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Fact Fridays - Episode 1: Improve Technology with Computing at U of G

Posted: Friday, October 27, 2017 - 09:00

Want to be involved in pushing the limits of technology and exploring new ways of thinking, imagining and creating? Our Bachelor of Computing program could be the perfect choice for you!

Since you’re probably reading this from a computer screen or phone, we don’t need to tell you why technology is important. What we WILL tell you is why you should study Computing at U of G.

Fact #1:  Unique Majors with Co-op

Students in Computer Science explore problems and build solutions while focusing on programming.

Software Engineering students focus more on the design, development, implementation and evolution of software.

An added bonus, both majors offer the chance for experiential learning, networking, skill development and hands-on experience through co-op.

Fact #2: You’ll choose an Area of Application

Choose a secondary area of interest where you can apply the concepts learned in your Computing major. You will take 8 courses from your area of application throughout your degree.

For example, you can combine areas such as:

  • Computing + Psychology: explore human-computer interaction and build more user-friendly hardware and software
  • Computing + Biology: explore bioinformatics and support cutting-edge biological research
  • Computing + Business: many opportunities to explore e-commerce and develop inventory management systems or create electronic business applications

Fact #3: Your Classmates are Your Support System

Computing students form a very supportive family throughout their degree.

U of G even has a community of female computer scientists and software engineers called CISters!

Check out our Youtube channel to meet Mark and Madison, both computer science students, and their friends/peers talking about their experience(s) in the program.

Fact #4: The Computing “Home” is Getting a Serious Upgrade

Renovations are underway in the Reynolds building, creating a new home for the School of Computer Science. Once complete in 2018, the School of Computer Science will feature state-of-the-art spaces for student collaboration and research! You’ll want to be a part of this; trust us.

If you want to solve problems and improve life with technology, we highly recommend our Bachelor of Computing Program.

You should also attend Fall Preview Day on November 5th. This is your chance to tour campus, meet current computing students and faculty and ask your questions. See you there Future Gryphons!

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