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Posted on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021

Four students study in a Bio-Resource study group
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Trying to figure out how you can combine your interests in science, tech and business? The University of Guelph has just the program you’ve been looking for!

The Best of Science, Technology and Business

The Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management(BBRM) combines advanced studies in science, tech and business management, offering diverse and meaningful education that will prepare you for a career as unique as you are. Our BBRM graduates all enter the work-force with hands-on, career-oriented training that positions them to excel in their respective niche industries.

In addition to the program’s curriculum, you can also earn credit for research and summer job experience, too!

When you study in the BBRM program, you will explore and adopt responsible and ethical business practices related specifically to our living resources – the natural environment, animals and plants. This program was the first of its kinds offered in Canada and was designed for students committed to stewardship and resource management in the urban, regional and rural sectors.

More about our three majors

Environmental Management

Play a significant role in protecting the environment. Applied aspects of environmental science and technology are combined with extensive business training focused on leadership in environmental maintenance, remediation and regulation.

Equine Management

Canada's first degree specialization in equine management combines courses in biology, physiology and equine behaviour with a hands-on approach to managing horses and knowledge of the economic and managerial aspects of the equine industry.

Food Industry Management

Unique within Canada, this major combines the study of business practice with industry and market analysis and the science of food safety, processing and food composition. Food industry management graduates are important to ensuring the success of food businesses.

Our BBRM grads have gone on to a wide variety of careers, including:

  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental protection officer
  • Environmental policy analyst
  • Breeding and foaling manager
  • Equine event/facility manager
  • Equine marketing
  • Equine sales and promotion
  • Research and development manager in food manufacturing
  • Food safety manager
  • Logistics/supply chain manager

Ready to learn more?

Review our IG Live with a BBRM student, check out the Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management page or visit OUAC to apply today!







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