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Welcome, Future Gryphons

See what the University of Guelph is all about, and the places and faces that make our campus one that you will want to explore!
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University Bookstore

The University Bookstore is one of two places on campus where you can purchase your Guelph and Gryphon merch. Watch this video for a promo code to get 25% off your purchase!


The Arboretum is our largest green space on campus, stretching 400 acres with 10km of trails! It's the perfect place to connect with friends and nature.

The Bullring

This student-run coffeehouse serves up delicious food, live music, and open mic nights! With its big comfy couches, it's our very own ‘Central Perk’ from the tv show Friends.

War Memorial Hall

Built almost 100 years ago, this historic landmark was built to honour students who fought in WWI. Today, ‘War Mem’ is used as a lecture hall, a venue for concerts, productions, movie nights, and convocation.

Bovey Greenhouse

Imagine taking a study break to stroll through our collection of tropical plants and orchid wall. Bovey Greenhouse provides hands-on learning in plant agriculture, and a green oasis for all Gryphons to enjoy!

Macdonald Hall

This founding residence on campus has transformed into the home of Business at Guelph! Learn how Mac Hall remembers the past, while creating leaders for a more sustainable world.

Thornbrough Building

This modern building features state of the art engineering teaching labs and collaborative learning spaces. See why it is the perfect place to design, create and solve.

University Centre

The University Centre is the central hub, and the heart of campus. This is the place where you will start your U of G journey!

Rozanski Hall

Check out our lecture theatres and modern classrooms ranging in size from 30-600 seats. You will almost definitely have a class (or many!) in this building as a Gryphon!

Summerlee Science Complex

Learn more about our $144 million building that is North America’s largest integrated science, teaching and research facility!

The Cannon

One of U of G’s most beloved traditions, the cannon (aka Old Jeremiah), is a canvas for creativity. Painting it is a ‘must’ before you graduate from Guelph!


Hear all about how McLaughlin Library offers millions of high-quality academic resources and tons of support to set you up for success!

Athletic Centre

Get active at the Guelph Gryphons Athletic Centre! State of the art facilities, varsity teams, fitness classes, extensive intramural program, and sports clubs- there is something for everyone.

Food at Guelph

Students have consistently ranked U of G’s Hospitality Services as having the best food on any Canadian university campus – find out why!

Johnston Green

One of the most iconic and greenest places on campus. On Johnston Green, you will definitely connect - either to the wifi that covers the entire field or by meeting fellow Gryphons!


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