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Spring Academic Open Houses

Posted: Monday, May 7, 2018 - 09:09

Received an offer of admission from the U of G? Join us for your program’s Spring Academic Open House the week of May 14th. Don’t miss your chance to tour residence, our athletic centre, and study spaces and attend information sessions and sample lectures. These open houses are tailored to your program of choice and designed to help you decide if you are a #futuregryphon.

Register to attend your Spring Academic Open House today (list below)!

Note: Spring Academic Open Houses are for those students who have received an offer of admission.

Monday, May 14

Tuesday, May 15

Wednesday, May 16

Thursday, May 17

Fact Fridays – Episode 14: Getting Involved on Campus

Posted: Friday, April 20, 2018 - 08:00

At U of G, we believe that getting involved on campus sets the stage for making a difference in the world, which is why there are so many opportunities to get involved both on and off campus. We’re breaking SOME of these down today.

Fact #1: We’ve got clubs and student organizations galore!

We know it’s important for you to find friends with similar interests in university. Luckily we have a club or student organization for many different interests, philanthropic causes and academic programs.

There are too many clubs and student organizations to list so we recommend checking out the CSA website to discover them! If there is something specific you are looking for you can also search keywords or browse by category on the Gryph Life website.

Fact #2: You can get involved with Student Government

Maybe you’re looking to carry your student government interests from high school into university, or maybe you’d like to break into a leadership role. Either way, we’ve got you covered with various on-campus student governments.

  • The Central Student Association (CSA) is the official undergraduate student union. They look after your student bus pass, your dental and health plans, concerts, shows, speakers and more
  • Interhall Council represents students in residence and organizes various residence events
  • Academic Student Governments are affiliated with each college. Each government has clubs for their majors, and hosts events and activities all year long

Fact #3: Community involvement is encouraged

When you come to U of G, you are part of a community. Whether you want to mentor youth in an afterschool program or support other students on campus, Student Life will help you find experiences that fit your interests, availability and goals!

Fact #4: Intramural sports are our JAM

We offer over 20 intramural sports a year and you can try as many as you like! Join a team with a group from residence or class; or join solo to meet some new friends.

We’ve also got over 20 sports clubs and more than 30 classes and certifications to dabble in. There truly is something for everyone in the world of athletics at Guelph.

Fact #5: We’ve got over 4000 on-campus jobs available

Interested in getting involved on campus while earning some cash? There are over 4000 employment opportunities right on campus.

From being a tour guide or lifeguarding to taking on a work-study position or co-op placement, we’ve got it all!

Check out the Student Financial Services website for work-study jobs on campus and visit Recruit Guelph to discover local job opportunities.

Future Gryphons, these are just SOME of the many ways to be actively involved in the campus community. Talk to people, do some research and find your own ways to Improve Life once you’re here. We can’t wait to see the difference you’ll make in the world!


Tips Tuesday – Episode 8: Fill Out the SPF!

Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 16:19

If you haven’t submitted your Student Profile Form (SPF) yet, what are you waiting for? Today we’re telling you exactly what you need to know about this valuable addition to your U of G application.

Tip #1: You Only Get One Chance!

You can only submit the SPF once, so make sure you’ve got all of your information ready when you sit down to complete the form. Preview the form, craft your answers and be sure to spell check before submitting!

Tip #2: Get Your References Ready

The last section of the SPF is for you to provide references we can contact to verify your information. You’ll need one school reference (i.e. a teacher, guidance counsellor or principal), and one community reference (i.e. a coach, mentor, etc.).

Tip #3: Know Your Numbers

Your OUAC ID (11 digits) and your University of Guelph ID (7 digits) are both required.

Not sure where to find them? They’ll be in the email that you received after you applied to U of G!

Tip #4: Tell us everything you think we should know

We review the SPF’s during the third and final round of offers. We want to see what sets you apart including extra-curricular interests and activities, volunteer positions, honours and awards.

But what if there are things, that aren’t quite so lovely, that have directly impacted your academic performance? There’s room to include all of that too, and it will be taken into consideration should your admission average fall within a discretionary range of the determined program cut-off.

Tip #5: If you have an offer you don’t need to fill out the SPF

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’ve received an offer from us, congrats! Check out our Gryphon Bucket List article to see what you can look forward to as a U of G student!

Tip #6: Submit the SPF by the May 1st deadline!

Unfortunately, we will not be able to process any SPF’s after the May 1 deadline so get it completed and submitted!

Second Round of Offers FAQs

Posted: Friday, April 13, 2018 - 15:45

Okay Future Gryhons, we are nearing the end of our second round of offers. We thought we should give you the lowdown on some of your most-asked questions. Sit tight – we’re diving deep into the nitty-gritty...

Q –  What was the "exact" cut-off average last year and what is it this year?

A – It is not our practice to release exact admission averages. If your admission average met the required average, your application will be fully considered. During the 3rd round of offers in May, we also consider other factors, including the Student Profile Form and as a result, the averages of admitted students do vary.


Q – Why have I not been admitted? My grades are higher than the estimated cut off average?

A – The "estimated range" is just that – an estimate. The range that is published in the 2018 Admissions Viewbook is based on the admission averages from previous years and is provided solely as a point of reference. Admission averages are determined by the number and quality of applicants, as well as space availability within the program.


Q – How many people are admitted to (for example) - the Bachelor of Applied Science - Applied Human Nutrition?

A – Simply, if your admission average falls within our range, your application will be fully considered. The number of students admitted into each program, each year, depends on the year.


Q – If I take summer school can I still be admitted?

A – That will depend on whether or not your program choice at U of G fills and closes. In mid-June, the OUAC will list which Ontario universities still have open programs.

NOTE: In the past, most of our programs fill and close prior to the summer so students should not count on being able to take a summer school course for admission.


Q – I’m a high school student and I just figured out I want to apply to Guelph. Can I still apply?

A – Yes, you can still apply! We are continuing to accept and process all applications which will receive full and equal admission consideration throughout the remaining admission cycle.

NOTE: The exception is our Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program for which we are no longer accepting applications.


Q – Can I accept an offer from another university?

A – Yes, you can accept an offer from another university, but know that no Ontario university can require you to make that decision before the June 1st common response deadline. If, after accepting another university’s offer, you receive and want to accept a Guelph offer, you may do so through the OUAC but that will void your previous acceptance.

NOTE: You can have only one accepted offer through the OUAC and you should do so by the June 1st deadline.


Q – How do I accept my offer?

A – You accept your offer through the OUAC. There is also a tutorial offered through the OUAC that students can access for support and assistance.


Q – How do I defer my admission?

A – You can apply to defer your admission by emailing your request to our Admissions office at You are not required to accept your offer in order to defer. The deadline for completion of this process is August 10, 2018 and it is a firm deadline. The cost of the deferral is $80.

NOTE: Only high school applicants can defer. Students admitted to BLA cannot defer.


Q – Guelph is really my only choice, is there anything more I can do to be considered for admission in the third round of offers?

A – First and foremost, continue to study hard as grades are the first and main factor considered for admission. As well, in our Third Round of offers, we will also consider your Student Profile Form if you submitted one. The deadline for submission of the SPF is May 1, 2018 and we encourage you to fill it out if you have not yet received an offer of admission.


Q – I applied to co-op, but I was admitted to the regular program. How do I get co-op?

A – Your application for Co-op will be considered again in the May round of offers. However, if at that point in time, we are still unable to offer you admission to Co-op and you accept admission to the regular stream of the program, you will have another opportunity to apply for Co-op when you are in your first year of studies at Guelph. You will want to contact Co-operative Education & Career Services for more information.


Q – I’ve already gained admission but didn’t get an entrance scholarship. Will my most recent grades be considered again for entrance scholarship eligibility?

A – Yes, for entrance scholarships, we will automatically consider semester two, mid-term grades as well as your final June grades and final grades received for courses taken during the summer. You will be notified of changes to scholarship eligibility by Student Financial Services.


Q – I've heard there are big changes to governmental financial support (i.e. OSAP) this fall. How do I learn more?

A – Yes, you're right! If you are a new student, applying to the University of Guelph for Fall 2018, the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) will provide a link to OSAP after you submit your application. The 2018-19 OSAP application is now available. Student Financial Services has a step-by-step guide on ‘How to Apply for OSAP’ for full-time students, part-time students, and summer students, available on the Student Financial Services Website.

There you have it Future Gryphons. If you don't have an offer yet just keep working hard, maintain those grades, and fill out that Student Profile Form! 

Gryphon Bucket List

Posted: Friday, April 6, 2018 - 10:00

As the university semester comes to a close, many of our Gryphons are feeling nostalgic and reflecting on the campus traditions they took part in.

Future Gryphons, we want you to look forward to taking part in these same traditions, which is why we’ve put together a Gryphon Bucket List for you! Today we’re breaking down the unique experiences that you can only get at the U of G. How many will you take part in before you graduate?

1. Paint the Cannon

Painting Ol’ Jeremiah is a MAJOR tradition on campus. Get some inspo by following him on Twitter @oldjeremiah

the cannon

2. Go to Homecoming

The Gryphon Football home opener happens every September. You DO NOT want to miss it Future Gryphons!


3. Attend the Pep Rally

Pep Rally is an Orientation Week Tradition. Get hyped!

4. Take a selfie with Gryph

In case you didn’t know, Gryph is our mascot. He LOVES a good photo-op so don’t be shy when you see him.


5. Join an intramural team or club

U of G was given the award for “most outstanding” intramural program by the Canadian Intramural Recreation Association. We know how to “intramural”.

If sports aren’t your thing, we’ve got over 200 clubs, so you will definitely find something that suits you.

6. Study on Johnston Green

There’s nothing better than a sunny day on Johnston. Grab some friends and soak it in!

7. Explore the Arboretum

We think it’s pretty amazing that over 9km of walking trails exist right on our campus!

8. Buy some Gryphon Swag

Showcase your Gryphon pride the right way. Bonus: Swag is perfect for holiday gifting, too!

9. Attend an SLG session

Student Learning Groups are amazing! There’s usually one for each course and they really help you nail down what you’re learning in class.

10. Get a gym membership

We have a brand new athletic centre just waiting for you!

11. Go to Cinema Sunday

Your Central Student Association shows a different movie every Sunday night in War Memorial Hall!

12. Hang out with a Guide Dog on campus

Seriously, they’re everywhere!

guide pup

13. Visit the Farmer’s Market

Downtown. Every Saturday. Rain or shine.

14. Go to a Prof’s office hours

They exist for a reason so take advantage! This is a great way to get a firm understanding of material.

15. Attend a Varsity sporting event

Our varsity teams are amazing! Show them some love.

Frosty Mug

16. Buy a used textbook

Another Gryphon tradition is passing along used textbooks for a fraction of the price. Buy, sell, trade, save!

17. Try a Bob’s Dog

You seriously cannot graduate without meeting Bob. He’s got it all; hot dogs, sausages, veggie dogs and a heart of gold.

Bob's Dogs

18. Get your Trivia on

Get to the Brass Taps early on Tuesday evenings because trivia night fills up quickly!

19. Attend the last lecture

No, we’re not talking about your last class of the year (although you should definitely attend that too)! The Last Lecture is a chance for graduating students to come together and reflect on their university experience. It’s a great way to end your gryphon journey.

Last Lecture

20. Graduate a proud Gryphon!

Once a Gryphon, always a Gryphon. 4 years will pass before you know it Future Gryphons!


Beating Exam Stress at U of G

Posted: Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 14:24

It’s that time of year again—finals are quickly approaching and the end of the semester is in sight. At U of G, we want to keep our students mentally and physically healthy during the exam period so they are able to do their best.

To help combat stress, our Library Team develops a list of activities each semester to help students take a study break, refresh their minds and stay motivated. These events are supported by various campus groups such as the Student Support Network and the Wellness Education Centre. We call these activities “Stress Busters” and they are FREE and open to all students.

What would help you recharge during a stressful time?

How about a colouring contest?

Or enjoying “Coffee with a Cop”?

Would playing with slime calm you down?

Or maybe just a snack break with free food?

We offer these activities and more each exam period so you have a little something to look forward to in an otherwise study-filled time.

Did we mention our “Take a Paws” event brings in therapy dogs for students to cuddle? There’s just something about puppy cuddles that really calms us down.

petting dog

As you can see, busting students’ stress levels is just one of the many services we offer here at U of G!

Want to learn more about our Exam Stress Busters? Check out the full schedule!

ICYMI: Campus Day 2018

Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 11:09

Thank-you to all the Future Gryphons who made it out to Campus Day on Sunday! If you couldn’t make it, here’s an overview of what you missed:

1. We welcomed over 2,100 Future Gryphons!

We had a blast showing off our beautiful campus and chatting with prospective students about our favourite place; the U of G!


2. Future Gryphons and their families toured campus

After receiving a warm welcome, our U of G Ambassadors lead group tours around campus and our academic facilities. Prospective students were able to check out classrooms, labs and study spaces and even observed some demonstrations.

If you couldn’t make it, don’t panic! Tours are still available until April 6th with spring and summer tours resuming from April 30th – August 17th. Visit our website to book your tour today.

3. The Student Resource Fair was bumping

We had current students, faculty and university employees on hand for most of the day answering questions and sharing their university experience with Future Gryphons.

out our Campus Services article for a breakdown of student resources offered to U of G students.

Resource Fair

4. Residence was open for drop-ins

It helps to be able to picture yourself living somewhere and on Sunday, this was possible through residence drop-in tours. If you couldn’t make it, be sure to check out our 360 degree virtual residence tours on the housing website!

5. Campus eateries were open

You’ve likely heard us brag about having the best food on any Canadian university campus and Future Gryphons were able to confirm this for themselves! If you’d like to try our incredible food, book a tour today and check out our recent article breaking down our amazing campus eateries before you visit.


6. We captured the day on video

If you weren’t able to make it to Campus Day, check out our re-cap video and picture yourself here Future Gryphons!

Breaking down Minors at the U of G

Posted: Friday, March 23, 2018 - 13:28

At the U of G we offer Majors, Minors, Co-op streams, Areas of Emphasis and more; but what does it all mean?! Today we’re answering your most frequently asked questions about Minors.

Q: What is the difference between a Major and a Minor?

A: A Major is your main area of study within a degree program. For example, Bio-Medical Science and Neuroscience are Majors within the Bachelor of Science program.

A Minor is an optional secondary area of study that can either be related to or different from your main area of study.

A Major involves intensive focus on a specific discipline, while a Minor provides an introductory level of education on a discipline.

Q: When can I declare a Minor?

A: Minors can be declared once you have started your university studies. See the answer below for how to do this.

Q: How do I declare my Minor?

A: You can declare your Minor by meeting with your program counsellor when you’re on campus. A quick search on the U of G webpage will tell you who your program counsellor is and their contact info.

Q: What pre-requisites do I need for my Minor?

A: There are typically no mandatory pre-requisites to declare a Minor, however you are going to want to make sure you have an understanding of the basics before going all-in. For example, if you Major in Commerce but decide you want to Minor in Biology, we’d recommend you take grade 12 biology so you have a basic understanding of the subject (and to make sure you actually like it!).

Q: Do Minors have required courses?

A: Typically you are required to take 5.00 credits towards a Minor. Check out the 2018-2019 Undergraduate Calendar for a complete breakdown of requirements for specific Minors.

Q: What Minors are offered at U of G?

A: A complete list of Minors can be found on our website.

Q: Can I Major in science and Minor in Arts?

A: Yes! Check out the B.Sc. Academic Advising website for information on how to do this.

Q: Can I do more than one Minor?

A: You’re in luck! All Bachelor of Arts & Sciences students choose two Minors – one in Science, and one in the Arts or Social Sciences. Each minor will be made up of a minimum of 5.00 credits, or approximately 10 courses.

If you are interested in both the Arts and the Sciences and can’t choose between the two, this is a great program choice for you! The best part is you don’t need to specify your two Minors until the end of second semester so you have flexibility to sample different courses in first year.

Q: Are Minors available for every program?

A: There are a couple programs where Minors are not possible in the regular course of study because of their applied and structured nature. You may still choose to do a Minor in the following programs, however it will extend your degree beyond the 4 years.

  • Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Environmental Sciences

We hope this answers some of your questions about Minors, Future Gryphons. If you have additional questions about our programs or would like to tour our campus, come on out to Campus Day this Sunday, March 25th and speak directly with current students, professors and admission staff.

Tips Tuesdays – Episode 7: Make the Most of Campus Day

Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - 13:55

Campus Day is on Sunday, March 25th Future Gryphons, so we’re sharing how to make the most out of your day.

Tip #1: Talk to people in your program of interest

Our Academic Resources Fair will have professors and current students on hand to chat about program specifics and to answer any questions you have. This is your chance to hear firsthand about student experiences, so don’t be shy!

Tip #2: Attend an Academic Information Session

Each program will be hosting a half hour session covering the basics on course requirements and academic opportunities. Visit the Campus Day webpage to plan your visit using our session schedule.

Tip #3: Visit program facilities

Thinking of applying to Bachelor of Science? You’ll get the chance to tour our Science Complex and see the labs you’ll be working in.

Considering Studio Arts? Tour the studios in the Arts building; Zavitz Hall.

Engineering? Thornborough is ready for you to visit.

Commerce? The newly renovated MacDonald Hall is open for you to explore.

And, those are just examples…

Most academic buildings will be offering presentations and demonstrations, so if there is something specific you want to see, check out our online schedule and make note.

Tip #4: Tour the campus

Experience the beauty of campus in the spring. Check out our residence halls, dining facilities, historic and modern academic buildings, and see our state-of-the-art athletic facilities first-hand.

Tip #5: Try our food!

U of G food has been ranked #1 on any Canadian university campus for over 10 years. Our most popular campus eateries will be open for you to try on Campus Day. Read our recent article for our must-try dining locations!

Tip #6: Drop into residence

Simply arrive at the marked entrances to our various residence buildings and allow a tour guide to show you around. This is a great way to picture yourself in your future home before applying to residence.

Tip #7: Learn more about university life

Campus Day will also offer student service sessions. Learn more about living on campus, financing your education and our accessibility services.

Tip #8: Get some U of G swag

The University Bookstore will be offering 15% off all regular priced clothing and giftware for Campus Day. We want all Future Gryphons to represent U of G!

Tip #9: Share your excitement!

We’ll be covering the day on social (Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter); follow “uofgadmission”. We’d love to see your excitement! Send us your Snaps and share your pics on Instagram using the hashtag #futuregryphon.

Stoked? We are. And because there is so much going on, we encourage you to visit our Campus Day event page to register and plan your day.

See you on Sunday Future Gryphons!

The University of Guelph – You’ve Gotta Eat Here!

Posted: Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 14:29

Did you know our food has been ranked the best on any Canadian university campus for over 10 years? This is because we're constantly sourcing local, sustainable foods for our various dining locations.

Today we’re breaking down some of the mouthwatering options available to you both on and off campus. 

Hospitality Services manages many of our residence dining facilities and other on-campus locations. Check them out below and be sure to visit the Hospitality website for a complete list of dining options!

#1 Creelman Hall Marketplace

Although all of our food is amazing, Creelman Hall is our most popular on-campus eatery. We call it a marketplace because of its wide variety of shops laid out like an open market. Choose from the all-day salad bar, made to order pizza and pasta, the Mongolian BBQ and so. much. more!

Looking for local food or vegetarian options? The 100 Mile Grille features local foods daily and Nature’s Best is always cooking up tasty vegetarian options!

Coming soon to Creelman Hall is the Creelman Bake Shop! Follow @HospitalityUofG on Twitter for updates on the Bake Shop’s official opening.

#2 The University Centre Food Court

Located on the main floor of the University Centre (UC), the food court is the central place on campus to grab a meal, coffee or snack. It offers a great mix of home cooking, vegetarian foods and sandwiches as well as your favourite brands like Subway, Starbucks and Pizza Pizza. There’s something for everyone in the UC Food Court.

#3 LA

For those living in the North end of campus, LA is just a few steps away. If you’re living in Lennox/Addington Residence, you don’t even need to leave the building to access their wide food selection!

LA features a hot grill, Pizza Pizza counter, a salad bar, a Starbucks and more! The best part is you can take anything you order back to your room to enjoy.

salad bar

#4 South Eateries

Another residence building where you don’t need to leave to find delicious food options! Mountain and Prairie Dining Halls are conveniently located under one roof in our largest student residence hall. From gourmet waffles, crepes and other desserts in Mountain to the salad bar and hot meals served in Prairie Hall, you’ll never go hungry living in South Residence!

#5 Food Trucks

Don’t be alarmed when you see food trucks driving around campus Future Gryphons!

The Caffeine Canteen serves breakfast and lunch and is a great spot to grab our very own Gryphon Blend Fair Trade coffee.

The Gryph N’ Grille serves lunch and dinner and even shows up at special events and sporting events across campus! Be sure to follow them on Twitter to view their daily hours and location.

Several food trucks from around Guelph also pop onto campus during the warmer months so look out for them on your walk to class!

Gryphon Grille

U of G also offers several dining options that are run separately from Hospitality Services that still deliver the high quality food and service you can expect anywhere on our campus. Bob's Dogs and The Bullring are two places completely unique to the U of G where you can grab some grub! 

#6 Campus Bakery Co.

Located in the Brass Taps Pub in the UC, this bakery is dedicated to providing the freshest baked goods available for pick-up or eating in. Many of their baked treats can be prepared to accommodate vegan and gluten-free dietary considerations, so everyone can enjoy them.

#7 Bob’s Dogs

Bob’s Dogs is a University of Guelph staple. Picture the friendliest man on earth, serving up hot dogs, sausages and veggie dogs year round with a big smile and a side of guitar playing – this is Bob and you NEED to meet him!

#8 The Bullring

Run by the Central Student Association, The Bullring is your on-campus living room. Outfitted in the comfiest couches and chairs, it’s definitely the most unique spot on campus to grab a bite, read a book or catch up with friends. Everything on The Bullring menu is full of flavor and made-to-order. They also have some of the most extensive vegan and vegetarian meal options on campus.

In addition to delicious foods, The Bullring also hosts an open mic night every Wednesday and can be booked for special events!

#9 Off-Campus Eating

Did you know you can use your meal plan at off-campus restaurants AND have food delivered to your residence? We’re talking, pizza, burritos, Chinese food, wings, sushi, subs and more!

Visit the hospitality website for a complete list of off-campus eateries where U of G meal plans are accepted.

Believe it or not Future Gryphons these are just SOME of the incredible on and off-campus eateries at the U of G. Check out our YouTube channel for videos of students trying foods from all over campus.

Come tour Canada’s Food University and discover how you could be eating for the next four years of your life! Trust us, you’ve gotta eat here!

you gotta eat here


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