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Fact Fridays – Episode 13: Admission Offers Round Two

Posted: Friday, March 9, 2018 - 07:00

We are just beginning to send out our second round of offers Future Gryphons!

Wondering what this means for you? You’re in luck! Today we’re telling you what to expect in our second round of admission offers.

Fact #1: Round Two has officially begun

Our second round of offers typically begin going out in early March and continue going out until mid-April. The third and final round of offers will begin in late April.

NOTE: If you don’t receive an offer in this second round, MAKE SURE you complete a Student Profile Form by May 1, 2018.

Fact #2: We’re looking at Required Subjects

In this round we use your top six completed 4U or 4M courses, including required subjects to calculate your admission average. Where needed, we use a combination of the top six completed or in-progress 4U/M and completed 3U/M courses, including required subjects.

Estimated cut-off ranges are based on the admission averages from the previous three years of admitted students. They are a point of reference so you have an estimate of where your admission average needs to be to receive an offer. Exact cutoff’s for the current admission cycle are determined by the quantity and quality of applicants AND the number of spaces available in each program.

Fact #3: Check your OUAC account for an offer

We don’t send offers by email so be sure to check your OUAC account! Offers will show up there first, and then you can expect a congratulations package from us in the mail – yes, we still use snail mail.

Fact #4: You may receive an Alternate Offer

If you are not currently admissible to the major you applied to, there are a few programs where we will automatically consider you for an alternate program. We will reconsider you for your first choice program in the third and final round of offers so don’t get discouraged if you receive an alternate offer in this round.

You may receive an Alternate Offer if you applied to the following programs:

  • Biomedical Science – your alternate offer will be to the Biological Science major
  • Human Kinetics – your alternate offer will also be to the Biological Science major
  • Criminal Justice and Public Policy – your alternate offer will be to our Bachelor of Arts, General major
  • Co-op – your alternate offer will be to the non-co-op stream of the program you applied to

When you receive an alternate offer, you have the following choices:

  1. You can wait for the final round of offers and see if you get admitted to your first choice program.
  2. If you are not admitted to your first choice you can accept your alternate offer and then work with your program counsellor once you are a student here (in the fall) to switch to another major or apply to the co-op stream for the Winter Semester.

Note: Changing your major in the fall will not affect how you choose your courses (Course Selection begins in May). Most of our programs offer a common first-year, so you’d take similar courses regardless of your major within the program. That sums up our second round of offers Future Gryphons! Be sure to check your OUAC account over the next few weeks and get your SPF forms submitted by May 1st if you haven’t received an offer.

If you’re looking for something to do on March Break, check out our recent article to learn why you should join us for a tour!

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