ICYMI: Fall Preview Day

Fall Preview Day 2019 was a huge success!  Over 4,000 visitors joined our Gryphon family for the day to learn more about programs and services, get info on admission, tour campus and residences, and get a sneak peek into what student life is like at the U of G!  In case you missed it, here’s what we saw and did at Fall Preview Day!

Program Spotlight: Bachelor of Engineering

Do you seek to improve life by constructing better structures, speeding the flow of information, protecting the environment, or advancing medical progress?  Then a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Guelph may be the perfect match for you!   As a U of G Engineering student, you will be part of a dynamic, multi-faceted, and collaborative program focused on making the world better, safer, and more efficient.  Pursue limitless rewarding careers in the public sector, private sector, or research; in fields as diverse as the food industry, information technology, healthcare, meteorolo

Program Spotlight: Bachelor of Science

Guelph’s Bachelor of Science program is a globally-recognized institution built on the values of improving life, interdisciplinary learning, and student-centred teaching.  From finding the first evidence of water on Mars, to the creation of the Barcode of Life project for species identification, U of G scientists are instrumental in driving human knowledge forward.  Ready to join the legacy?  Read on about the Bachelor of Science program at the University of Guelph!

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