Our Supportive Community

Every September, we look forward to welcoming a new and diverse group of students into our community, and to the wealth of perspectives and experiences that each individual brings. At Guelph, you can be who you are, knowing you’ll be accepted and supported. It’s a place where you can discover new strengths and grow in positive ways.


We're here to help you thrive - in your own unique way. You'll find welcoming spaces and groups that support and facilitate your personal, spiritual and intellectual growth.

Indigenous Student Centre

Indigenous Student Centre promotes academic excellence, and intellectual, spiritual and emotional development in a culturally supportive space for Indigenous students.

Guelph Black Student Association

The Guelph Black Student Association, located at the C.J. Munford Centre, supports the intellectual, social and moral development of students of every racial, ethnic and religious group through education, services and resources.

Clubs and Community Groups

With clubs and groups to engage and entertain everyone, you won’t find it hard to develop interests and passions outside of class.

Guelph Queer Equality

Guelph Centre for Gender Empowerment and Diversity

Advocate anti-oppression issues within a feminist framework and offer a supportive, relaxing atmosphere for people of all or no genders.

International Student Experience

LGBTQ2IA+ Support


The Office of Diversity and Human Rights

At the U of G, you will find support, community and acceptance. We strive to foster an environment in which people, regardless of personal characteristics such as race, disability, sexual orientation and gender, are treated with dignity and respect. The University's commitment to human rights is articulated in the "Human Rights at the University of Guelph" document, found on the DHR website.

We provide services for assistance with human rights matters, and training sessions on human rights and equity issues.


Student Accessibility Services

  • For students with the follow areas of disability: ADD/ADHD, hearing, learning, medical mobility, psychological/emotional, vision
  • Assistance provides for academic, housing, personal, career and financial concerns
  • Adaptive technology available


Multi-Faith Resource Team

Based in the Department of Student Life, the Multi-Faith Resource Team represents a number of faiths and works together to meet the religious and spiritual needs of the university community. The team is committed to promoting friendliness, religious understanding, harmony in diversity and spiritual growth.

Programs and services include:

  • Supporting Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish and Muslim faiths and those who identify as spiritual but not religious,
  • Scheduled services and faith community meetings,
  • Discussion groups on faith and justice topics,
  • Counselling.


Good health and mental well-being are the foundations for your everyday living and learning. Our services will help you work at your best.

Student Health Services

  • Multidisciplinary team including physicians, nurses, psychiatrist, registered dietitian, addiction counsellor and health educator
  • Services include appointment and walk-in clinics for comprehensive health and medical care, immunization and allergy clinics, and a dispensary.

Wellness Centre

  • Find information about healthy relationships, all areas of sexuality, stress management, body image, nutrition, alcohol and other drug awareness
  • Join one of our issue-based teams, such as ABC, an alcohol awareness group on campus, or AWL, focusing on positive body images

Health and Performance Centre

  • Professional staff includes sports medicine physicians, massage therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, registered dieticians, pedorthists and osteopaths
  • Services available include diagnosis, rehabilitation and health promotion

Personal Counselling

  • Our counsellors have backgrounds in social work, education, psychology, and couple and family therapy.
  • Services include individual counselling, therapy groups, crisis response, training and consultation, stress management programs and academic support.


We operate with your personal safety in mind. Guelph students feel safe and secure on campus thanks to our proactive approach to safety. Our programs and people work together to ensure your safety:

  • Residence buildings are locked 24 hours a day, and only students with keys have access.
  • Residence parking lots are monitored by video surveillance.
  • Emergency phones located across campus
  • Campus Community Police monitor our community and enforce federal, provincial and municipal laws to ensure the safety of our students. 
  • Campus Safewalk volunteers will accompany you across campus after dark 
  • Our First Response Team provides on-call and special events coverage in the form of emergency first aid services 
  • U of G Alert is an emergency notification system that sends critical alerts to registered email addresses and phones (texts and calls) when an emergency happens on campus 

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