Pursue Your Passion as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine!

Posted on Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

Our DVM program is #1 in Canada!

Do you love animals and care deeply about their health and wellness? Turn your passion into a meaningful career by applying to U of G’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program!

Reputation? U of G has a great one!

Many people hear “University of Guelph” and automatically think of our world-renowned veterinary medicine program. In addition to being North America’s oldest veterinary school, the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) is also currently ranked #5 in the world, #3 in North America, and #1 in Canada!  

What exactly does a veterinarian do, anyway?

While many OVC graduates go on to provide routine health care in small or large animal clinics, there are many other exciting career paths for veterinarians. Opportunities are also available in teaching, research, and at government agencies. In fact, OVC graduates can be found across the globe, improving life for animals, ensuring the safety of the food we eat, and protecting the environment we all share.

Applying to DVM

We receive lots of questions about the DVM program each year, and it’s important to note that this is not a program you can apply to from high school. Before applying, you must have completed at least two years of an undergraduate program and meet the DVM admission requirements, which include 8 prerequisite courses. You can complete these requirements at any accredited university, including the U of G.

Your academic performance is an important part of your application to DVM, but we also take into consideration your hands-on work experience with animals as well. Every applicant must submit the Background Information Form, which makes up 35% of your admission ranking. If you’re not already working or volunteering with animals, we encourage you to look for varied and diverse hands-on opportunities.

Want to find out more about the admission process? Visit the OVC’s Applying to DVM page to learn more!

Check out the Future Students section of the Ontario Veterinary College website for a more in depth breakdown of the admission process.

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