Transition to a Gryphon Banner

Transition to a Gryphon Banner

Week 8: Living & "Earning"

1. Library Services

The library is where it is at, #futuregryphons. You might end up spending more time here than in your dorm; that's typical. That's why it is so cozy!

You'll find yourself here in between classes, making a pit-stop for coffee, meeting friends to study or peers to work on a project, signing out a book, printing your assignment, or taking advantage of our academic services:

  • Learning and study skills workshops
  • Tutors at Guelph (TAG)
  • Writing services
  • Research help
  • Student Learning Groups (SLGs)
  • Accessibility services
  • Math & Stats Learning Commons
  • Science Learning Commons

We highly recommend looking into all of their services, so you'll know just where to go come September.

The Library is also undergoing some reno's this summer, so you can expect it to look fresh in the fall - just for you!
Girl sitting at computers

Be sure to follow them on Twitter: @uglibrary

2. Your Meal Plan

You need to submit your photo for your U of G ID card by August 11. And, if you want to avoid long lineups on move-in weekend, we recommend picking it up during the summer! Why? Your ID card is also your meal plan card

U of G's on-campus dining facilities are nationally recognized. Even if you're not living on campus, you're going to want to eat here. Our food is locally sourced and caters to all dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, halaal, kosher, gluten free etc.). 

You can choose from 6 different meal plans to suit your eating habits and how often you'll be on campus.

You can also add $1000 towards textbooks to your card. You can use this money on any item at the University Bookstore; all while receiving a 10% discount. Did you also know that you will save 25% when using your meal plan in our dining halls? Save yourself some cash, #futuregryphons. We love it!

Guess what else? You can use your meal plan at some off-campus locations, including:

  • East Side Marios
  • Montanas
  • Dominos
  • Pita Pit
  • Bar Burrito

And most of these places deliver to campus! How can you say no?

You'll monitor your spending, deposit money onto your card, deactivate a lost card, and transfer money between Flex and Basic on the Hospitality website. This brochure has broken all of the details down for you.

Visit our YouTube channel to witness our students taste-testing the food at many of the dining halls on campus.

Follow Hospitality Services on Twitter!

3. On-Campus Jobs

We have over 4000 jobs on campus available to students. Where to look for them?

Note: U of G is also within walking distance of many job opportunities (i.e. on Stone Road), or a short bus ride from even more!

Some positions will be available to apply to now, while others won't be posted until September. Keep checking!

University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1