Admission Requirements

University of Guelph Internal Transfer Students - Minimum Grade Requirements

Please note that possession of the minimum entrance requirements listed below in no way guarantees admission.

Minimum Requirements for Consideration:

Applicants are required to present the specified high school pre-requisites. In order to be eligible to transfer programs, students must posess a minimum of 2.0 credits and must also meet the grade requirements as outlined for high school students. 

Note: Advanced Standing applicants are not eligible for direct entry to Co-op.

Program Minimum required cumulative average for consideration: Notes:
Bachelor of Applied Science

Child Youth and Family (CYF) - 70%

Adult Development(AD) - 65%

Applied Human Nutrition (AHN) - 75%

CYF & ADEV: Applicants should present 4U English, any 4U mathematics, 4U biology or 4U chemistry (biology is preferred), (or equivalent).

AHN: Applicants should present 4U Chemistry, and 4U English, any 4U Mathematics, and 4U Biology (or equivalent).

Bachelor of Arts 60% There is no direct entry to the Criminal Justice and Public Policy specialization.
Bachelor of Arts & Science Cumulative average of 70% or two consecutive semesters of full-time studies immediately prior to the semester applied for with a minimum average of 70% in each semester. In addition, all course attempts in at least two of the pure math and science (ie. BIOL, CHEM, PHYS, MATH) at the university level must have minimum averages of 60%. Applicants must present 4U Advanced Functions and 2 of 4U Biology, 4U Chemistry, and 4U Physics (or equivalent).
Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management 60% In addition to the minimum cumulative average, applicants must also have completed 4U English and Biology (or equivalent) for Environmental Management and Equine Management. Applicants to Food Industry management must have completed 4U English, Biology, Chemistry and Advanced Functions, or approved equivalents. 
Bachelor of Commerce Cumulative average of 70%, or two consecutive semesters of full time studies immediately prior to the semester applied for, with a minimum average of 70% on each semester. In addition, applicants must present 4U English and Advanced Functions for the Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Public Management majors. For Accounting, Food and Agricultural Business, Management, Management Economics and Finance, Marketing Management and Real Estate and Housing majors, 4U Advanced Functions plus an additional 4U mathematics course are required.
Bachelor of Computing 70% In addition, applicants must have 4U Calculus, or equivalent.
Bachelor of Engineering 65% Courses attempted in the disciplines of mathematics, engineering and sciences must have minimum average 70%. Applicants must also have 4U Calculus, 4U Advanced Functions, and two of 4U Biology, 4U Chemistry and 4U Physics (or their equivalents).
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Applicants are considered on the basis of academic performance and an evaluation of a Background Information Form (BIF). Applicants should present the required prerequisite of 4U English or equivalent. Admission to this program is competitive.
Bachelor of Science


In addition to the minimum cumulative average, applicants must also have a minimum overall final average of 75% in 4U calculus or advanced functions (depending on the major) and two of 4U Chemistry, 4U Biology or 4U Physics, or equivalent.

Please note there is no direct entry to the Biomedical Science major.
Bachelor of Science, Agriculture 60% In addition to the minimum cumulative average, applicants must also have completed 4U Chemistry, Biology and Advanced Functions (or equivalent).
Bachelor of Science, Environmental Sciences 70% Applicants must also have completed 4U advanced functions, and two of 4U biology, 4U chemistry and 4U physics (or equivalent). 
Associate Diploma, Turfgrass Management Applicants are advised to contact Admission Services directly for admission criteria.  
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