Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Posted on Thursday, January 28th, 2021

Woman with a Bell Let's Talk Day hat sits in front of a Guelph Gryphons backdrop
Let's Talk About Mental Health

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day, but let’s be honest – U of G works to ensure there is always  someone for our students to talk to about their mental health.

Whether it’s initiatives such as SHINE (put on by the Wellness Education and Promotion Centre) or group or individual counselling facilitated by Counselling Services, U of G understands the importance of mental health awareness, care and resources more than ever.

Navigating the Resources Available

Beginning in 2019, Student Wellness Services began offering the support of Student Wellness Navigators who are available to meet with students individually (or virtually) to help students navigate the resources available to them.

Student Wellness Navigators are the first point of contact for students concerned about their mental health.

Each semester, they help hundreds of students find the best possible path forward to enable them to improve or maintain their mental health and wellness as they meet the demands of university life.

Supportive Peers

Another valuable resource for all U of G students is the Student Support Network (SSN for short!).

This is a drop-in peer support group that operates in the Fall and Winter semesters, providing a safe and confidential space for students to talk to their peers about any struggles they may be facing.

Each peer who helps facilitate the drop-in sessions are extensively trained in active listening so that they are able to offer a supportive ear to any U of G student.

It’s OK To Not Be Ok

The truth is, there are times that each and every one of us – students, staff and faculty included – will face setbacks that may include or affect their mental wellbeing. This is part of being human of course, and at U of G it is met with compassion and support.

Whether you want to be proactive in your quest to maintain good mental health or need more support to help you find your feet again, we want you to know that there is a large team of people here for you with dedicated supports and services across campus. You may never need them, but we hope knowing they’re available to you will provide you with the confidence you need to succeed as a Gryphon.


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