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Posted on Thursday, October 1st, 2020

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Our Bachelor of Arts and Sciences program is your opportunity to study a well-rounded degree that aligns with your passions. The combination of art and science learnings give you a unique perspective and skill set that is highly sought after in the job market.

Here are some interesting facts about the BAS degree:

Customize Your Learning

Choosing minors in both arts and sciences will ensure that you develop skills as a speaker, writer, and researcher at the same time! You also choose from over 40 specializations which allows you to personalize your education and prepare for your future goals and aspirations.

Interdisciplinary Courses (ASCI)

A unique feature of the program is the interdisciplinary courses that you will take called "ASCI" courses. They have smaller course sizes and are designed to help students find the connections between their two minors. These classes could be anything from self-directed thesis studies to collaborative seminars!

Get Involved

The Bachelor of Arts and Science Student Association (BASSA) is a great opportunity for BAS students to get together and make a difference! The BASSA is a student government that represents BAS students at the University of Guelph. This is your chance to work with your peers and improve the BAS program.

Prepare for Your Future

The flexibility of the BAS program allows each student to pursue their own diverse path at the U of G. You can discover your passions, work towards exciting careers and develop a unique and masterful skillset. The best part is you will connect with and support other Arts and Science students along your Gryphon journey!

BAS Students Love the Program

University of Guelph BAS students love the choices that are available to them with this degree. The internship and independent study opportunities are just some of the reasons why U of G students like Sarah and Solveig chose the BAS degree.

For more information, you can visit the Bachelor of Arts and Science website and follow us on social media.

We can’t wait to see what you will do with your BAS degree!

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