Why Sign up for a One on One with a Liaison Officer?

Posted on Thursday, May 14th, 2020

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Our Liaison Officers are the most knowledgeable people about all things U of G. They undergo extensive training and are all alumni to ensure they know all the things that make our campus and community unique.

Here are some reasons you should sign up for a one on one with them:

Have All Your Questions Answered

You can ask the Liaison Officers anything that you are curious about. What is the best place to eat on campus? If I like acting is there a club I can join? What type of classes will I take in first year? Where is the best trivia in the city?

Try to write down questions so that you do not forget to ask any during your session.

Join the Meeting Anywhere

The meetings are held on Microsoft Teams which means you can join on your phone or your PC wherever you have an internet connection. You can choose to with or without video, it is up to you!

Hosted by the Best

We know that to understand everything that makes the University of Guelph so great, you need to have lived the true Guelph experience. That is why all our Liaison Officers are former U of G students who have participated in training sessions to ensure they are Guelph experts.

Alternative Options

If you are feeling a little shy about a one-on-one session, we have other options! You can review our program specific webinars, visit us virtually, view our campus tour highlights or attend our virtual spring academic open house.

For more information, you can visit the Individual Meetings with Liaison Officers webpage and follow us on social media.

We cannot wait to chat with you soon Future Gryphon!

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