Tour Guide Thoughts: Jasmine

Posted on Monday, April 8th, 2019


Name: Jazzy Muszik

Program: Animal Biology

Tour Guide Year: 1st










What’s your favourite memory from U of G?

My entire experience as a Gryphon has been my collective favourite memory.

Coolest thing about your program & favourite class you’ve taken so far?

The best thing about my program is the endless opportunities that students have once they graduate. There are so many avenues you can explore with your degree! My favourite class was ANSC 1210 Principles of Animal Care and Welfare because it helped me realize I want to attend grad school to study animal welfare and behaviour.

What’s your go-to spot on campus?

Third floor of the UC, in the study cubbies across from student financial services.

Are you involved in any extra-curriculars?

Always! I’m the Treasurer for the Animal Biology Students’ Association, Events Director for Her Campus Guelph, Front of House Manager for Curtain Call Productions and I’m involved in intramurals like volleyball and dodgeball. I also like to take part in events on campus like Tractor Tug for Tots and College Royal (#Aggie4Life).

What prompted you to become a tour guide?

I initially volunteered as a UofG Ambassador and I found I really enjoyed helping students make the tough decision of where to go after high school.

What is your favourite thing about being a tour guide/what's the best thing you’ve experienced while being a tour guide?

I love highlighting all the amazing experiences that I’ve had by going to university and sharing my school spirit with others. Giving tours makes me feel like I’m making a positive difference in someone’s life and I enjoy helping parents feel more comfortable about sending their child off to school.

Why should students come for a tour?

To meet our amazing tour guide team! It’s also important to see each of your options in person rather than going based off a website or pictures. There’s nothing like setting foot on our beautiful campus and taking in the community that we’ve made here.

What’s your favourite stop/story/fun fact on your tour?

My favourite stop is The Cannon because it’s such a unique and interesting part of the university and a fun story to tell!

What made you apply & pick U of G?

My program at first, but I came for a campus tour when I was in grade 12 and fell in love with the atmosphere! The food, the history and the people all solidified my decision!

What advice do you have for Future Gryphons (or their families)?

I would tell both Future Gryphons and their families not to stress. I know for students it seems like a huge weight is on their shoulders to figure out the future, but there’s always room to change your mind and follow a different path. As for parents, I know it’s hard to let your child go off to school where you can’t be there 24/7, but this is their chance to grow, to learn, and to figure things out. I guarantee they’ll love their time here!

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