2016 Road Warrior Series: Steven Kavaratzis

Posted: Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 10:16

Steven is a new face to the Road Warrior team, and one that you'll be very lucky to have come to your school. You'll witness Steven's enthusiasm for U of G as soon as he begins his presentation! He is a Bachelor of Arts graduate, majoring in Theatre and Environmental Governance. He was also EXTREMELY involved on campus, so you'll have to ask him about all of his experiences. You can also meet him this weekend at the Ontario Universities' Fair

Steven KavaratzisWhat is your favourite thing about U of G?

My favourite landmark at Guelph is the brick walkway that navigates students (and me) through campus, and their undergrad. Every time I stepped onto Winegard Walk I felt like anything was possible!

Please describe your campus & community involvement while at U of G (i.e. clubs, athletics, student organizations, jobs).

I was involved in Student Governments (Interhall Council, the Central Student Association), University boards (Chair of Hospitality Advisory Committee, University Judicial Board and University Centre Board), Residence Life and the Guelph Symphonic Choir.

What prompted you to become a Liaison Officer? What excites you the most about this position?

I wanted to become a Liaison Officer because I felt it was the perfect time to give back to the University that was integral in shaping my professional, academic and personal identity. I remember University shopping as being an exciting time, but also one that requires careful thought. I am ready to help you find the perfect fit!  

What advice would you offer to potential U of G students?

“Picking out a University, and program, is like picking out a new shirt. It might look great in the window, on a hanger, or on someone else, but you won’t know if it’s right for you until you try it on. And when you do, don’t just buy the first shirt you try on, put on a few, and when you know, you’ll know!” 

Give Steven a warm welcome for us, and let him help pick out the right "shirt" for you. 

OUF Passport: WHY Should I Register For One?

Posted: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 10:54

You’re probably hearing “register in advance” on repeat for the upcoming Ontario Universities’ Fair. And then you’re probably thinking “nah, I don’t have to do that” or “nah, that’s too much work”.

Okay, maybe you’re right. But let us take a minute (or two) of your time, and tell you what’s in it for YOU when you do register.

1. All-Access Pass to Ontario Universities

When you register in advance for OUF, you will be given a personalized OUF passport. This passport (aka a barcode containing your information) is what you will scan at university booths.

But why would I scan? Scanning allows you to receive more information on the university, reminders about upcoming events, details surrounding important dates and invites to program-specific chats.
A very excited woman with her hands in the air.

Print, screen shot or save that barcode to your email so you can quickly access it.

2. Avoid the Chaos

There will be roughly 150,000+ students and parents through the Metro Toronto Convention Centre over the weekend.

Let us repeat that...150,000+! If you don’t register in advance, and thus don’t receive a passport, you’ll be saying hello to large crowds and waiting times.

These will be at the entrance ways when people decide to register then, AND, at university booths when you have to handwrite out your information. Handwrite! Wait, what?
Jimmy Fallon writing a note.

Avoid delays. Avoid rubbing up against people in crowds. And avoid frustration! Be on top of your game and register NOW friends.

3. Win FREE Stuff

This is likely the most important benefit of registering. When we scan your passport at U of G’s booth – you automatically win something!

Prizes include your classic U of G swag (lanyard, pens etc.) and…(drumroll please)…6 iPhone SE’s! You could be walking away from our booth with a new iPhone, and a smile.

You can still sign-up for more information without a passport (see #2) and win cool things, but a passport will simply make your day quicker, easier and more enjoyable.
A very happy and smiling man dancing with a puppy.

So really, we think the new question is “why haven’t you registered yet?”.  

See you there #futuregryphons!

2016 Road Warrior Series: Dan Nasso

Posted: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 - 09:53

Everyone give a big "welcome back" to Dan Nasso! After being a Liaison Officer last year, he's been an active member of the Admissions' team since. Being a Bob's Dogs enthusiast, he's immediately liked in the high schools he attends. Let's hope he visits yours! 

Dan NassoWhat is your favourite thing about UofG?

My favourite thing about Guelph is the people. Our school seems to attract amazing students who are caring. I found it very easy to make friends here, and to this day some of my best friends are who I met on campus.

Please describe your campus & community involvement while at UofG.

I had an opportunity to be involved with Gryphon Camps, where I was a counsellor and eventually director of camps. It allowed me to develop skills and take on responsibilities that made me grow as a person. I also got pretty good at dodgeball!

I also was involved in intramural sports and found it to be a great way to stay active. It was a healthy distraction from school.

What prompted you to become a Liaison Officer?

I want students to experience what life is like at Guelph. From our academics to how to be involved on campus. I think it’s important that students not only succeed in the classroom, but also to have the chance to express who they are outside of the classroom.

What advice would you offer to potential UofG students?

Do your research! Ask lots of questions about what University life is like, and make sure you visit campuses to make sure that school is the right fit for you.

Also, be sure to have a meal on our campus. We have some really amazing food…I probably ate a bit too much of it. 

We're don't joke about food, and neither does our friend Dan. He's en route to high schools from now until December - give him a warm welcome!

2016 Road Warrior Series: Jade Sachdeva

Posted: Thursday, September 15, 2016 - 14:19

U of G welcomes Jade to the 2016 Road Warrior team! As a Liaison Officer first-timer, you can already feel her enthusiasm for getting on the road, and chatting with each of YOU about what makes Guelph unique. 

Jade Sachdeva.

What is your favourite thing about U of G?

My favourite thing about U of G is that the minute I stepped on campus, I felt comfortable and at home and I think part of that comes from the physical beauty and green spaces.

Please describe your campus & community involvement while at U of G (i.e. clubs, athletics, student organizations, jobs).

I volunteered with the Peer Helper program for 2 years at Co-operative Education and Career Services where I was both a regular peer helper as well as a senior peer helper. I also worked at Alumni Advancement and Development as a student caller and a student caller supervisor for a total of 2 years.

What prompted you to become a Liaison Officer? What excites you the most about this position?

I loved my time at the University of Guelph, and I want to be able to show students the great time they would have here if they chose Guelph. It is a beautiful campus, with endless opportunities to fit each person. To be able to share my love for the university and show a potential student just how well they would fit into campus would be very rewarding and exciting.

What advice would you offer to potential U of G students?

Get involved at while in school. Obviously classes are important, but some of my best memories are with the people I met while volunteering and helping better campus and the community around us. 

Isn't she great? And look at that face! Hailing from the Bachelor of Arts, Psychology program, keep your eyes peeled for Jade in the next couple of months. 

When you think "Agriculture", think U of G!

Posted: Wednesday, September 14, 2016 - 09:53

When you think “agriculture”, do you automatically think of an image of an overall-clad farmer with grey hair and a piece of straw sticking out of his mouth? If so, we need to talk.

The world has changed, and so has agriculture. 

When you think “agriculture”, think high-tech.

Think drone-assisted research.

Think solving global problems.

Think collaboration between ecologists, economists, activists, scientists, governments and institutions. 

When you think “agriculture”, think feeding 9 billion people, breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Think innovation.

Think overcoming obstacles and barriers.

Think “what if?” and “why not?”

Think community. Urban, rural, and everything in between.

Think climate change and changing tastes.

When you think “agriculture”, think GMO and organic.

Think engineering.

Think impact.

When you think “agriculture”, think University of Guelph.

You may have heard that U of G recently received nearly $77 million investment to launch 'Food From Thought', the start of a "digital revolution" in food and agriculture. 

This exciting new program will use high-tech information systems to help produce enough food for our growing population while sustaining the Earth's ecosystems, and will position Canada as a leader in sustainable food production.

Want to learn more? Visit the Food Institute today and see why U of G is where you should be.


5 Things to Know About the #OUF2016

Posted: Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 09:18

OUF is an annual fair held once a year at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It promotes and provides information for students thinking about attending university in the future. 

OUF is next weekend, September 23rd - 25th.


The OUF Passport allows you to give your contact info to the universities that you’re interested in. 

Step 1: register for OUF 

Step 2: recieve a personalized OUF passport by e-mail.

Step 3: bring your passport to OUF to scan at university booths for additional information. 

Mr. Bean making a funny face for a passport photo.


Cartoon of a teacher saying "I'll take your questions now"


Seriously, ask us ANYTHING - someone will have the answers. 



iPhone SE

For more details go to our contest webpage. 


Excited minions.

 We’ll be there Friday to Sunday from 10am-5pm. You can attend one of our presentations throughout the day. Check the brochure for times.


An image with all 21 university logos in Ontario.All 21 universities in Ontario will be there just for YOU! 

Follow us on instagramtwitter and snapchat for #OUF2016 highlights.

A girl screaming "follow us" into a speaker phone.

2016 Road Warrior Series: Hilary Holmes

Posted: Monday, September 12, 2016 - 11:38

Meet Hilary Holmes, someone who LOVES the University of Guelph so much, that she has chosen to return for her second year as a Liaison Officer! She graduated from the Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. She was a tour guide, and now gets to take you on a more "virtual" tour of campus, our programs, and her experience at U of G.

Hilary Holmes.

What is your favourite thing about U of G?

The people! U of G has a great community atmosphere and everyone is always happy to lend a helping hand. I also love the size of our campus and community – there are so many people to meet and so many different opportunities to get involved - but at the same time it’s not overwhelming and you will always run in to someone you know. I also love the City of Guelph – it’s a beautiful place to live! 

This is the only school I toured that felt like home!

Please describe your campus & community involvement while at U of G (i.e. clubs, athletics, student organizations, jobs).

  • Campus Tour Guide
  • Volunteer Coordinator for the Student Help and Advocacy Centre
  • Client Services Representative in the Department of Athletics
  • CSA Foodbank Volunteer
  • Intramural Volleyball, Soccer and Hockey
  • Orientation Volunteer

What prompted you to become a Liaison Officer? What excites you the most about this position?

Working as a campus tour guide was one of the most memorable and most rewarding experiences I had while I was a student at Guelph, so I always thought that after graduation I’d love to hit the road as a Liaison Officer! This is my second season; I had such a great time travelling across Ontario last year and speaking with high school students and their families that I had to come back for more! I am so excited to go to new places and meet even more people this year, and all to talk about my #1 favourite topic, the University of Guelph. I can’t wait to help students get their Guelph story started!

What advice would you offer to potential U of G students?

Ask questions, do your research and try to find the school that offers the best overall package for you. Consider the whole experience, academic program, opportunities to get involved, the food, the city, the on-campus facilities, etc. Working hard and studying are definitely important too – but balancing school and the student experience is what will make university the best four years of your life!

We’re here to help, so never be scared to reach out to our Admissions Department with any and all questions! 

Let Hilary 'guide' you to the school of your dreams. See what we did there?


Are You A Gryphon?

Posted: Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - 13:16

As you begin your final year of high school and you start thinking about where you want to be next year, you should ask youself "am I a Gryphon?". 

We think you are, #futuregryphon.


Tips Tuesday – Episode Episode 7: All Things O-Week

Posted: Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - 10:33

With just under 20 days until the start if O-Week, we felt it was time to pump up the excitement. This is going to be fun!

Tip #1: “LIKE” the O-Week Facebook Page

The 2016 O-Week page is LIVE! We highly recommend following this page to stay up-to-date on the schedule, events, and any Q&A that might be helpful.

Join the discussion and start “virtually” meeting people before you arrive!

A man asking another man, "do you have Facebook?"

Tip #2: Choose Must-Go Events Ahead of Time

The Orientation Week 2016 theme? “I Am A Gryphon”. And there are over 300 events put on by student clubs, departments and groups. Meaning, there’s NO way you’re going to be able to attend them all.

The schedule of events has been published and is broken down by day and time. Review it, learn it, love it and decide which events you can’t miss. Events also don’t need registration as 99% of them are free!
An excited minion raising his hand in the air and smiling.

Tip #3: Follow the O-Week Team on Snapchat

  • Step 1: Open the Snapchat app
  • Step 2: Click on the ghost in the top center of the screen
  • Step 3: Select “Add Friends”
  • Step 4: Select “Add by Username”
  • Step 5: Type “uog_oweek”
Voila! Welcome to the O-Week family.

6 people in a group hug.

Tip #4: Login to StartOnline

StartOnline is the online home for new students and their families. You can find tips and information on everything you need for a successful first year.

Our favorite part is the StartOnline calendar! Not only does it look great (because it does), but it highlights every important date from now until the end of October. It also gives pointers on things to do prior to and during the semester.
4 of the same guy saying "yes!" in excitement.

Tip #5: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

The most IMPORTANT tip we can give you is this one. O-Week kick-starts and sets the tone for your entire university career!

This is the time to do things you would normally be too shy to do. Befriend strangers that could end up being your #bf4l. Dance in Branion Plaza. Join a club. Learn about a new culture. Try Synchonized Swimming (wait, what?). OR, do Yoga in the Arboretum. The opportunities are endless.
Synchronized Swimmers diving into a pool.

Everyone is in the same position you are; away from home, new surroundings, not knowing many people (or any) and nervous for what’s to come. Embrace it! This is the start of the rest of your lives, kids.

We’re excited; are you excited?   


Posted: Tuesday, June 28, 2016 - 13:07

We in Admission Services would like to formally congratulate EVERYONE on graduating from high school this week! All of you #futuregryphons are now, offically, #gryphons. See you in September!



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