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START Programs at the U of G

Posted: Wednesday, July 4, 2018 - 12:13

At the U of G, our goal is for you to succeed, and we help you get on the path to success before you even arrive on campus. Our Student Life team has put together many resources, in the form of START programs, to help you transition into the Gryphon community. Today we’re breaking down how these START programs will help ease you into university life.

The online home for all new students!  Our team at Student Life will welcome you, provide you with important information like what to expect in classes, they’ll help connect you with people in your community AND answer any questions you may have. They also have a calendar available to help keep you on the right track this summer and into the semester.  

START at Home

This program gives you the chance to talk to upper year students and start to build connections with other incoming first year students before stepping onto campus. Our Orientation Team will be visiting communities around Ontario this summer to kick off our START at home programs, so check out the START calendar for specific dates and locations!

START International

This is a free, three-day orientation program for new international students, new permanent residents to Canada, new exchange students, and out-of-country Canadians. The program will introduce you to the campus environment and the resources available to aid in your university transition. We HIGHLY recommend registering for START International for access to useful information on topics like cultural adjustment, the Canadian university academic system, dressing for the seasons, health insurance and more.

This year START International will be taking place from Wednesday, August 29 to Friday, August 31, 2018. Airport pick up service from Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) to the University of Guelph will be provided on Tuesday, August 28, 2018. Please visit the University Shuttle Service for more details.

START Aboriginal

Designed specifically for First Nations, Métis and Inuit students, this program is here to help you get accustomed to campus before the rush, introduce you to the supports available on campus and meet other Aboriginal students. Register by August 15th.

START Accessible

This is a two day orientation that provides specific sessions on being a student at the University of Guelph while experiencing a disability, and is designed to introduce participants to Student Accessibility Services and other helpful campus resources. This program also allows you to move into residence early, meet individually with an SAS Advisor, learn about adaptive technology, tour the SAS Exam Centre and more! This year Start Accessible will take place from Wednesday, August 29 to Friday, August 31, 2018.

What are you waiting for Gryphons? Visit and get started on your Summer to Do List now!


Posted: Thursday, June 28, 2018 - 10:34

You did it! You passed your classes, your graduation requirements have been met and the only thing that stands between you and true Gryphonhood is summer vacation.

The Admissions Team wants to personally congratulate you on this stellar accomplishment. We know that high school can be a challenging time for many students, full of ups and downs, victories and setbacks, and everything in between.

As you get ready to accept your diploma, we hope you can look back on the last several years and feel proud of the person you’ve become. Your hard work has paid off, and you have SO much to look forward to as you prepare to move to Guelph in just two short months.

Now that you're done high school, we’re sure many of you are eager to begin prepping to take on University (after some relaxing of course). This is where our Student Life Team comes in. They’re ready and waiting to help you transition to being a Gryphon through STARTonline. Log in to find your START to-do list, helpful blogs, information on Orientation Week AND a calendar with important dates and reminders throughout the summer.

Check out our most recent article on next steps for links to all of the best social accounts to connect with for your needs throughout the summer. We’ll also still be here throughout the summer providing you with much-needed info, and to point you to where to get your questions answered.

Congrats again and enjoy your summer. We can’t wait to welcome you in the fall!

What You Need to Know: OSAP Edition (Ontario Students)

Posted: Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 09:49

Today we’re breaking down who is eligible for OSAP, how it works, when to apply and some other important finance-related dates.

1. What is OSAP?

OSAP is a financial aid program designed to help Ontario students pay for college or university through grants (money you don’t have to pay back) and loans (money you need to repay once you finish school).

2. Who can apply for OSAP?

You can apply for OSAP if you are an Ontario resident that is either a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or a protected person. If you live outside of Ontario, we suggest looking into options available in your province.

3. When can I apply for OSAP?

The OSAP application is open right now! We recommend you submit your application at least 6 weeks before you start school to be eligible to receive assistance for this year – and in time to pay your tuition bill in September.

4. When do I have to repay my loans?

OSAP repayment begins 6 months after you finish your full-time studies.

Visit the OSAP website or our Student Financial Services website for more information on options for funding your education.

Now for some important financial deadlines ALL students should take note of:

  • Your tuition summary will be available on WebAdvisor July 25th –you’ll be able to see your student fee statement and view the balance due for Fall Semester tuition
  • Your $200 Registration Deposit is due August 10th – You need to pay by this deadline to hold your spot in the courses you registered for
  • Fall Tuition payment is due September 14th – You must pay this by the deadline to remain registered for your courses.

Student Financial Services will be your go-to contacts for information on how to pay these fees, as well as information on scholarships and bursaries and other alternatives to help find your education. Connect with them today:


Phone: 519-824-4120 x58715

Twitter: @UOGStudentfin

Now that you’re a Gryphon, What’s Next?

Posted: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 11:23

We are so excited that you’ve decided to become a Gryphon! Now that you’ve accepted your offer, applied for residence (hopefully), and high-fived all of your closest friends and family, we’re sure you’re wondering what’s next.

Today we’re sharing some ‘Next Steps’ and introducing you to various departments on campus that will help you transition into being a Gryphon!

1. Meet the Student Life team

While we wish we could stay your main point of contact forever, it’s time for Admission Services to pass the torch onto Student Life. They will be your go-to contacts throughout your time as a Gryphon for all things related to Student Experience.

In case you missed our breakup video, head to our Facebook page to watch it now!

2. Check out STARTonline

One of the first places that the Student Life team will direct you is to There, you’ll find your “START to-do list” and get access to weekly blogs that will help you prepare for Move-In Weekend, Orientation Week, and making the most of the resources available to Guelph students!

3. Register for your Fall 2018 courses

Be sure to log into WebAdvisor to select your courses for fall 2018. For step-by-step instructions on how to pick your courses, refer to your Registration Handbook for New Students that you received in the mail. If you haven’t received this book yet, you can access the online version of the handbook.

If you have questions, please call 519-824-4120 Ext. 58731 or email Enrolment Services at They will be your new go-to contacts for questions about course selection, enrolment status, ID cards etc.

4. Pick up your ID card

Your ID card doubles as your meal card AND the access key to your residence, so it’s very important!

To get an ID card you must submit a photo online before August 11. You can then pick up your ID card from Enrolment Services on the 3rd floor of the University Centre.

We strongly suggest picking up your ID card over the summer. You can also pick it up over Move-In Weekend (Labour Day Weekend) or whenever you arrive on campus, but you should expect long lines during this time.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: bring your passport or birth certificate, plus a valid piece of government-issued identification to get your ID card.

If you are an international student or permanent resident, please refer to the specific ID card pick up requirements.

Visit the ID card website for all of the details you will need. Again, Enrolment Services are the people to get in touch with if you have any questions.

5. Pay your registration deposit

This one is also super-important!

You must pay a $200 deposit by August 10 to hold your registration in your courses.

We recommend that you make your payment through internet banking. Visit the Student Financial Services website for more information on how to pay your fees.

6. Log in to your U of G email account

The days of using your Gmail account for university communication have come to a close – it’s time to access U of G’s Gryphmail, and be sure to check it frequently for important messages from U of G!

7. Register with Student Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services helps create a barrier-free learning environment for students who experience disabilities so that all students can achieve their potential.

If needed, please visit the Accessibility Services website to register for their services by June 15th so that you can be assigned an advisor who will meet with you to review your documentation, talk about what accommodations might be needed, and offer additional support.

Even though we’ve technically “broken up” you can still reach out to us over any of our social media channels and we’ll send you in the right direction! Be sure to check out our re-cap of important contacts below.

Important Contacts:

Student Life

519.824.4120 x52214

Facebook: U of G Student Life

Twitter: @uofgstudentlife

Instagram: @uofgstudentlife

Snapchat: @uofgstudentlife

Financial Services

519.824.4120 x58715

Twitter: @uogstudentfin

Enrolment Services

519.824.4120 x58731

Accessibility Services

519.824.4120 x56208


519.824.4120 x58701

Facebook: Student Housing Services – University of Guelph

Twitter: @uofg_housing

Why “Accepting your U of G Offer” needs to be on your to-do list

Posted: Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - 09:48

Friday, June 1st is the Ontario University response deadline which means you’ve got a BIG decision to make! We’ve been sharing what makes Guelph unique with you for months, and today we are recapping the top 10 reasons you should accept your offer and become a Gryphon!

1. You can have it all at U of G

When it comes to making your final decision, we know you’re comparing academics, student life, athletics and more. We’re proud to say that Guelph offers exceptional facilities and award-winning faculty, a variety of varsity and intramural sports, and a campus community like no other!

2. We Received Top Marks for Student Experience in 2017 (Macleans Magazine, 2017)

Our purpose at U of G is to Improve Life, and according to our students, we are doing that for them and allowing them to Improve Life for others… enough said.

3. Guaranteed Residence for all Semester 1 Students

As long as you accept your offer, complete the online registration and pay the $750 deposit fee by June 1st!

4. Program Flexibility

We offer 80 majors and a full list of minors to allow you to customize your education. Many programs offer a common first year so you can explore your interests and decide on a major later.

5. Our State of the Art Athletics Centre

Remember when we talked about balancing student life with academics and athletics? The U of G’s new 25,000 square foot athletics centre makes it easy to add a workout into your daily routine. Student memberships are only $48 a semester! Visit the Guelph Gryphons website for details.

6. Best Campus Food in Canada

Our campus food has been voted #1! Don’t believe us? Head to YouTube and watch current students sample campus food and give their stamp of approval.

7. Financial Support

In addition to our numerous scholarships and bursaries, we offer many on-campus job opportunities to make paying for your education a little easier. Check out the Financial Services website for information on our Work Study program, part-time jobs, our Undergraduate Research Assistantships and more!

8. Community Support

Our goal is to help you succeed, which is why we offer programs and supports both before you arrive on campus and throughout your journey here. Visit the Student Life website for details.

9. Experience all things Guelph

There are a lot of things that make the U of G unique – we call these “Guelph Things”. Head to YouTube to learn about some of the “Guelph Things” our students have discovered. Accept your offer to find your own “Guelph Thing”!

10. Go from Future Gryphon to Gryphon

We’ve been calling you Future Gryphons for so long that it only makes sense for you to accept your offer and join the Gryphon community!

We hope you’ve had the chance to visit our beautiful campus and experience what it means to be a Gryphon. Good luck with your decision Future Gryphons, we know you’ll make the right choice for you.

For those that choose to become Gryphons, we cannot wait to have you!

Round Three FAQs

Posted: Friday, May 18, 2018 - 13:41

We are officially in the middle of our third and final round of offers Future Gryphons. We typically get a ton of questions during this final round of admissions so we’re breaking down some of the most common Q & A’s below. Here we go…

Q – What was the final cut-off average for my program?

A – It is not our practice to release exact admission averages. If your admission average meets the required average, your application will be fully considered. In this final round we consider other factors such as the Student Profile Form and as a result, the averages of admitted students do vary.


Q – When do you send offers to Landscape Architecture?

A – This is the round for you! Bachelor of Landscape Architecture offers are sent in the 3rd round only.


Q – Can I accept an offer from another university while I wait for my offer from Guelph?

A – Yes, you can accept an offer from another university. Be aware that no Ontario university can require you to make that decision before the June 1st common response deadline. If, after accepting another university’s offer, you receive and want to accept a Guelph offer, you may do so through the OUAC but that will void your previous acceptance. Remember, you can have only one accepted offer through the OUAC and you should do so by the June 1st deadline.


Q – How do I accept my offer?

A – You accept your offer through the OUAC and by the June 1st common response deadline. When accepting your offer, you are encouraged to take your time and follow the OUAC instructions as there are a number of ‘buttons’ to click as you move through the acceptance process. There is also a tutorial offered through the OUAC that students can access for support and assistance.


Q – Are there other upcoming deadlines I should be aware of?

A – June 1st is the response deadline AND the deadline for your Residence application and deposit to Student Housing Services. If you have questions on how to apply for Residence or how to pay the $750 Residence Deposit, please contact Student Housing Services for answers.


Q – How do I defer my admission?

A – You can apply to defer your admission by emailing your request to our Admissions office at You are not required to accept your offer in order to defer. The deadline for completion of this process is August 10, 2018 and it is a firm deadline. The cost of the deferral is $80. Note: Only high school applicants can defer. Students admitted to BLA cannot defer.


Q – I applied to co-op, but I was admitted to the regular program. How do I get co-op?

A – Your application for Co-op will be considered again in this final round of offers. However, if we are still unable to offer you admission to Co-op and you accept admission to the regular stream of the program, you will have another opportunity to apply for Co-op when you are in your first year of studies at Guelph. You will want to contact Co-operative Education & Career Services for more information.


Q – I’ve already gained admission but didn’t get an entrance scholarship. Will my most recent grades be considered again for entrance scholarship eligibility?

A – Yes, for entrance scholarships, we will automatically consider semester two, mid-term grades as well as your final June grades and final grades received for courses taken during the summer. You will be notified of changes to scholarship eligibility by Student Financial Services.


Q – How do I apply for OSAP?

A – The 2018-19 OSAP application is now available. Student Financial Services has a step-by-step guide on ‘How to Apply for OSAP’ for full-time students, part-time students, and summer students, available.


Q – How do I apply for residence?

A – To secure your place in residence you need to make sure you complete the online residence application and submit your $750 deposit by the June 1st deadline. Visit the Student Housing Services website for a guide on how to complete the residence application. They also include some helpful tips on how to choose the best residence for you!


Q – How and when do I select my courses?

A – Course registration for Fall 2018 is now open which means if you have accepted your offer you can begin selecting courses any time! Check out our 2018 Registration Guide for New Students for detailed information on how to select courses and pay fees.


Q – Why have I not been admitted? My grades are higher than the estimated cut off average?

A – The "estimated range" is just that – an estimate. The range published in the 2018 Admissions Viewbook is based on the admission averages from previous years and is provided solely as a point of reference. Admission averages are determined by the number and quality of applicants, as well as space available within the program.

U of G's Third + Final Round of Offers

Posted: Thursday, May 10, 2018 - 09:18

U of G's third round of offers begins tomorrow, May 11, future Gryphons! They will continue to roll out over the next couple of weeks, leading up to the June 1st deadline. Here's what you need-to-know about this third and final round:

1. We’re looking at Fall 2017 grade 12 final grades and Winter 2018 grade 12 midterm grades

If you attend a semestered school, we’re looking at your grades in your top six required courses from your fall semester finals and current semester midterms.

2. Check your OUAC account

Your offer will appear on OUAC first. We'll then send you a package in the mail within the days following! 

3. We’ll be reconsidering you for your first choice.

If you’ve previously received an alternate offer, we’ll be considering you for your first choice in this third and final round.

4. We’ll also review your other program choices.

If you’ve applied to more than one program at the U of G, we’ll be considering you for those in this round (if you’re not admissible to your first choice or the alternative program, if applicable).

5. Applicants to Bachelor of Landscape Architecture: this is your round!

All offers for the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program will be sent out during the third round.

6. You'll receive final communications from us outlining your offer.

Received an alternate offer and then an offer to your first choice? Confused about what program you're being admitted to? Before the June 1st deadline, we'll eliminate all confusion and clearly outline the specifics of your offer and what it entails. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • We will consider your application and review your SPF in May if your average is below the estimated cut-off (within 5% but over 75%)
  • Estimated cut-off ranges are based on the admission averages from the previous three years of admitted students and are just point of reference. Please know that we will not be able to disclose exact cut-offs.
  • The deadline to accept any offer from the University of Guelph, and any other Ontario university, is June 1
  • June 1 is also the deadline for admitted students to apply for residence (without your Central Login, you can apply using your student number, last name and date of birth)
  • Once you have accepted your offer of admission for September 2018, we will send you a registration package in the mail with instructions on how to login to WebAdvisor and register for courses.
  • After June 1, you'll receive ongoing communications from departments across campus about things you need to be aware of, upcoming important dates, on-campus services and so. much. more! 

Remember to join Student Life's STARTonline after June 1st, too! 

Spring Academic Open Houses

Posted: Monday, May 7, 2018 - 09:09

Received an offer of admission from the U of G? Join us for your program’s Spring Academic Open House the week of May 14th. Don’t miss your chance to tour residence, our athletic centre, and study spaces and attend information sessions and sample lectures. These open houses are tailored to your program of choice and designed to help you decide if you are a #futuregryphon.

Register to attend your Spring Academic Open House today (list below)!

Note: Spring Academic Open Houses are for those students who have received an offer of admission.

Monday, May 14

Tuesday, May 15

Wednesday, May 16

Thursday, May 17

Fact Fridays – Episode 14: Getting Involved on Campus

Posted: Friday, April 20, 2018 - 08:00

At U of G, we believe that getting involved on campus sets the stage for making a difference in the world, which is why there are so many opportunities to get involved both on and off campus. We’re breaking SOME of these down today.

Fact #1: We’ve got clubs and student organizations galore!

We know it’s important for you to find friends with similar interests in university. Luckily we have a club or student organization for many different interests, philanthropic causes and academic programs.

There are too many clubs and student organizations to list so we recommend checking out the CSA website to discover them! If there is something specific you are looking for you can also search keywords or browse by category on the Gryph Life website.

Fact #2: You can get involved with Student Government

Maybe you’re looking to carry your student government interests from high school into university, or maybe you’d like to break into a leadership role. Either way, we’ve got you covered with various on-campus student governments.

  • The Central Student Association (CSA) is the official undergraduate student union. They look after your student bus pass, your dental and health plans, concerts, shows, speakers and more
  • Interhall Council represents students in residence and organizes various residence events
  • Academic Student Governments are affiliated with each college. Each government has clubs for their majors, and hosts events and activities all year long

Fact #3: Community involvement is encouraged

When you come to U of G, you are part of a community. Whether you want to mentor youth in an afterschool program or support other students on campus, Student Life will help you find experiences that fit your interests, availability and goals!

Fact #4: Intramural sports are our JAM

We offer over 20 intramural sports a year and you can try as many as you like! Join a team with a group from residence or class; or join solo to meet some new friends.

We’ve also got over 20 sports clubs and more than 30 classes and certifications to dabble in. There truly is something for everyone in the world of athletics at Guelph.

Fact #5: We’ve got over 4000 on-campus jobs available

Interested in getting involved on campus while earning some cash? There are over 4000 employment opportunities right on campus.

From being a tour guide or lifeguarding to taking on a work-study position or co-op placement, we’ve got it all!

Check out the Student Financial Services website for work-study jobs on campus and visit Recruit Guelph to discover local job opportunities.

Future Gryphons, these are just SOME of the many ways to be actively involved in the campus community. Talk to people, do some research and find your own ways to Improve Life once you’re here. We can’t wait to see the difference you’ll make in the world!


Tips Tuesday – Episode 8: Fill Out the SPF!

Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 16:19

If you haven’t submitted your Student Profile Form (SPF) yet, what are you waiting for? Today we’re telling you exactly what you need to know about this valuable addition to your U of G application.

Tip #1: You Only Get One Chance!

You can only submit the SPF once, so make sure you’ve got all of your information ready when you sit down to complete the form. Preview the form, craft your answers and be sure to spell check before submitting!

Tip #2: Get Your References Ready

The last section of the SPF is for you to provide references we can contact to verify your information. You’ll need one school reference (i.e. a teacher, guidance counsellor or principal), and one community reference (i.e. a coach, mentor, etc.).

Tip #3: Know Your Numbers

Your OUAC ID (11 digits) and your University of Guelph ID (7 digits) are both required.

Not sure where to find them? They’ll be in the email that you received after you applied to U of G!

Tip #4: Tell us everything you think we should know

We review the SPF’s during the third and final round of offers. We want to see what sets you apart including extra-curricular interests and activities, volunteer positions, honours and awards.

But what if there are things, that aren’t quite so lovely, that have directly impacted your academic performance? There’s room to include all of that too, and it will be taken into consideration should your admission average fall within a discretionary range of the determined program cut-off.

Tip #5: If you have an offer you don’t need to fill out the SPF

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’ve received an offer from us, congrats! Check out our Gryphon Bucket List article to see what you can look forward to as a U of G student!

Tip #6: Submit the SPF by the May 1st deadline!

Unfortunately, we will not be able to process any SPF’s after the May 1 deadline so get it completed and submitted!


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