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Posted on Friday, November 19th, 2021

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Do you love the challenge of solving problems that other shy away from? Are you excited about technology and love computers? Become a technological innovator and contribute to the evolution of technology by applying to study in our Bachelor of Computing (BCOMP) program!

What exactly will I study in Computing?

BCOMP students complete a major in either Computer Science or Software  Engineering, and further customize their studies by adding an Area of Application.

Why is an Area of Application important?

This is a secondary subject area, such as a branch of science, business, or any other field that interests you. Because computing is often done in conjunction with something else (think business solutions, medical technology, etc.), it’s important for our grads to have this competitive edge.

Computer Science vs. Software Engineering: What’s the difference, anyway?

Computer Science

  • Learn Theoretical foundation in computer science
  • Gain Practical experience in software development and an introduction to hardware
  • Explore computer science issues, such as large system software development
  • Focus on programming and the theory of computation

Software Engineering

  • Learn how to program and use algorithms to complete large-scale software projects
  • Work on collaborative, team-based design coursework (agile methodology) in the creation of user interface designs, prototypes and final implementation
  • Focus on different aspects of software engineering, such as design methods, team interactions, communications and managing real-world software engineering projects

Add co-op for a hands-on experience to take your education to the next level!

Each of the BCOMP majors offer a co-op option, and you can apply directly to co-op when you submit your application to OUAC, or apply during your first year. You’ll complete two years of your degree before your first co-op term begins, so you won’t have to worry about going into a paid work experience with no educational background.

Why do a co-op at U of G?

Our co-op program offers incredible support to students, including: an in-class preparatory course, access to senior student mentors, and a personal connection with a co-op coordinator to help you find a placement and prepare for interviews. You can apply and interview for co-op placements at any time, and all placements (which are either 4 or 8 months long) are paid!

Where have BCOMP Co-op students worked?

  • Software Development Engineer – Amazon
  • Software Test Specialist - Magnet Forensics
  • Web Developer – Sandbox Solutions
  • Software Engineering Intern – Square
  • Software Developer – IBM
  • Unity Game Developer – Adknown
  • Software Development Engineer – Microsoft
  • Crypto Material Systems Analyst – Government of Canada


Not sure about completing a four-year degree?

We also offer a three-year General program. The degree requirements for this option are slightly different than the Computer Science and Software Engineering majors. To learn more about the Three Year General Program, visit the Undergradute Calendar for the General Program.

Interested in Computer Engineering?

U of G also offers a Computer Engineering major through the Bachelor of Engineering program. This program option combines computer science and electrical engineering and offers a greater focus on electronic and digital design principles as they relate to construction, implementation and maintenance of software and hardware.

Ready to apply or want to learn more?

  • Visit www.ouac.on.ca to submit your application today!
  • Sign up on our website and indicate your interest in the Bachelor of Computing degree to receive program-specific information, updates on your application and exclusive invitations to upcoming events


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