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Posted on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

Food at Guelph
Food at Guelph

Food is kind of a big deal at U of G - in fact, we are known as ‘the food university’. Not only do many of our academic programs involve the research and development of food in some way, but we also really know how to dish it out!

For more than a decade, U of G has boasted the best food of any Canadian university. You won’t find bland or boring food here!

Whether you prefer traditional meat-and-potatoes or fancy yourself as a foodie with exquisite taste, it’s more than likely our campus dining options will leave you more than satisfied.

Have specific dietary needs? We also offer many vegetarian, vegan, halal, and kosher options at our 20+ dining locations across campus. How’s THAT for variety and convenience?!

Want to learn more? Check out what Maclean’s had to say or watch our Campus Food video below to hear first-hand what our students have to say about the food at U of G!

Can't wait to try the food at U of G? Apply today!

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