Posted: Monday, September 25, 2017 - 14:56

The Ontario Universities Fair took place this past weekend. If you couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed:

1. We spoke to thousands of potential #futuregryphons.

We had all the answers, and were beyond stoked to chat about our favourite place, the U of G.

2. We scanned thousands of passports and everyone was a winner.

We had pens! We had lanyards! We had cups! And our 6 big winners took home brand new iPhone 7’s!

iPhone Winners 20173. Our enthusiastic UOGA's were the life of the party and invited everyone to visit the campus.

See our events page for details on our fall events.

4. We debuted a brand new booth design and dual-cover viewbooks.

We designed our booth with flow in mind and our new viewbooks with you in mind. It’s rare for a university to excel in both academics and community, and U of G does just that. Living and Learning at university has never been so easy!

5. You were able to meet the U of G President!

Dr. Franco Vaccarino made his way around the booth engaging with #futurehryphons and their families. He even made an appearance on our Snapchat (check it > uofgadmission) and spoke passionately about the welcoming vibe both at the booth and on campus.

6. Our presentation room was packed.

Liaison Officer Nick delivered emotionally charged presentations speaking about his academic experience, his time on the varsity basketball team and how he has continued to be engaged in the U of G community. If it didn’t tug at your heart strings, we don’t know what will.

7. We celebrated Homecoming weekend from the OUF floor.

The U of G spirit never leaves a Gryphon’s side as our Engineering faculty and students dressed appropriately and cheered the team on from afar!
Engineering GryphonsYou may have missed OUF, but there’s still so much time to come and explore U of G and learn about what we can offer you:

Be sure to follow us on SNAPCHAT, TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for continuous updates, information and a look into life as a Gryphon.

2017 Road Warrior Series: Ryan

Posted: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 14:07

RyanA graduate from the Bachelor of Arts, Sociology program, Ryan hopes to bring a little bit of U of G's "community" to all of you #futuregryphons. 

What is your favourite thing about U of G? What was your most memorable experience here?

I love the ‘Guelphiness”. It can be defined by people being friendly and inviting, from smiling or saying hello to one another walking down Winegard Walk, to holding the door open for someone. It is something unique to our campus that our students then bring out into the world wherever they go onto.

In my fourth year I had the opportunity to speak on behalf of the graduating class at the Last Lecture 2016. Although it was amazing to represent all graduating students, the most memorable experience was after the lecture with tons of students coming up to me who I had never met thanking me for bringing up their most memorable experiences. It was amazing to see that even though we had never met we all held a bond together through our time here at the University of Guelph.

Please describe your campus & community involvement while at U of G (i.e. clubs, athletics, student organizations, jobs).

During my time at U of G, I tried just about everything from Interhall Council, Student Government, and The Central Student Association to snow flag football and even playing on the Quidditch team! I had the opportunity to work in the school gym and sit on numerous committees, boards and working groups to represent the student perspective!

What prompted you to become a Liaison Officer? What excites you the most about this position?

My experience was so amazing at the University of Guelph and I believe every student should have this opportunity as well. I did not take the most conventional route to university and I want students to be aware there isn’t just one route here. I wanted to be a Liaison Officer because I want to see that moment when a student realizes what the next step they are going to take is. This opportunity is amazing and I am incredibly excited to get on the road to start speaking with future gryphons!

What advice would you offer to potential U of G students?

Pick a university that will allow you to grow into the person you want to become. Pick a university that will push you to discover things about yourself you never would have known. The community you decide to join will become your home, so make sure you go to the campus, speak with the students and make your decision for you.

2017 Road Warrior Series: Sarah

Posted: Monday, September 18, 2017 - 14:40

Sarah StefoffIntroducing Sarah, a very enthusiastic Road Warrior that can't wait to spread her love for U of G all over Ontario.

What is your favourite thing about U of G? What was your most memorable experience here?

My favourite thing about U of G is the family-vibe. Everyone one is so welcoming and you always feel at home. The campus is vibrant and beautiful; you always feel connected with nature.

My most memorable experience was probably my semester abroad in India where I was able to share a lifechanging experience with other U of G students. U of G follows you no matter where you are in the world.

Please describe your campus & community involvement while at U of G (i.e. clubs, athletics, student organizations, jobs).

Vice President of Academics for the International Development Society, working in the fitness centre, orientation week volunteer, student volunteer connections, peer helper program, worked for the Central Student Association as a poster runner, athletic clubs (intramurals, dragon boat racing, dance, the running club). So much!

What prompted you to become a Liaison Officer? What excites you the most about this position?

This was the ultimate job for me. I get to go share with you the best experience and decision I’ve made in my life - and get paid for it! I am hoping to make it a bit easier for you to make your choice. I am so excited to interact with graduating students and explore new areas of this beautiful province.

What advice would you offer to potential U of G students?

Visit campus, do your research and make the best decision for you. Don’t choose based on where your friends are going, or what others are telling you. I know it sounds cheesy but in the words of Cascada, "listen to your heart."

I would also say to get involved on campus, participate as much as you can; it’s a great way to make new friends and realize your own passions.

2017 Road Warrior Series: Jade

Posted: Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 12:24

JadeJade is returning to the Recruitment Team this year; she can't get enough of speaking to you #futuregryphons about U of G! Hailing from the Bachelor of Arts program with a major in Psychology, she will be sure to tell you how the University of Guelph can improve your life. 

What is your favourite thing about U of G?

My favourite thing about U of G is that the minute I stepped on campus, I felt comfortable and at home. I think part of that comes from the physical beauty and green spaces.

Please describe your campus & community involvement while at U of G (i.e. clubs, athletics, student organizations, jobs).

I volunteered with the Peer Helper program for 2 years at Co-operative Education and Career Services; where I was both a regular peer helper as well as a senior peer helper. I also worked at Alumni Advancement and Development as a student caller and a student caller supervisor for a total of 2 years.

What prompted you to become a Liaison Officer? What excites you the most about this position?

I loved my time at the University of Guelph, and I want to be able to show students the great time they would have here if they chose U of G. It is a beautiful campus, with endless opportunities to fit each person. To be able to share my love for the university and show a potential student just how well they would fit into campus would be very rewarding and exciting.

What advice would you offer to potential U of G students?

Get involved while in school. Obviously classes are important, but some of my best memories are with the people I met while volunteering, and helping better campus and the community around us.

2017 Road Warrior Series: Wes

Posted: Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 08:47

Wes We welcome Wes to the 2017 Road Warrior Team! He graduated in 2014 from the Bachelor of Arts program, with a major in European Studies (Culture & Civilization) and a minor in German Studies. He's looking forward to sharing all of his wisdom with you, #futuregryphons.

What is your favourite thing about U of G? What was your most memorable experience here?

The high quality of academics and education. I went on to complete a Joint Master of Arts from the University of Waterloo and Universität Mannheim after graduating from U of G, and the skills I learned here prepared me to not only succeed but to excel in these further studies, and I am always proud to say I am a U of G graduate.

My favourite memories are how the originally "random" people I met in classes became friends and colleagues with whom I still have lots of contact today, even though they too have moved on to different things both in Guelph and beyond.

Please describe your campus & community involvement while at U of G (i.e. clubs, athletics, student organizations, jobs).

I was a member of the German Cultural Society for some of my undergraduate degree here. I also worked from 2012-2017 as a Residence Porter, part of the Residence Facilities Team in Student Housing Services.

What prompted you to become a Liaison Officer? What excites you the most about this position?

I strongly believe the U of G offers something unique, and having grown up in Guelph, I don't think I realized that about the University and the city itself until I later left it. It is a great pleasure for me that I now have the opportunity to bring other young, bright minds to the U of G so that they may also have the great experiences and high quality of education that I did here.

I am simply very excited to visit some places throughout this beautiful province I may not otherwise have the chance to see, and to talk with people about something that means a lot to me.

What advice would you offer to potential U of G students?

Go meet new people! The University attracts some amazing people from all corners of the Earth, so get out there and meet new people. Be open to new ideas and new cultures. I feel so many people come to University almost to hear their own opinions echoed back to them, but you should be challenging your own world view and opinions! If you do this you will grow so much, make amazing friends, and be well prepared no matter what you go on to do.

The 5W's & H of OUF

Posted: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 12:30

The Ontario Universities Fair (OUF) happens only once a year at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. We're breaking down the 5 W's of OUF, why you should attend and how to register in advance.

When is OUF?

Friday, September 22 to Sunday, September 24 from 10 am - 5 pm daily. This is just TWO weeks away!

Where is OUF?

Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC), South Building, 222 Bremner Blvd., Toronto, ON. M5V 2T6. Visit their site for details on getting there.

What is OUF?

The only event where you can visit and talk to representatives from all 21 Ontario universities in one place. Did we mention it is also FREE to attend?

At the U of G booth, you will have access to current students, professors, academic advisors and admission reps – all excited to share their knowledge with you.

WHO can attend OUF?

Anyone interested in studying a program at an Ontario University. This includes high school students, current university and college students, out-of-province students, International students and mature students. Parents can come too!

It's never too early to start planning for your future!

Why attend OUF?

It’s the BEST opportunity to learn about the different programs offered at each university, as well as admission requirements and student life.

It’s the next-best thing to visiting the campus and getting a feel for the community. It’s a sure way to narrow down your choices of universities to visit and apply to.

How do I register for OUF?

Head to Ontario Universities’ Fair website, click OUF passport then Register Here.

Remember to bring your bar code with you to OUF on your phone or print it out old-school. You’ll scan it at university booths and in presentation rooms to receive more info about campus tours and events, scholarships, athletics and university news!

You best be at OUF – and you best visit the U of G’s booth. We may or may not have some exciting surprises in store for you.

2017 Road Warrior Series: Jessie

Posted: Monday, September 11, 2017 - 11:52

Jessie KennedyIntroducing our first 2017 Liaison Officer, Jessie! She rose to fame this past year as our Snapchat ambassador; and now, she's coming to your school to talk all things U of G. 

What is your favourite thing about U of G? What was your most memorable experience here?

My favourite thing about the UofG is the balance of academics, athletics, and student life. I was actively in involved in the U of G community and it was the people that I met throughout these experiences that made my undergrad so memorable! One of my favourite memories form being a student is painting the cannon during the 1st year!

Please describe your campus & community involvement while at U of G (i.e. clubs, athletics, student organizations, jobs).

With so many opportunities to get involved on the campus, I made sure to try a bit of everything! I was a tour guide, athlete on the novice rowing team, and a student rep for my program where I spoke to prospective students and families at Campus Day Open House Events. My favourite job on campus was running the Admission SnapChat account during my 4th year!

What prompted you to become a Liaison Officer? What excites you the most about this position?

I am extremely passionate about the University of Guelph and wanted the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience about the school to prospective students. I cannot wait to start the travel season and to meet the #futuregryphons

What advice would you offer to potential U of G students?

Come and visit our beautiful campus, the vibe at the U of G isn’t something that I can describe, you have to come feel it for yourself! The best way to learn about all the opportunities for you is to go on a campus tour and hear from a current student. When you are on campus, make sure you see the Cannon, and grab a bite to eat at Creelman Hall; my favourite dining facility!

1st Year Tips & Tricks

Posted: Monday, July 24, 2017 - 08:48

Tip #1: Visit

You’ll join the online community of students at U of G. They offer free classifieds to buy and sell everything from housing rentals to textbooks.

Don’t want to buy your textbook new at full price? This is the place to find it used at a cheaper price. Need a place to rent after first year? Browse the listings.

Tip #2: Off-campus restaurants deliver to campus

Feeling famished during a late-night study session? Order from the many locations that deliver right to your residence door!

Tip #3: Familiarize yourself with the bus routes.

The City of Guelph has arguably one of the best transportation systems. You pay for a bus pass within your student fees, so take advantage of it!

Tip #4: Find “your” study spot on campus.

You don’t have to study in the library or your residence room. There are a ton of other buildings and unique places across campus to study.

You also don’t have to be in that program to study in their building (i.e. the Science Complex, Engineering Atrium).

Tip #5: City of Guelph

We recommend stepping off campus and taking in the beauty that is Guelph! There are a ton of events that happen year-round or places to go see; take a break from studying and check them out.

Tip #6: Research the closest grocery stores to campus.

It’s so easy to jump on a bus and go grab some groceries. Fact: Zehr’s offers 10% off for students on Tuesdays! This is necessary.

Tip #7: Take advantage of discounts.

There are a range of other places throughout Guelph that offer discounts for students. Be on the lookout for promos or have your student card visible at the cash and you just might get lucky!

Tip #8: Get to know your student services.

There are a range of academic, wellness, accessibility, counselling, professional and other student services across campus that you should research now, and take advantage of when you get here!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and find the resources you need.

Tip #9: Find your people.

“Club Days” happens at the beginning of every semester. You can browse the booths, find people with the same interests and get involved.

Tip #10: Bounce Back

If you’re finding first year difficult, this program will help you get back on track!

Tip #11: Learn the ins and outs of the Library.

The Library is more than a place to study. See Week 8 for a list of their services

But if you are going there to study, make friends with those studying around you. The Library is flooded during the semester, especially during midterm/exam season. Your new friends can “save your spot” if you need to grab some food or a coffee. This is the best!

If you’re a night hawk and like to study into the wee hours of the morning, the Library is also open until 2:00am.

Tip #12: Register for your gym membership online.

To avoid line ups at the beginning of the semester, we encourage you to register for your gym membership online!

Tip #13: Play an intramural.

It’s simple. Intramurals are the best way to meet new people, and a fantastic break from academics. We have over 15 sports!

Tip #14: Go to Trivia Tuesdays at Brass Taps

It’s a good time.

Tip #15: Use a reusable mug.

By using a reusable mug, you can order any size coffee/specialty drink and only pay the price of a small (or tall)!

AND, if you get a stamp card, you can get a free drink after 9 purchases. Necessary.

Tip #16: Know the coffee shop locations across campus.

Need a coffee in between classes? Done.

Congrats, Grads!

Posted: Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 15:57

Congratulations, #futuregryphons! You’ve graduated  (high school)!

You did it! You cleared the final hurdle to becoming a real U of G Gryphon!

We just want to take a quick second to congratulate you on this wonderful accomplishment. We know that high school can be a challenging time for many students, full of ups and downs, victories and setbacks. 

Now, as you get ready to cross that stage and accept your diploma, we hope you can look back on the last four (or five!) years and feel proud of the person you’ve become. Your perseverance has paid off, and you have SO much to look forward to as you prepare to move to U of G in just two short months. 

So, now that you're done high school, you may be ready to tackle university prep head-on. Great! Visit our Transition to a Gryphon site for a week-by-week guide on what you should be doing to ensure you're all set to officially become a Gryphon in Septemeber!

Congrats again! Enjoy your summer! 

Take the Next Steps Toward Gryphonhood

Posted: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 15:00

It’s time to take the next steps toward Gryphonhood, #futuregryphons! 

From registering for your Fall 2017 courses and paying your tuition deposit, to logging in to your new U of G email account, checking out and picking up that super-important U of G ID card, we’ve got your to-do list covered!

1) Register for your Fall 2017 courses (if you haven’t already done so)

Make sure you register for your Fall 2017 courses by July 5; the next opportunity to register for courses won’t be until August 21.

For step-by-step instructions on how to pick your courses, refer to your Registration Handbook for New Students that you received in the mail. If you haven’t received this book yet, you can access the online version of the handbook

If you have questions, please call 519-824-4120 Ext. 58731 or email Enrolment Services at

2) Pick up your ID card

Remember, your ID card doubles as your meal card and as the access key to your residence, so it’s very important!

To get an ID card you must submit a photo online before August 11. You can then pick up your ID card from Enrolment Services, 3rd floor University Centre.

We strongly suggest picking up your ID card over the summer. You can also pick it up over Move-In Weekend (Labour Day Weekend) or whenever you arrive on campus, but you should expect long lines during this time. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY: bring your passport or birth certificate, plus a valid piece of government-issued identification to get your ID card. 
If you are an international student or permanent resident, please refer to the specific ID card pick up requirements

Visit the ID card website for all of the details you will need.

3) Pay your registration deposit

This one is also super-important! 

You must pay a $200 deposit by August 11 to hold your registration in your courses.

We recommend that you make your payment through internet banking. Visit the Student Financial Services website for more information on how to pay your fees.

4) Log in to your U of G email account

The days of using your Gmail account for university communication have come to a close – it’s time to access U of G’s Gryphmail, and be sure to check it frequently for important messages from U of G!

5) Check out

We’ve covered a lot of the nitty gritty of your journey to becoming a full-fledged Gryphon, but be sure to check out too! You’ll find your START to-do list, and get access to weekly blogs that will help you prepare for Move-In Weekend, Orientation Week, and making the most of the awesome resources available to our students at U of G!


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