All You Need To Know About Alternate Offers!

Posted on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020


Our second round of offers is in progress and will continue until late April. In this round we begin sending alternate offers here’s what you need to know!

What is an alternate offer?

If you don't currently meet the grade requirements for your first-choice program, we may automatically consider you for an alternate program. Don’t panic if you receive an alternate offer - we will continue to consider you for all programs that you’ve applied to (including your first choice) in our third and final round of offers.

You may receive an Alternate Offer if you applied to the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Science - Animal Biology, Biomedical Science or Human Kinetics: your alternate offer will be to either the Biological Science or Physical Science major.
  • Bachelor of Arts - Criminal Justice and Public Policy: your alternate offer will be to our general Bachelor of Arts major.
  • Co-op – your alternate offer will be to the non-co-op stream of the program you applied to.

I got an alternate offer. Now what?

  • You can wait for the final round of offers and see if you get admitted to your first-choice program.
  • If you are not admitted to your first choice you can accept your alternate offer and then work with your program counsellor once you are a student here (in the fall) to transfer to another major or apply to the co-op stream for the Winter Semester.
  • Please note: you may only accept one offer from the University of Guelph. If you choose to accept an offer before the June 1st deadline, and then change your mind and accept a different offer, you will be unable to re-accept the original offer.

Three other things you need to know:

  1. If you haven't yet received an offer, COMPLETE a Student Profile Form by May 1, 2019!
  2. Check your OUAC account for an admission offer from U of G! Offers will show up there first, and then you can expect a congratulations package from us in the mail!
  3. Visit our Admission Plan webpage to find out how we send out offers.

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