#viewsfromagryph: Mya

Mya Leacock
3rd year
Guelph, ON

What attracted you to the University of Guelph?

What attracted me to the University of Guelph was the beautiful campus. When I went on my Fall Preview Day tour, I knew right away that I wanted to study here. I also loved that the university had a larger population which has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of different people.

What attracted you to your program at U of G?

I decided to study sociology because I’ve always found that the concept of studying society to be very interesting. In addition to this, I have of freedom in my course selection which has allowed me to take many fun and different classes.

What is something COOL that you’ve learned from your program/studies so far?

In my Classical Theory course, I found it very cool to learn about the first female authors and theorists. It was very interesting to learn about them because they immensely impacted the sociology community.

What has been (or is) your favorite course in your program?

I honestly can’t choose, I have truly enjoyed all of the sociology courses that I have taken! They have all been so different yet, they have all connected to each other

What are you most excited about this year?

I’ve decided to do the 3 year sociology instead of the 4 year honour’s program, so I get to graduate this year which is very exciting!

What are your (current) post-graduate plans, or goals?

Since I’m graduating early, I’ve decided to take a year off to work and travel and then I plan to go to college for interior design!

Best piece of advice you wish you could have given yourself in Grade 12

A piece of advice that I’d give grade 12 me would be that it’s okay to not know what I want to do with my life! There is so much that I have learned about myself throughout my university experience and there is still so much more to discover! It’s just important to work hard and believe in myself!

#FunFact About Yourself

A #FunFact about myself is that since my program I so flexible with course selection, I was able to go to Sorrento, Italy for 5 weeks to study Italian language and culture to contribute to the credits I need to gradute!