11 Ways U of G Can Make You Smile in a Day

Posted: Friday, May 12, 2017 - 10:15

1. When the Cannon (Old Jeremiah) spreads hope & love.

The Cannon

He feels what the world feels! From campus events to activist messages to Gryphon proposals, Old Jeremiah is a message board for expression and awareness. (picture)

2. When you ‘Take a Paws’ and smell the puppies!

Therapy dog with students

Guide and therapy dogs just make life on campus better!

3. When a professor make a ridiculous, but absolutely necessary, course-related pun.

“A rule of grammar: double negatives are a no-no.”


4. When the Library motivates you to study.

In amongst the studiousness, and learning, you will find that the community at Guelph is with you every step of the way; from encouraging messages & gifts, to stress busters and academic support.
Students collaborate in the library

5. When the squirrels are simply part of the UofG family.

They’re everywhere; and they want to be friends…and eat your food.

6. When Hospitality Services just KNOWS.

The fellow students & staff will know your name, somehow schedule menu items that coordinate with your cravings, and well, they bake cookies. Cookies are 120% necessary.  

7. When the University Centre is the hot-spot.

There's always something happening in UofG’s hub, whether it is an academic or educational fair, students encouraging involvement, vendors selling items from clothes to posters, or even a noon-hour concert!  
Students enjoy a noon-hour concert in the University Centre

8. When the ‘Gryphon’ spirit is thriving.

From move-in madness in September to homecoming and beyond, the 'Gryphon' spirit is alive and well!
Student volunteers help with residence move-in

9. When you look around and witness, embrace and appreciate UofG’s diverse community.

UofG is thrilled to welcome students from around the globe with a range of backgrounds. Every day, you will be engaged in culture – you’re new best friend could be from Turkey.


10. When you stroll through the arboretum.

Fresh air. Trees. Silence. Animals. Water. Silence. Trails. Disc Golf. Did we say silence? Nature’s beauty is enough to brighten everyone’s day.

11.  When someone is always returning that smile.

Take a walk through campus and you'll find so many reasons to smile, including all of the Gryphons smiling back at you!

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