Who has the most satisfied students? We do!

Posted on Monday, January 11th, 2021

Five students conversing next to the Gryphon statue.
U of G's students are the most satisfied!

Who has the most satisfied students? We do!

How do we know that? Because for years, U of G has consistently received top marks from Maclean’s annual university rankings issue, including a #1 ranking for Most Satisfied Students in 2020!

Knowing that U of G students are (the most!) satisfied means that we’re not just doing one thing right, but many things.

From our various facilities and campus food to our student services, academic programs and financial services offerings, high marks for student satisfaction means that our students find great value in the overall U of G experience.

Attending any university for four years is a great investment of your time and money, so why wouldn’t you want the most value for all you put into it?

Learning here is more than just sitting in a classroom and taking notes. Check out some of the highlights of what you can expect when you say “yes” to U of G!

Ready to find out just how satisfied you could be on your journey through university? Apply to U of G today to be considered during our first round of admission offers!



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