We’re calling YOU, Future Gryphon!

Posted on Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

A U of G Tour Guide sits with a group of prospective students on campus
Let our U of G students answer all of your questions during your Telethon call

When you see a call show up from ‘University of Guelph’, we hope you’ll answer!

Our annual U of G Telethon kicks off tomorrow night, and we can’t wait to chat with YOU, Future Gryphon! We know you’ve been staying up to date with our regular IG Lives, our webinars, campus tour videos, and the virtual tours and events we hosted throughout the fall, but now it’s time to get personal and chat with you one-on-one.

Our Telethon calls are the PERFECT opportunity for you to chat casually and have all of your program and admission questions answered in real time. Not sure what to ask? Check out the end of this article – we’ve got lots of prompts to help you put together your own list of questions!

If you miss your call, there is no need to call us back – our callers will try again later.

When will U of G call?

Starting tomorrow, January 27 and running until March 4, Telethon calls will be placed between 4 pm – 8 pm Monday through Thursdays, and 11 am – 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Who’s going to call?

All calls will be made by U of G students (the person calling you will be in the same program – and possibly the same major – that you’ve applied to), so get ready for first-hand knowledge from those who are living the Gryphon life right now!

What if I’m not in Canada?

Not in the country? No problem! We’ll have a current U of G International student give you a call at a time that’s appropriate based on your location and time zone. Your caller will be from a similar region as you, which means they’ll likely have a very good understanding of your unique questions.

What should I ask when I’m called?

Our Telethoners are prepared to answer questions about student life, residence, campus, the city of Guelph and program-specific questions. You can review the list of sample questions below for inspiration.


  • What is the Student Profile Form and how do I submit it?
  • When will offers be sent out?


  • What residence did you live in? What was it like?
  • If I decide to commute or live off campus, how can I make friends?
  • What kinds of activities are organized in residence?
  • How are residence rooms decided? What about roommates?

Student Life

  • Are there any clubs for [insert your interests here] that I can be a part of?
  • Can I study abroad in another country?
  • What student support services are there on campus?


  • How long will it take me to get from one class to another?
  • What kinds of events happen on campus?
  • What is there to do in the city of Guelph?


  • What is the program like?
  • What has been your favourite class?
  • What kinds of co-op jobs are available for my program?
  • Where can I go if I need help with a class?
  • Do you have any course recommendations?

Virtual Learning

  • What is the difference between asynchronous and synchronous courses?
  • How have your classes been adapted for virtual learning?

We strive to keep you as informed and supported as possible during the application process. You can ask questions on our social media, email or call us. We’re always here for you, Future Gryphon!


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