Canadian Intramural Recreation Association. We know how to “intramural”.

If sports aren’t your thing, we’ve got over 200 clubs, so you will definitely find something that suits you.

6. Study on Johnston Green

There’s nothing better than a sunny day on Johnston. Grab some friends and soak it in!

7. Explore the Arboretum

We think it’s pretty amazing that over 9km of walking trails exist right on our campus!

8. Buy some Gryphon Swag

Showcase your Gryphon pride the right way. Bonus: Swag is perfect for holiday gifting, too!

9. Attend an SLG session

Student Learning Groups are amazing! There’s usually one for each course and they really help you nail down what you’re learning in class.

10. Get a gym membership

We have a brand new athletic centre just waiting for you!

11. Go to Cinema Sunday

Your Central Student Association shows a different movie every Sunday night in War Memorial Hall!

12. Hang out with a Guide Dog on campus

Seriously, they’re everywhere!

guide pup

13. Visit the Farmer’s Market

Downtown. Every Saturday. Rain or shine.

14. Go to a Prof’s office hours

They exist for a reason so take advantage! This is a great way to get a firm understanding of material.

15. Attend a Varsity sporting event

Our varsity teams are amazing! Show them some love.

Frosty Mug

16. Buy a used textbook

Another Gryphon tradition is passing along used textbooks for a fraction of the price. Buy, sell, trade, save!

17. Try a Bob’s Dog

You seriously cannot graduate without meeting Bob. He’s got it all; hot dogs, sausages, veggie dogs and a heart of gold.

Bob's Dogs

18. Get your Trivia on

Get to the Brass Taps early on Tuesday evenings because trivia night fills up quickly!

19. Attend the last lecture

No, we’re not talking about your last class of the year (although you should definitely attend that too)! The Last Lecture is a chance for graduating students to come together and reflect on their university experience. It’s a great way to end your gryphon journey.

Last Lecture

20. Graduate a proud Gryphon!

Once a Gryphon, always a Gryphon. 4 years will pass before you know it Future Gryphons!


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