Round 3 Q&As

Posted on Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

We are right in the middle of our third and final round of offers Future Gryphons. We typically get a ton of questions during this time so today we’re breaking down some of the most common Q & A’s. Here we go…

Q - What is the "exact" cut-off average? OR What was the "exact" cut off average last year?

A - We do not release admission averages. If your admission average met the required average, your application will be fully considered. In this final round we consider other factors such as the Student Profile Form and as a result, the averages of admitted students do vary.


Q - I have applied to the Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting (example – substitute any other program), my average falls within the "estimated range" do you think I will be admitted? OR My grades are higher than the estimated cut off average – why have I not been admitted?

A - The "estimated range" is based on the admission averages from previous years and is a point of reference. Throughout the admission cycle, admission averages change with each round of offers and are determined by the number and quality of applicants, as well as space availability within the program. 


Q - I applied to co-op, but I was admitted to the regular program. How do I get co-op?

A - If you applied to co-op your application for co-op will be considered again in this final round of offers. If we are still unable to offer you admission to co-op and you accept admission to the regular stream of the program by the June 1st deadline, you will have another opportunity to apply for Co-op when you are in your first year of studies at Guelph. Contact Co-operative Education & Career Services for more information (Ext. 52323).


Q - Do you just use my "top" six or do you also calculate my average using my required courses?

A - At Guelph, during the final round of offers, we use the specific 4U Ontario high school courses required for your program plus your next best 4U and/or 4M courses, for a total of six 4U/M courses, to form your admission average. 


Q - When are the May offers of admission being released?

A - We are currently in our third round of admission and are continuing to make offers. We are committed to providing an admission decision (e.g. admitted, deferred, etc.) by May 28th. 


Q - How many people are admitted to (for example) - the Bachelor of Applied 
Science - Applied Human Nutrition?

A - We admit more students that we expect to register each year as we know students apply to a number of programs and have choice in which they accept. If your admission average falls within our range, your application will be considered.


Q - Can I accept an offer from another university? A - Yes, you can accept an offer from another university but no Ontario university can require you to make that decision before the June 3rd common response deadline. Accepting a subsequent offer will void the previous one as you can only have one accepted offer on file with the OUAC and you should do so by the June 3rd deadline.


Q - How do I accept my offer?

A - You accept your offer through the OUAC website and by the June 3rd common response deadline. As well, June 3rd is the deadline for your Residence application and deposit to Student Housing. These are firm deadlines. You are encouraged to take your time and follow the OUAC instructions as there are a number of ‘buttons’ to click as you move through the acceptance process. There is also a tutorial offered through the OUAC that students can access for support and assistance. Please see Tutorial # 7 - How to View and Respond to Ontario University Offers of Admission
This video will show you how to check for university offers of admission and how to accept or decline those offers.


Q - How do I defer my admission?

A - You can apply to defer your admission by emailing your request to our Admissions office at You are not required to accept your offer in order to defer. The deadline for completion of this process is August 9, 2019 and it is a firm deadline. The cost of the deferral is $80. 


Q - I’ve already gained admission but didn’t get an entrance scholarship. Will my most recent grades be considered again for entrance scholarship eligibility?

A - Yes, for entrance scholarships, we will automatically consider semester two, mid-term grades but may not normally include grades for courses registered in and completed after June (i.e. during the summer). You will be notified of changes to scholarship eligibility by Student Financial Services. 


Q - I’m an Ontario high school student and I just figured out I want to apply to Guelph. Can I still apply? OR I have an offer of admission to (insert program) at the University of Guelph, but now realize it’s really (insert program) that I really want. Is there anything I can do?

A - With the exception of the DTM program, all undergraduate programs are currently closed on the OUAC101. In mid-June, once we have received responses to the offers made throughout the admission cycle, we will decide whether programs will reopen. In the interim, we strongly encourage you to accept one of the offers you currently have. After June 6, 2019, all students can access the OUAC Admission Information Service (AIS) at to review program openness.


Q - Where can I send my documents?

A - Please have your documents sent to:
Admission Services
Level 3 University Centre
University of Guelph
50 Stone Rd E
Guelph, ON
N1G 2W1

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