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#tourguidethoughts: Jenny

Posted: Monday, February 12, 2018 - 10:54

JennyName: Jenny Trinh

Program: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Tour Guide Year: 3rd 

Coolest thing about your program?

There are so many cool things about my program, but in my opinion the best thing about Landscape Architecture is the ability to design outdoor spaces that impact and improve the daily lives of people and wildlife all over the world.

What prompted you to become a tour guide?

I went on a campus tour myself in the 12th grade and loved it so much. I wanted to be that person that could spark interest in University of Guelph; I wanted to have an impact on a prospective student's decision.

What is the best thing you’ve experienced while being a tour guide? Or, what is your favourite thing about being a tour guide?

The best thing I have experienced while being a tour guide is having University of Guelph students come up to me and say I was their tour guide when they were touring the school, and that I was part of the reason they chose University of Guelph!

BEST spot on campus? Why?

The arboretum! No matter what season it is, it's the most beautiful spot on campus. There are tons of trails to walk or run, a boardwalk, lots of little gardens to explore, and some really cool wildlife.

Why should students come for a tour?

I'm a visual person, so for me, it would have been hard to picture myself going to University of Guelph without having actually visited. No brochure or website can beat actually visiting the school; see for yourself what University of Guelph has to offer!

Any advice to incoming students (or their families)?

Do your research. There are so many fantastic schools and programs out there, and one of them is the right one for you! Explore all your options, and go to as many campus tours and/or events as possible. Talk to as many people as possible. Learn as much as you can, because at the end of the day it is your decision to make, so you should be well-informed.

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