Sunway's American Degree Transfer Program

The equivalency charts below include the courses provided by Sunway University for the ADTP Business major alongside the corresponding University of Guelph approved equivalencies.

Assessment of transfer credits is based on course content, credit weight and is done on an individual basis for courses equivalent to those at the University of Guelph. Course equivalence does not mean an automatic credit; credits are awarded at the discretion of the admission committee and can change at any time without notice.

Further programs and/or courses may be added to chart in the future.

Business Major

Business Related Courses

Sunway Course Code Sunway Course Name UofG Course Code UofG Course Name
ACCT 2013 Basic Principles of Accounting ACCT*2220 Financial Accounting
ACCT 2023 Management Accounting ACCT*2230 Managerial Accounting
BUSN 1013 Introduction to Business BUS*9110 Unspecified business course at the 1000 level
ECON 2013 Microeconomics ECON*1050 Microeconomics
ECON 2023 Macroeconomics ECON*1100 Macroeconomics
FINN 3013 Business Finance ECON*2560 Theory of Finance
MGMT 2013 Organizational Behaviour BUS*2090 Individuals and Groups in Organization
MKTG 2013 Principles of Marketing MCS*1000 Introduction to Marketing


Sunway Course Code Sunway Course Name UofG Course Code UofG Course Name
MATH 1034 Calculus I MATH*1080 Elements of Calculus I
MATH 1044 Calculus II MATH*2080 Numerical Methods
STAT 2013 Introduction to Statistics STAT*2060 Statistics of Business Decisions

Additional Courses

Sunway Course Code Sunway Course Name UofG Course Code UofG Course Name
BIOL 1013 General Biology BIOL*9110 Unspecified Biology elective at 1000 level
COMM 1013 Public Speaking FREE*9110 Unspecified free elective at 3000 level
COMM 2013 Introduction to Communication Theories THST*2650 History of Communication
COMM 2033 Mass Media and Society THST*1200 the Languages of Media
CSCP 2014 Programming 2 CIS*9210 Unspecified Computer and Information Science elective at 2000 level
HIST 3013 Intellectual History of the Modern West HIST*9310 Unspecified History at 3000 level
POLS 2013 International Relations POLS*2200 International Relations
PSYC 1023 Developmental Psychology PSYC*2450 Introduction to Developmental Psychology
SOCY 1013 Principles of Sociology SOC*1100 Sociology
THEA 1013 Introduction to Theatre THST*1040 Introduction to Theatre Studies