15 Reasons You Might #BeAGryphon

Posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

1. You want to be in a program as unique as your interests.

Flexibility? We got that down.  


And want to reward your taste buds with some pretty epic food.

Pizza with fresh parmesan cheese and pesto on the crust.3. You’re always willing to hold the door.

Or smile at someone holding one for you.

4. You like to take part in tradition.

#OldJeremiah needs to be painted daily!

The canon decorated like the Titanic.5. Coffee is your friend.

Well that’s great! Because we have coffee around every corner.

A man drinking from a coffee pot.6. You like to get involved.

U of G is a community of volunteers.

A woman yelling "I volunteer!"7. You’re an active person.

Cha-Ching! The new #GryphonAC will be ready for some sweat in the fall. AND, we also have a pretty great intramural program.

Mr. Potato Head trying to lift a weight and his arms falling off.8. You LOVE animals.

From squirrels, to puppies, to horses! They will be waiting for you on campus. Oh and birds! We got birds.

A golden retriever looking into the eyes of a girl.9. You’re one to express your school spirit.

Homecoming ya’ll.

A large ball moving through the crowd at homecoming.10. You enjoy open space.

Fresh air is in abundance on J-Green or as you stroll through the Arboretum.
Students laying on Johnston Green in the sun.

11. You’re riding the sustainability train and NEVER go anywhere without a reusable water bottle or mug.

How about them water refill stations throughout campus? CHECK.
A little boy trying to drink from a water fountain but getting splashed in the face.

12. You catch yourself daydreaming about personalizing your res-room.

It’s your crib – jazz it up.
Two men standing beside bunkbeds, one is dancing.

13. You have a GREAT sense of humour.

We’re hilarious, we know. BUT, the squirrels are also hilarious as they sneak around your feet.

14. You’re always stoked about meeting new people.

And we have some pretty incredible ones for you to meet!
A woman waving.

15. You’re willing to accept that “once a gryphon, #foreveragryphon”.


A quote written on the glass at one of the counters in the kitchen that says "you have brains in your head. You have feed in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose" by Dr. Seuss.

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